Prologue of powers

Prologue of powers

A Chapter by bablioe223

It's going to be interesting.


      Part one                                                            Prologue

  He was beautiful, His wings were Blue and purple and it was fluttering. He was high in the air. I looked at him closely; He was signaling something I didn't understand. It seemed that a met him, like he was close by. Then I woke up. I threw the covers off and limped down the stairs.


   “Honey, if you don’t have a limp walk straight.” My mom said. It was the first day of summer and mom was already nagging me to do something. I brushed my clumped up hair and opened the refrigerator.  “No O J?” I asked. “You need some water. Why don’t you get some?” Mom said. I groaned and poured me a glass of water.


   “Good morning dears.” Dad said coming in. “Sup dad?” I asked slowly sipping my water. “Nothin’ much player!” dad said trying to be hip. I poured the rest of my water out and went to the bathroom. I was going to take a shower.


  I was out of the shower, and I went upstairs to my room to find a towel. I brushed my slightly damp hair. I looked in the mirror and looked at myself long and hard. I had blue eyes and brown hair. I had a long face with dimples every time I smiled (but I barely did). I also had a beauty mark close to my lips.


   My birthday was coming up and all I wanted was the truth. My mom and dad always hid a secret from me each year. How did I know they were lying? I know their poker faces. They did tell me they had a secret, and with the weather doing the same things as my emotions I really think they are hiding something.

         My little sister Alana rushed in with her yellow floral dress. Her long brown hair flip flop up and down as she skipped in. “Breakfast time! Yeaah!” she exclaimed.  “Mom where is the O J?” Alana asked. “Well, if you don’t see some we don’t have some.” I said looking at her “So you drank the last of the O J, didn't you?” she asked. “Yes, and I enjoyed it. Why don’t you get some water?” I asked. “Honey, I have some O J in my mini fridge. I’ll get you some.” Mom said. “Oh so now she’s your princess. Gosh!” I exclaimed as I moved my hand, suddenly my father’s newspaper flew across the room. I looked at my mom and she looked at me. “What just happened?” I asked and stormed to my room.


    I looked out the window and it started to rain. As thunder hit I looked at my hands. It said Moonlight as I put them side by side. I wrote that before school ended. I am a crestfallen, in a trance with the moon’s beauty. I looked out the window and I smiled at my hands. I was different and no one was like me, and I was soon going to find that out.

                                         The following week        

             “Mom can you grab my baggie?” Alana asked brushing her doll’s hair. “Here you go hon.” Mom said handing Princess Alana her baggie for her summer camp and left the room. “Hey Alana did you know at Camp Gibbous werewolves and vampires try to eat you and tear away your flesh leaving your corpse there?” I asked jokingly. “Stop lying!” she insisted. “It’s true, and they’ll eat you up and spit you out ‘cause you’re disgusting.” I said. “Shut up!” she insisted. “Nope, I really don’t think I should!” I exclaimed. “Mom!” she yelled. “What honey?” mom yelled. “Star’s being mean again.” She said. “Stop it Star!” mom commanded. “Alright, alright.” I said.


   I watched as my sister patted down her red floral dress and looked at her camp bus. She looked scared and unsure like the bus was as dirty as dirt. “You are going to see a lot of dirt Alana. Get used to it.” I called. She did a fake smirk and loaded on as we waved.


    I grabbed my paint and stuffed it in my bag. I grabbed the O J Alana left on the table and drank it down. I grabbed my canvas and ran out the door. I stuffed my items in my mother’s car, and she says a fourteen year old couldn't drive. I usually lie about my age and use a fake id. I looked back as I pulled out my driveway.


     I wrote down my name on the sign- in list when I got to my art class.             

                                   Starlet Georgia Moon

 I looked up and Mrs. Cunningham was in the sign- in booth.

    “Mrs. Cunningham what are you doing, shouldn't you be teaching?” I asked. “Nope, I was suspended for letting my students cuss! Like really you guys aren't four!” she said. “You are right. Here you won the bet.” I said and I smiled and left a dollar on the table. “Thank you. I told you I could do it.” She said.


   The room was barely empty. It was overcrowded with artists. I looked around for a chair. The room was small so it was kind of impossible to find a seat, because most of them were taken, and some I wouldn't be able to see. I smoothed my purple checkered shirt and I looked around. There were many faces. People were 30, but they were here. The art class in Wither Falls is the best art class you could go to here. I saw a free seat by my friend Macy. “Hey! I didn't think you were coming today, but I remembered you are always late.” She said jokingly. “He, he so funny.” I said sarcastically.


   We got settled in and I heard tapping. A lady was walking in with heels. She walked in sternly like she was strict and no fun from her body language. She set down her items, and then faced us. She fixed her glasses and tapped her hair bun. She had low cheekbones, but they were noticeable. She had a silky purple shirt on tied at her waist. She had a stern mouth and she wasn't smiling.


   “Hello artistic masterminds, I am Mrs. Hernandez.” She said writing it on the board. “I call you artistic masterminds because you create things originally which is unique. So therefore you are pure geniuses.” She said. Macy and I looked at each other. “What the fudge?” I whispered to Macy. “The freak I know.” Macy replied. The lady continued on and on about shading which we already covered and every time we tried to say something she cut us off. “C’mon Mrs. Hernandez!” I yelled. “So we have a bold one on a case.” She said. “I’m not big and bold I’m trying to get your attention.” I said. “Hmm, okay go on Ms. Moon.” She said. “We already did shading.” I said. “SO?” she asked sternly. “SO WE HAVE TO CONTINUE ON!”I yelled. She looked at me, first surprised then mad. “I DON’T CARE!” she exclaimed. “I do!” I yelled. I was so heated and mad. Suddenly, the windows busted open and there was a great big wind. Papers flew around, things started swirling about. Then, Ms. Hernandez chair started to be carried by the wind. Everyone was thrashing things about, and trying to get out, but I was the only one seated and not panicking.  “OH MY GOSH STAR! GET THE FUDGE UP!” Macy yelled. I just sat there, doing nothing but just thinking.


© 2013 bablioe223

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