Chapter one: birthday eve

Chapter one: birthday eve

A Chapter by bablioe223

Another chapter!


                                                        Chapter I

                    The Birthday Eve

     “Want Salad hon?” mom asked. “No thanks.” I said. “Tomorrow’s your birthday eve, excited?” mom asked. “Nope.” I said gathering my paints and canvas. “Why not?” mom asked. “I’m just not, okay?”


   I walked up the stairs. I laid on my bed and stared at the ceiling.

    “Huff;” I sat up and looked around. I looked at my abstract paintings, and my portraits. “Crap, eleven: thirty.” I thought. I pulled the covers over me and kicked my shoes off and fell asleep.


          Morning, birthday eve, 10:15 am

  Okay, diary entry I have a lot to tell you since I last wrote on Christmas Eve 3 years ago, Dec. 24, 2010. It’s like my emotions change with the weather. It’s weird. Tomorrow is my birthday June 6th. Well, it’s breakfast so see ya. 

   I walked down stairs and there it was the usual birthday eve breakfast. There it was, sizzling bacon, pancakes topped off with whipped cream, butter, and syrup, and I large glass of O J. My parents usually do birthday eve because they have to do a lot for my birthday in the morning so they usually make a birthday breakfast a day before, and this is also the day we catch up with guests and food. I sat down and grabbed my fork and started sawing into my pancake. My dad came in humming the cheers theme son as he ruffled my hair as he pat by. He straightened his collar and smoothed his dark brown hair then sat down. He grabbed his newspaper and smoothed it and flicked it open. “What’s a seven letter word that means an amazing act that cannot be done by man?” dad asked. “Honey, I think it’s a miracle.” Mom said pointing her spatula at him. I looked up and I glanced at my dad who was now writing that down. I made me think about art class. “What’s wrong Star?” mom asked. “Mm, nothing.” I said chewing my pancakes still. “Hmm.”

   “Here you go.” Mom said as she tossed several sheets of paper. “What’s this?” I asked. “Guests, theme, and food;” “Oh;” “Well, go ahead and check;” mom said. I started to look through the theme. One thing that caught my eye was Moonlight Magic. I looked at my hands then checked it.


  “Mom finished guests, theme, and food.” I said tossing the papers on the table like she did. “Hmm, nice, great choices!” she said. I started to walk away but she stopped me. “It’s now for colors and gift bags and presents.” She said. “Argh!” I said putting my head back.


   I was finally finished and my parents went shopping so this was the part of birthday eve when I grabbed my fake id and drove to my friend Macy’s house. I back up and looked behind me and drove off.


    I knocked on the door and waited for an answer. Finally, Macy appeared at the door with a gift. “Hey best friend. Got you a birthday eve present.” She said as she handed me the present.  I took it and she invited me inside.

“So, um what happened at art class yesterday?” she asked. “Honestly I don’t even know.” I said. “That was pretty weird ya know.” She said. “I know, I know. I really don’t know what happened.” I said. “Mm, well am I invited to your birthday party?” she asked jokingly and giggled a bit. “Yes!” I said and we just laughed and laughed.


   I pulled out of Macy’s driveway and waved goodbye to her as she stood on her front porch. She yelled not to open that present until tomorrow, and then she closed her door. I giggled and drove off.   

© 2013 bablioe223

Author's Note

Some mistakes i think!

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