A Story by Aekmy

“It only takes two seconds.” Flat toned words stepped from my mouth. His desperate words, mangled by spit and emotion, disrupted my peaceful thoughts. Several voices encouraged me and, though they originated from an insane place, I considered their ideas. A desperate attempt to shorten the distance between him and I floated the gun to kiss my temple. “For me to pull the trigger.” Unyielding, unadulterated pleasure overcame my entirety as the warmth of his pleading voice caressed my ears, so much so that a grin had to be suppressed. My position was superior; the ledge of the rooftop handed me the advantage. Still, doubt whispered to the peace I had made with my fondness for this portion of my soul’s journey. These fragile bodies are known for transient sentiments. For once, clarity embraced me, showed me his contorted visage, allowed me to feel his suffering. The last eight years of my life were standing before me, pleading that I not forget them. My blood felt heavy in my veins even warmed my skin to complement the cold rain. As a child would, I held my arms out to catch the blessings from the heavens. Confusion began to set in. I looked down and noticed that the concrete began to blur. The previous events were unknown to me; it was the beautiful blur of the reflection of street lights on a rainy night. Melodramatic days, one after the other, led to the descent of my well being. Nights devoid of light, absent of color, but seldomly lacking metallic wrists. The passing of time seemed to cease as the wind lifted my hair, brushed under my chin and around my cheek. Mother nature, in an instance, had shattered the façade I so tenderly crafted for years. The once lifeless windows into my soul began to feel, to allow the beating in my chest to overcome me. Stumbling down into perspiring hands and weak arms, my knees hit the concrete. Too stunned to speak, soundless tears streamed down my hot cheeks, pooled in my eyes. His horror stricken face was so close that our noses kissed, his grip so tight that I could feel the erratic thumping of his heart trying to beat in time with mine.

“Everything is so fragile, Kayla, and in this crazy world, you counteract every mishap, every accident, or wrongdoing - you are the balance I cling to, the insane fiber that holds me together. If you leave, I can promise I’ll follow suit quickly because I can’t live a day without you.”

© 2017 Aekmy

Author's Note

I rewrote my poem titled '0002'.
Note: I tried searching this image on Google and didn't get any results. There also wasn't a source on Tumblr. If you know whose this is, please let me know as I am not trying to take credit for this image.

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Added on July 24, 2017
Last Updated on July 24, 2017



There is beauty is uniqueness. Embrace the strange or perish in the ordinary.

"Leaving the page of the book carelessly open, something unsaid, the phone off the hook and the love, whatever it was, an infection. - Anne Sexton" more..

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A Poem by Aekmy