Where We Went Wrong

Where We Went Wrong

A Poem by Aekmy

We were so beautiful.


Like warm honey and a gentle breeze.


Like a lazy, summer afternoon spent in the sun.


Like the cool current of a winter blue


It's something different; it makes me want to run, run away with you.


Your voice is the harmony of a thousand summer nights with one breath.


And I hate, I hate to say goodbye.

I never understand the reasons why
I find it so hard just to look in your eyes.


How I love, that look in your eye, it twinkles ever so.

 I love it more and more, as it grows.


Grows it does, a light you've made.
It makes me want to run away
into the bigger world with you by my side even if we were to die alone.


I was stuck in my sorrow

until I was awestruck by your beautiful smile.

It drew me in and has locked my heart with your beautiful smile.


A brighter day you have made
with lots of laughs and beautiful days.

I love to see you smile.

It's something I haven't seen in awhile.


Is this, but a dream? I can swear I am in a fairy tale.

I am unnaturally happy with this princess in my hands.

Alas, she paints my world with colors.


If only I could answer your question.

This is as real as it gets. I hate to mention the road ahead.

Oh, but if I run out of red paint? You know that's my favorite.

Your heart beats like a saint.


I wonder why I am blessed with an angel.

I must be insanely lucky or insanely in love.

I am falling fast for her, plunging into her love.


Each boy is like a song.
I'm tired of the silence.
Will you be my world and fill it with music? 
I promise I'll sing along.


Can you hear the beat? That is the rhythm of my heart playing to your voice.

It grows steadier and more rapid when you approach. Oh, help me!

I think I am going to burst! It is tearing at my chest, just wait for you to listen.


Ear pressed against your chest. I believe I hear something.

It'll lull me to sleep if I'm not careful. I'll scoot closer to you.

We'll tangle ourselves around the song, therefore letting us sit on the throne.

We should smile and wave at the progress we've made.

They said we'd never make it, but look at us in the making.


My arms wrapped tight around you. Time stands still.

I can hardly breathe, no less concentrate with your lips pressed against mine.

This feeling I have inside me, it's like no other.

I think I am drowning in your ocean.


I fear the day you run away from me.


Beyond the sun holds the key. Do not pack your bags.

I'll find your hand and walk you to a place I know.

We'll leave a note and the memories.

We will travel to a place with a future and opportunities.

I'll never let go. Never.


Why have a schedule when you have convenience? I like the sound of that.

We'll travel the world together and never let go of one another.

I want you in my arms forever, baby.

Why'd you wait so long to find me?

I've really missed being in love and

you're just the one I need to fill my dreams with one dove.



I was lost and confused. My world was enveloped in darkness.

I couldn't see and I blindly was hurt.

Amidst that darkness I stumbled upon a tiny star.

You grew in my heart, mind, and soul.

Months past and you became a nova that keeps the cold out and lights the dark.

I was lost, but you found me.


The Northern Star I try to be is just right.

You're more than amazing to me.

I wonder what you see when you fly a kite.

An open sky, a trapped soul? I just want to know you.

Kiss my lips, fix a bruise, there's nothing you can't do.


I was always sure that love didn't exist at first site. Baby, how wrong have I been?

I have fallen unwittingly for you. I enjoy this. I don't want it to stop.

I have traveled far and wide. I have seen and done a great many things.

I know there is a better person than me, but you are just perfect for me.

So honest and clear. You are the gears that keep my clock ticking.


I'll bring you to your knees, make you believe in miracles.

I'm falling fast for a boy who's live light years away.

I used to think he had no idea about me off in galaxy nine, but he proved me wrong.

He writes lyrics that rhyme and charms me with endless looks.

 It turns out that they were right. Those princess's in the golden bound books.

If you aren't prince charming, you'll take me off anyway,

but even if you were a peasant it wouldn't matter to me. I'd run with you any day.


There is no need to run far, I am here and I will always be.

You are residing in my heart. I want to be yours. Will you be mine?


I fear the day you run away from me.

Sometimes I talk or think too little or talk or think too much.

What if you get tired of me? I'd be devastated.

“Somebody rip my heart out and leave me here to bleed”.

My world would bleed together, the colors running running running off of the page.



I do not run. I do not abandon. I will stay for as long as you want me.

I need you as much as you need me. Enough of these dreary thoughts.

Let us discuss a happier subject.


I'm not an optimistic, or a pessimist. I'm just a realistic.

Thoughts often plague my mind whether they are good or bad.

There is nothing you can do to remove them; if I could, I would have.

But with you here now, I don't have to worry about the little things. My heart feels free.


Let you heart fly and soar to the edges of Earth.

I will always wait for you. I will be here for you.


We'll fall off of the edge of the world. It's like a really huge sky dive for two.

You never return. It's a one-way trip, but that's okay.

We weren't planning on returning to this drab world of lies and fake eyes.


This place I know of is full of happiness and thoughts.

It is my place of comfort and knowledge. Will you go there in my hand?

I don't plan on returning and it is a long trip.


I'd go anywhere with you as long as I'm holding your hand.

Don't let go, I'll get lost in the crowd.


The crowd full of many faces and places?

The crowd that is full of lies and worst of all, a fiend?

That place is a vile and cruel place. No, I will not let go. I will only hold you closer.


Damn straight. She makes a room go cold, a dream grow old.

Pull me to you, hold me close, keep me tight and never let go.

I'll listen to your heartbeat as we watch the stars wink in the night sky.

Look at them up there without a care in the world.


He pushed me away.















© 2011 Aekmy

Author's Note

His writing is on the left and mine is on the right, but we wrote this together.

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Beautifully written. I love this piece. The format of it, the flow. These two different pieces worked together so well. Great work!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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