File Against the Heart (3/5)

File Against the Heart (3/5)

A Story by Adrian X Fuentess

What goes around...


Caleb Jay has been followed for a little over a month now. He’s never felt the need to look over his shoulder to see if he’s being watched; his path, as Justin Kyle stated last time, was always downtown and the suburbs. One is a very public place where cops surround the area, protecting the rich and the famous; and  the other is ran by alarm systems and panic rooms. No need whatsoever, but now that he’s too comfortable in his own skin and new lifestyle, he’s forgotten what it’s like to be like ‘them’ as his people called the underprivileged.

When he was younger, Caleb Jay didn’t know what a grown up conversation was like. He only cared about where the next party was going to be. And making sure he passed his classes, of course. The rest would be handed over to him eventually; he’d fake his way through then, he thought. But when he caught himself in a grown up conversation, he realized how vague and materialistic it was. It felt just right, though, normal. Something everyone has done for centuries. No need to feel bad; their vocabulary has always been politically correct so no one has gotten hurt. It’s okay, he told himself over and over until he convinced himself.

Today that he’s against a wall in an isolated alley with a cold (and probably very sharp) knife, Caleb Jay’s only regret is refusing to take karate classes when Father offered. Why would he need to defend himself?  Everyone liked him. No one would ever dared to gossip about him. He was the king of the world! St Francis Preparatory School was his reign. No one could touch him.


His name didn’t matter. With a glimpse of light, Caleb Jay recognizes his attacker. He’s taken the crown at St Francis, Caleb Jay many times said to his colleagues; a good prospect, although probably not as crazy as himself was, but it’ll do. The crown is in good hands. Yet, he never thought that his little clone would be attacking him. Not over a f****t, anyways. F****t, the word lingers in his head and it stings something he had forgotten he still had.

“Listen, Jensen, let me go now and I’ll forget this ever happened. Don’t do something you’ll regret.” Caleb Jay exclaims calmly as soon as he puts a name to the face. Seventeen year old Jensen Kyle, the pocket knife still keeping Caleb Jay against the wall, doesn’t speak; his breath is even, something that surprises Caleb Jay. Anyone with such anger as Jensen Kyle should have built up inside, he was taking it easy, calmly. No a sign of distress on his face. Impressing, he thinks.

“Why this hostility, Jensen?” Caleb Jay questions, in an attempt to get Jensen to freak out on him and loosen the grip. The kid is strong, he’s got to admit.

“Family values.”

Without much of a warning, Jensen jabs the knife into Caleb Jay’s right side, just one time; his eyes never showing any guilt or anger, nothing whatsoever. Jensen Kyle’s green eyes remind Caleb Jay of those of the kid’s older brother’s, and as the warm blood starts to seep out of his wound, he wants to word out what he’s been keeping in silent for so long. But he can’t speak, it hurts to try. Sweet irony, he thinks to himself as he lets his brain take over, and fall into darkness.


© 2012 Adrian X Fuentess

Author's Note

Adrian X Fuentess
Ya'll know the drill. Get me to 50 views, and I'll upload the rest of this story. Thanks for reading and the support.

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Yay I'm number 50. This definently wants me to keep reading so post part 4 really fast. I thought that this was an amazing piece. It makes me wonder why Jenson stabbed him and I really want to read the next part so post it quick. Great job.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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