let's hate everyone together

let's hate everyone together

A Poem by Mister_Ryan

I hate this poem now, but it meant something when I wrote it...


pt 1

Let's Hate Everyone Together

What fools we were, thinking we could live so lavishly;

Arm in Arm, playing tricks on the unsuspecting,

Coming home to a palace made of whatever we were in the mood for that evening.

Oh but you shone like Venus when you came along

Only growing brighter as time moved on,

Playing as though we were children and

Drinking wine from the palm of each other's hands;

I say how dare we live any other way?

I say let two fools be their own key to the orbit of Love.

'I by your sword and you by my bite,

In a world so full of our noise

We must go quietly,

For it'll be the only way we can come back screaming.'

With you by my side I'll dream of eternity,

And may the universe make room for a pair of dancing stars

For it'll be the only way we'll remember the meaning.

pt 2

Bottom and Back

Time had been cruel to them.

You see it in their eyes,

How they're so tired,

How they've been to the bottom and back

Wondering when; never if.

There's ice in his veins trickling away the time;

Rusting all that was beautiful,

Shorting the unassuming heavens and

Breathing smoke into the eyes of anyone who dared sway him from his eternal dream.

There's a fire behind her eyes that withstands time;

Carved into the marble faces,

Molded into golden crowns,

Drawn upon the backs of all the waterfalls where everyone wondered at the story.

But now! Shine a light, here's a photograph.

pt 3


I ache.

My Queen, it really is you,

Not yet do I know this flesh but what I

Feel, is you. My dearest,

I ached.

'I wonder no more, Come lay with me...

This truly cannot be; the scent,

Your eyes, those hands; it is you.

I, I just... I'

'Your beauty has multiplied'

'Still ever so brash you are'

'Can I hold you?'

'I am yours to hold'

'Can I never let go?'

“If you let go I'll have to kill you'

'If I do I'll do that myself '

'Never if, my dear; just right now.'

There's no other form of existence than to seek out a personal glory.

And in that, two stars fell from the sky and upon one another.

There was still the same sun, the same moon;

The Lovers that wouldn't be without the other.

And when the rocks were sprinkled and the feathers thrown,

It should be certain that no ordinary prayer

Could have answered a dream that ignited the world's greatest Love story.

© 2016 Mister_Ryan

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Added on January 25, 2016
Last Updated on January 25, 2016
Tags: love, lost, found



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