Timeless in Unity

Timeless in Unity

A Poem by Amanda

A collaboration by Matt Carter and myself.



We have a bond that transverses time

Goes beyond distance as if we’re standing side by side

Time and space mean nothing to this love

A love that wraps around us and binds us together

As if a single moment elapsed itself

And we live this love in an undying second

Blind to difference, witnesses to our own reflection

What others think matters not, for they do not see

For true love is the essence of how souls breathe


When two reach a point of paired realization, when we walk out of time and when all pleasures in the sublime manifest, you will see us there.

To be joined as one from the two, how it is meant to be, in the dance of love entwined in each others arms and hearts


With our beats so in tune we walk in step as one being, defeating the forsaken separation that has us bound, moving with love to shatter our entrapment in the realm of heartbreak, no words are needed, the cursed tongue rests, we venture forward to freedom

And with this new freedom, we soar as our souls rejoice to the heavens above, for ever free, for ever in love.


© 2008 Amanda

Author's Note

my second collaboration with Matt Carter....it is such a joy to work with him.

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Wonderful collaboration. It flowed beautifully and seamless. Beautifully, wonderfully penned. Great job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

the beautiful love flows beautifully from within. i love it. your feelings are portrayed very well through this piece of art. great job.

Posted 12 Years Ago

This did not read like a collaboration. It was seamless..beautiful full piece. Rain..

Posted 12 Years Ago

Great collaboration I must say!
Amazing flow and the way you guys wrote about each and every detail is really awesome...It really enhanced the feel of the entire poetry a lot.
Awesome work! :)

Posted 12 Years Ago

wonderful collaboration.
I loved the flow and detail.
Only thing, and its probably just my own personal opinion speaking, but the change in font makes it kind of hard to really focus on. it almost takes away from the words in a way.

Posted 12 Years Ago

And I stand by my review to him, with one exception-this poem has punctuation, that makes it flow a little better.:):)Barbara

Posted 12 Years Ago

you and matt work well together. Beautifully written, my favorite lines are, "What others think matters not, for they do not see. For true love is the essence of how souls breathe" remarkable right there. the two of you touched on the essence and depth of love being strong, overcoming, and inseperable. sorry it took me a few days to read, i sat down to read it like 6 times, but distractions came every time. i'm glad i got the chance to fnish it though

much love n' respect


Posted 12 Years Ago

This is a beautiful collabortion and congratulations to you both.

Posted 12 Years Ago

You work well together, I hope this is the start of a long term writing partnership.
A beautifully penned piece

Posted 12 Years Ago

this is the best line for me......... 'moving with love to shatter our entrapment in the realm of heartbreak' as it seems to capture the power of the L word perfectly!

Posted 12 Years Ago

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