Non Serviam, Part 1 - The Realistic Child

Non Serviam, Part 1 - The Realistic Child

A Poem by Ahmad Alhour

Written : July 22th, 2009 - Wednesday - 1:35 PM

[ Non Serviam, Part 0 - The Realistic Child ]
Child I was there at the beginning 
of times so harsh, of life that I was singing
of my later triumphs I knew none
but servitude which prolongs the suffering on...
'till the moment I - the truth - grasped
of how things by courage collapsed
Mine disobedience, mine obduracy towards all
by which all things shall come to fall.
Then the fallen things I did catch
before broken they are and collapsed
trying, at the back-of-them to get
and know the essence which Supremacy did set
as at the back-of-them successfully I got
but of the essence, Supremacy - I knew not
Determined was the course of my action
by their commands; a broken faith like fraction
as not the thoughts of things I did hold;
but thoughts about things and connections old.

( © 2010 - Ahmad Alhour, All Rights Reserved )

© 2010 Ahmad Alhour

Author's Note

Ahmad Alhour
"The child was realistic, taken up with the things of this world, till little by little he succeeded in getting at what was back of these very things..."

--- Max Stirner, The Ego and His Own.

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Added on February 1, 2010
Last Updated on October 2, 2010
Tags: Egoist Individualism, Self-Liberty, Self-Enjoyment, Liberty


Ahmad Alhour
Ahmad Alhour

Athens, Greece

"My humanity is a constant self-overcoming" ~ Friedrich Nietzsche more..