At last, Finally

At last, Finally

A Poem by aimless_wanderer

Gazing about onto the sea
you remember a time how you came to be
days filled with hopscotch and that little boy you named pee-wee
and how he was there when you scraped your knee
and he always followed you from day to night until you couldn't see

but you were blind to how he felt
all of your simple words would make him melt
for you held him up as if you were a belt
but life isn't always a great hand to be dealt
for you had to leave him alone to dwelt

now sixteen years have made us age
your working at a coffee bar minimum wage
while that little boy now has his own page.
Back then that little boy was a canary within a cage
and now he owns thirty-two buildings, all with their walls colored beige

little did you know you were always on his mind
he always remembered how you were always so kind
and always helped out whenever he was in a bind
but if there was one thing in this world he would change, he would rewind
in order to ensure you knew how to find

but summer turned into the winter's white
no matter how gray, his memories of you still burned bright
and he searches day and night with all his might
to see you once more and set things right
all the while he would hold you tight

so here we stand face to face
on a shimmering beach at the mountains base
when the letter came i left with all haste
for this moment with you should never go to waste
but time and space have done their best to keep me from this race

so should i tell you i remember all your favorite things?
how i her your voice echo whenever you sing?
or how your favorite color is painted across my buildings wings?
or how your favorite instrument was the bell for you always loved how it rings
and that maybe wedding bells would someday marry you to your own king

So this is is my struggle, this is my strife
to cut through all the unnecessities like butter and knife
to be with you forever like the musician and his fife
but this is where we part for now, but down the road he and she both know they'll be husband and wife
For this is where he chooses to end his career and to begin with his love a new life.

© 2011 aimless_wanderer

Author's Note

if you see any awkward lines let me know, or any lines you liked in particular

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Added on September 30, 2011
Last Updated on October 10, 2011



Cincinnati, OH

I began writing pieces of poetry around three months ago. I'm hoping to get better so I won't be too much of a scrub anymore. more..