Tale from a Vagabond

Tale from a Vagabond

A Poem by aimless_wanderer

The train's horn blares as it reaches near the distant town
awoken under the sun's beating glare the vagabond frowns
at the baby blue sky, and the deep brown ground.
His life is simple, works in unemployment with no job and no one to hound
only the sweet magical melody of the grinding wheels sound.
never a set destination, he is forever bound
to the world which always turns around
to create a new environment full of different faces, buildings, and forests to surround.
He has no quest, no adventure, and he has no interest in obtaining a crown
nor does he seek to create the perfect story with all the right verbs and nouns.
If he were to write a story it would begin with a man who drowns
or maybe end with a man who fell from a building to learn he can fly instead of falling down.
Somewhere in the mix that man would meet a terrifying clown
who had no shame for he wears a dirty gown
then he would ask, "what are you doing here?" all the while he would respond "i'm lost and need to be found."
At this point the vagabond has wandered into the Earth's never ending mound
A place full of restless souls who can't rest because of they're too proud
to say that they're dead and join the never ending crowd.
The vagabond CHOOSES to leave to find a serene place because here its too loud
so he leaves to find his own way among the restless to enter the darkest shroud
to unlive a simple life, to find the easiest way to traverse a landscape to be plowed.

© 2011 aimless_wanderer

Author's Note

all i'm looking for is any awkward lines, or any lines that you like in particular!

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Added on October 2, 2011
Last Updated on October 2, 2011



Cincinnati, OH

I began writing pieces of poetry around three months ago. I'm hoping to get better so I won't be too much of a scrub anymore. more..