Cause for the soldier

Cause for the soldier

A Poem by aimless_wanderer

"Its a little Brr Brr Chill Chill"
exclaimed the man with the super strong will
he used to reside in a real cold place until
the senate passed a brand new bill

It stated that we will wage war against all other races
to travel to new and exotic places
to maximize our defenses and build new bases
and that we'll have every male fight with stone cold faces

Strange how life take a complete one-eighty
all of these men with deals so shady
and aristocrats grown so rich and fat  that they've become pretty lazy
just thinking of these problems drives him crazy

but theres nothing he can do, after all he's only a man with a gun
forced to fight battle after battle until hes done
finished so he can go home of course, but every battle must be won
so he can spend the rest of his days lying under the blinding sun

but days becomes months, and months becomes years
he's become mentally and physically numb, he holds no fears
for when he lost his family was the only time he shed any tears
for the images of the perished with forever sear

All he can do now is fight to strive
live long past his brothers in order to survive
he must do whatever it takes to separate himself from the hive
so he can get away from the masses who've been fed all lies

When all was done he was the only one who could move on
he refused to be anymore the governments little pawn
so he took every one of their dirty secrets and went off the grid, he was gone
took off like a shark into the sea, a lion prancing through his jungle, and an eagle soaring into the dawn.

© 2011 aimless_wanderer

Author's Note

any awkward lines? any lines you loved?

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Added on October 2, 2011
Last Updated on October 2, 2011



Cincinnati, OH

I began writing pieces of poetry around three months ago. I'm hoping to get better so I won't be too much of a scrub anymore. more..