Contrast From Two Worlds pt.2

Contrast From Two Worlds pt.2

A Poem by aimless_wanderer

read contrast from two worlds pt.1 before this one

Water, H2O is the only thought that runs through your mind as you lie
down in the vast open dune the sun is beating down on you letting you fry
as if you were hovering above a burner within a skillet you try and try
to keep moving, but all in vain for your struggle leaves you with a cry.

The scavengers circle above your heat-strained mass
waiting until your chest stops moving, and your body stops struggling to pass
this wretched land which holds a strong burning grip on your soul which has
taken all from you, leaving you to become specks of sand in a broken jar of glass.

Your cold numb hands twist the jar ajar to discover a single dried peach
it was your daily snack, and now its time to join your friends on the frozen beach
to laugh and speak of girls who are out of reach
who are probably swimming at a warm cozy beach picking from their legs a tiny leach

but years have displaced you from your origin leaving you sun-baked
with sand-dried tears streaking your face while sweat and grime have caked
your entire body showing you a pile of mess, "why have i been forsaked!"
You yell out into the empty wasteland for not a response could have been faked.

Your jaw is less tight than it was for your thirst is not in taste
as for your body the trembling has halted for you've lost the need for haste
out of this terrible sun bleached sand dusted land gone to waste
under the unbearable heat in which man has never faced

His final days will be the hardest days to last
for the icy snow seems to swirling around and around never to pass
but thats okay for you wish the heat and cold would have clashed
over your burnt breathless body which lies crisping into ash

© 2011 aimless_wanderer

TS might not be Frost or Eliot but combined with Nix they made music. Perhaps another colab?...
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Author's Note

if you see any awkward lines or anything you liked leave a post! and make sure to read contrast of two worlds pt.1

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Added on October 9, 2011
Last Updated on October 9, 2011



Cincinnati, OH

I began writing pieces of poetry around three months ago. I'm hoping to get better so I won't be too much of a scrub anymore. more..