Coming Into Michael

Coming Into Michael

A Story by Michael Reisman

Harriet went into an antique shop with no idea of what to buy. It was just a matter of browsing around until she saw something that caught her eye. The furniture and other stuff were no interest until she saw one item in a display case that made her stare. It was a pair of sunglasses that looked very old but might fit her. "It was worn by great grandfather of a magician who left it here many years ago for someone else to use and enjoy", the owner said to her. Harriet paid for the antique and left the store as she put them back on for the second time. It was a sunny day so the timing was good to protect her eyes from the bright July sun. It was very unexpected to see what she saw next. Harriet watched a speeding car go through a red light as she saw herself crossing the street and being run over. She took off the sunglasses and shook her head in disbelief at this frightening vision of what was to place in a few moments. The cautious young lady approached the curb but didn't walk any further as a car sped through the red light. The magical sunglasses saw events ahead of time as the longer you wore them, the more of the future would be revealed. She put them on occasionally from time to time just out of curiosity to see what was supposed to happen next. The glasses revealed one day her walking into a bar and meeting a young man. She left them on for quite a while to see how this event would turn out and was pleased by the results. Harriet returned to the antique store and said to the owner "take this back and save it for next lucky customer". She went back to the bar and talked the young man as eventually he did what she saw through those magic sunglasses. A whole year of dating and then a marriage took place which made her smile. One thing that wasn't seen was the owner of an antique shop become the best man at her wedding. Some events left as a surprise for an owner and a customer. A short story of magic and love coming into focus...

© 2014 Michael Reisman

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Michael Reisman
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Michael Reisman
Michael Reisman

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