Continues To Michael

Continues To Michael

A Story by Michael Reisman

Felicia thought about those great times when she used to live at home with her parents. It was those outdoors summer barbeques in the backyard that she remembered the most. Her favorites were always cooked to perfection as they were a cheeseburger and hot dogs. There was always a good mixture of adults and children, where everybody was happy and had someone else to talk to. Felicia was finally old enough to save enough money to buy her own home with a backyard. One of the first things she purchased was an outdoor barbeque grill. Next would naturally be the burgers and hot dogs. She had her very first event on an early July weekend. Close friends were invited as the thirty eight year old felt like a kid once again. There was one uninvited guest that showed up. He was just walking past her house and smelled those burgers and hot dogs. A party crasher you might say as he just walked right in and helped himself. She approached him and asked what he was doing there. He introduced himself as Frankie and then explained his story. It turned out that he also loved cheeseburgers and hot dogs from a memory of living back home with his parents. They also had a backyard with guests coming over for summer barbeques. He explained a first time girlfriend he met at her parent's house named Felicia. A light bulb went off in her mind and remembered Frankie from when they were seventeen and eighteen years old. He now became an invited guest as they talked and caught up on old times. A wedding was planned as the bride and groom enjoyed their cheeseburgers and hot dogs. Maybe an uninvited guest becomes invited for a reason now apparent. Case in point in a shot love story about Felicia and Frankie continues to grow...

© 2014 Michael Reisman

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Michael Reisman
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Added on December 2, 2014
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Michael Reisman
Michael Reisman

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