Just Like They Do All Over..by Michael

Just Like They Do All Over..by Michael

A Story by Michael Reisman

Barry met this girl at a Halloween party. She was dressed as an alien from some distant planet. He was dressed as him, with no costume or makeup to wear. After the party was over, each of the guests had to get back into their normal everyday street clothes. That's how they would finally get together and see how they really are. Barry was attracted to Betty and her also to him. One thing didn't change about her, and that was two different colors of her eyes. One was blue and the other was green. He didn't question her about it as maybe he thought it was some sort of genetic disorder. They dated each other for six months until she told him that her visit to New York was over and had to go back home now. Betty asked him to drive her to a designated spot where she would be picked up for her return trip home. A fork in the road went in two directions. One onto another highway, the other to a secluded forest area. He wondered why he had to continue on to the forest. "We're here, she said. Stop the car". A bright light descended from above and got bigger as it landed in a small clearing in that secluded forest. A ramp lowered from the bottom this silent craft as Barry was frozen in total shock. "Want to visit my home"? she asked. He reluctantly agreed but his curiosity had him take her hand as Betty led him that ramp. Her parents also had one blue eye and one green eye, a trait of this particular life form from another planet far away. He was accepted as an old tradition of marriage was performed which just may be what we all do, no matter where we come from. A son and daughter was born unto them in the near future. He accepted those matching blue and green eyes that smiled and twinkled just like they do all over...
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© 2015 Michael Reisman

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Added on May 6, 2015
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Michael Reisman
Michael Reisman

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