Purple Lens

Purple Lens

A Poem by Apollos

Hoping to add grace & truth to this politically charged conversation over race.

Hey Colin,

It’s been a while since your kneel seemingly stomped on this “Great Nation.”
Inflammatory topic of which I tried to sanitize my mind but God keeps having me reflect on the effects of past plantations.
Let’s rewind the clock as we stir up the pot.

I disagree with you disrespecting the very nation that gave you freedom to speak up against segregation.
I understand you felt it was the only way to shake the foundation.
I survived the earthquake and both sides have made their points.
Now I’m reflecting on the ones who gave you the voice.

The darkness is not represented in the skin you bear.
It can only be cleared up by His Presence under your hair.
The Blue Church feels the Heart of God without His reasoning in their ears.
Deconstruction is all they know.

The Red Business shows the Protestant Work Ethic but widows itself as the Bride of Christ.
Capitalism giving me that cheap water from that sweat shop from Barma where the kid is making nickels on a dollar to draw from a well no one else would bother.
Libertarianism be my preference but how can I wear liberty as a necklace when my Maker is nothing more than a check list?

So Colin should I choose the Hypocritical Mockery of my faith or the Outwardly Hostile one to it?
Can we disagree on solutions but find the common flow for the problems that trouble our souls?

The same people who were in the KKK may have raised families that like to pray pray pray.
Malcolm X saw the separation and with his fine articulation he proposed plans to respond with retaliations to the absurd alienations so as to be given another nation for reparations.
Little did he know the same spirit he was opposing was the same power choosing what his finger was exposing.
Diedrich Bonhoeffer righteously sheltered the Jews while the Religious Right of Germany had Hitler in the pews.
All thinking from The Grave that will make you a slave slave slave.

No, Colin, I don’t want to deport you.
No, Colin, I don’t wish your mom would have aborted you.
No, Colin, it wasn’t right if this was the reason NFL teams avoided you.
Yes, Colin, Jesus is quite fond of you and wants you to join a Family that will make bonds with you.
The Word as our foundation, prayer as our supplication, His Spirit as our reparation as we choose to not submit to a different Plantation.

© 2019 Apollos

Author's Note

The hope is to have a peaceful exchange of ideas on a divisive topic.

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Added on November 6, 2019
Last Updated on November 7, 2019
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