Laughing Through My Tears

Laughing Through My Tears

A Poem by Alex

It's been a while

I've cried for you

I tried to forget

And laugh

For a while it worked

But I'm still crying

Only now I've run out of tears

I came across a photo of you

I really miss you

Made me want to cry

Blocking you from my memory doesn't seem to work

So I still keep you in the back of my mind

Laughing through my tears

I can still be happy

Even if inside I can't get over you

I keep my tears hidden

But let everyone see my laughs

Then they bring you up

And it's like

Rubbing a sore wound

Until it's red again

The blood rushes to the sore

To help with the pain and to heal it

Except the blood for me

Isn't thinking about you

It's only temporary

Then I remember you

And the pain comes back

I received signs about you today

My walls say the exact date you're leaving

My calendar says your name

On the exact date

I don't know what it means

Maybe God is telling me to

Remember you

Forgetting does no good

I can't forget you

Too impossible

But I learned from you

I learned how to laugh through my tears

I learned to take risks

I learned how much I regret not taking the opportunities I had to get to know you

I really miss you

Next crush I have

I'll still miss you

But I'll remember my lessons

You were a great teacher

Experience and pain taught me well

I need the courage next time

And if it doesn't work out with the next boy

I'll learn to laugh through my tears


First I have to heal from you

But I'm really glad I had a crush on you

I needed those lessons

Even if it hurt

I'm glad

Because everyone experiences the pain I feel

So thank you

You taught me well

I'll miss you

I love you

Laughing through my tears, forever


© 2009 Alex

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This was a very sad, but good poem. It was well written. I really got the emotion behind heartbreak and learning from it in this poem.

Posted 11 Years Ago

You brought this to a beautiful close, very nicely done. Cherrie

Posted 13 Years Ago

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Added on May 17, 2009




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