A Poem by Alex

Since forgetting you is impossible

And remembering causes pain

I need novacaine

Something to numb me

I need someone

A wonderful boy

To help me

Someone who's better than you

Someone who will take me away from the hurt you cause me

But I'm afraid

What if I can't find one?

My friends and family

They're helpful

But they're weaker than the


I need

I need it so badly

It's like a rebound drug

I can't have you anymore

I need the next-best thing

And that's a guy

I need him to be like you

He needs to be exactly like you


He has to be better

But I doubt that's possible

It won't help

If I can't find him

And if I do

And he moves

Or he doesn't like me

There are only so many guys like you, love

What do I do then?

Am I scarred for life?


Maybe when we're adults

We'll run into each other

You won't recognize me

But you'll fall instantly in love

And I'll know you

Having already been

In love with you

For years

And I won't need to forget you

To help heal

You, the poison

Will also be the antidote

Funny how that works

You will be my Novacaine


I know that won't happen

So I'll just have to keep


Prayers have strength

Praying that one day

I'll find my Novacaine

My Novacaine will be a brainwash too

I'll forget you

I won't need you

I miss you

But Novacaine will erase that

I need it so badly

You've done so much harm to me

Yet I can' t be angry

You didn't mean to

And I love you too much to be angry

I love you

Please send me my Novacaine

© 2009 Alex

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Added on May 17, 2009




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