One Hour Speed Write III

One Hour Speed Write III

A Story by アキスーテ (Akisute)

You know exactly what this is. This one is from the perspective of a crow. I listened to this as I wrote:

Miles above the surface.
The black wings flap and rest. The crow glides.
It watches. It memorizes. It knows the city.
The crow lands upon a traffic light's top. It perches there and watches the humans.
A man looking dejected with a briefcase and a new suit exits a building. The crow has seen this man before, but where?
The man walks opposite the crow. The bird flies and lands on a car parked not far behind the man who continues to walk. Where from did the crow know this man?
The man rounds a corner and so too does the crow.
The crow flies above the man's head landing atop a streetlight.
The crow scans his face more closely.
This man recently exited a hospital, a week, two weeks ago? He looked dejected then too. What caused this man such severe depression?
The man stopped walking the other humans continued towards their destinations.
The mans sits on a bench, he opens his briefcase. From the case he removes a shining revolver.
The crow only understood one word. "Sorry." The man then placed the barrel on his ear and pulled.
Humans gathered around the fallen organism.
The spoke rapidly. To the crow it seemed the cared little about the man dead and more about themselves, despite conversing on the topic of the corpse.
Its wings flap and it travels higher in the atmosphere.

The crow reaches her nest. Her mate is there and their young ones as well. She tells her mate of the man with the suit and briefcase. It seems to them such an unusual thing for any creature to do. Crows never kill themselves. Why would humans? Why would this one?

The crow flies to the hospital from which she had seen the man. She sees another dejected human leaving. She follows this woman for two weeks. She two follows the same course of action as the man.
Such an odd behavior.
Surely the other humans know of this.
The crow listens to the conversations of the humans in the city. She understands little but notices the humans referring again and again to something the call "the Pathogen." Whatever it is, sounds dangerous.

She returns to her nest and tells her mate she wants to leave the city. They cannot. Their offspring cannot yet fly. She does not want to wait; she has no choice.
The crow notices new strange events.
Aside from the increase in publicly suicidal humans she notices fewer humans in the city, but not near the number who put lead in their heads.
A woman walks out of a story and suddenly falls dead in the street.
The crow watches the frenzied humans and of the little English she knows the word "Pathogen" returns more than any other.
Humans dressed in white with strange masks enter the zone. Some carry firearms. They yell and the other humans leave the zone.

She returns to here mate. He too has seen such things. The crows no not what this means. They know not why the humans are dying in numbers so great.

These event occur with greater frequency. Soon she only sees the humans dressed in white with the strange masks. When the look at her she is pierced with fear. Sometimes they throw things at her as she flies. Sometimes they fire their guns. She has seen other crows fall to their bullets. She has seen species other than her own fall to their bullets. She has seen humans fall to their bullets.

She, her mate and their children leave the city for another one, but it is just the same.
The crows refuse to move again. They will settle in this city. They will watch the humans destroy their monuments.

She flies and watches the humans in the white shout at the others. One day the humans in the masks are killed by the others. The others fight with the firearms left by the ones the just killed.

But that was centuries ago. There are of course no more humans now.
They drove themselves to extinction, we inherited Earth.

© 2013 アキスーテ (Akisute)

Author's Note

アキスーテ (Akisute)
Did you love it?
Was it so awful it made you consider homicide?
Tell me why!

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Added on May 19, 2013
Last Updated on May 19, 2013
Tags: crow, human, pathogen, super virus, disease, apocalypse


アキスーテ (Akisute)
アキスーテ (Akisute)

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