The Royal Goldsmith

The Royal Goldsmith

A Poem by Akshay Rawal

I am genuinely at my wit's end to craft this poem, and was thus unable to end it. Please help.

Moiled he, coiled with gree,
But foiled all tries,
He'd cast the ring swell!
Boiled gold, oiled the mould,
But soiled! Mused why
It has appalling knell.

Fluke hit, loop made fit.
He swooped in joy.
"I'll handsel my splendid dove!"
Duke's lad, duped, he had.
He looped the troy
Of lord's gold. Ailed with love

Knelt there, dealt the mare,
with felt loyalty.
"My love circled, I've made you!"
Belt flew, welt he grew.
By gelt, royalty.
"You're mine more than this cade beau."

"Sham ways, crams with praise,
Then damns, he pleb!
The ring's gold is mine, dear!"
"Am the maker!"

© 2016 Akshay Rawal

Author's Note

Akshay Rawal
The situation is- A king had let a goldsmith forge a crown for him. The goldsmith siphons off a little amount of gold from the king's lot, and casts a ring with it, and presents it to his love, the same woman whom the king loves. The king says the gold in the ring is his, while the goldsmith claims his diligent effort into making it. Whom should the lady give her heart to?
Please note that this poem is not complete. Please help. :)

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A little difficult to follow so I was happy there was an author's note to explain it all. The use of old English made it confusing for me. A good story. Lydi**

Posted 7 Years Ago

Akshay Rawal

7 Years Ago

Thanks for your time, Ma'am. Actually I couldn't complete it since I felt I had chosen a very restri.. read more
A good story that needs more elaboration in the context. I like it a lot. Keep up the shining vision....:)))))

Posted 7 Years Ago

Akshay Rawal

7 Years Ago

Thanks sir for your kind visit. I tried to finish the poem but lost hope as I felt I had chosen a ve.. read more
Sami Khalil

7 Years Ago

K. You are welcome. ....:))))

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Added on April 18, 2016
Last Updated on July 4, 2016


Akshay Rawal
Akshay Rawal

Agra, Uttar Pradesh, India

Hi, friend! This is Akshay Rawal, studying in St. Peter's College, Agra, pursuing Science, and I LOVE WRITING! I'd fall in for introspective thinking and progressive approach. I have a special affini.. more..