A Chunk of Me- Chapter Two

A Chunk of Me- Chapter Two

A Story by Akshay Rawal

Please read on..and help me find a plausible end.

Tiny strips of sunlight poked his face, and glistened his scanty tears as he sat at a pew in the Sainte Valerie's Church. The most considerate Savior was looking dryly in some other direction. Some hasty footsteps broke the apparently indomitable silence, and Joseph pivoted back to see Father Sullivan gazing him, anon to assert an imperative- "Did I make you wait too much, Son? I had to go to the belfry for some fixes to the bell. You have something to confess, dear?", Joseph, in too perplexing a predicament, demanded too much time for a reply. Nevertheless, Fr. Sullivan sat next to him.

A teardrop fell onto Joseph's lap, and the trouser absorbed the trickle thereupon. The priest felt it a natural gesture to place his hand upon his shoulder. "Tell me son, and take calm. Our Lord cannot bear tears. He is bound to relieve you." "I want to save my wife, Father. She needs treatment.", said Joseph, sulking. "Do not worry, son! Our dear Christ has his warm hand over her. She will be fine." However, this consolation could only let Joseph cry more. "No, Father! Charity cannot be puny man's job! I let a kidney to a needy unknown, and am thus punished for this uncanny sin. And no one is allowing my wife to have my kidney in her gut and live further. I realize, Father,", and Joseph stood with a fanatic's panache "that I was perhaps foolishly trying to imitate Lord, for such a curse has befallen upon me!" "That's not true! He rose for us to grow great, and you have but sparked his cause further. You have done a great deed, the kind He ordains!" "Then may I kill myself, so that I can give her the kidney, Father?" This sudden question obviously stunned the priest a little. His spontaneity was lost now. He just stood by Joseph. A long silence ensued.

Eventually, he quoted-" God will always love you, son. But remember ....", his gaze becoming sterner with queer certainty and assurance, "

© 2016 Akshay Rawal

Author's Note

Akshay Rawal
What should the priest advice Joseph? What should Joseph do? Commit suicide to save his wife. ..or let her go away in an eternal slumber....Please help.

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The plausible end that I have is - Joseph decides to shoot himself back in his home, but a phone call informs him at the last moment, that a matching kidney for his wife has been found. Phil suffers an accident that day, and his kidney, which was once Joseph's, is given to his wife.
2. Or maybe this - Phil somehow knows Joseph's predicament, and sacrifices his life. But for this, I have to introduce a new character.. Most possibly, Joseph's maidservant, from whom Phil gets to know about the situation.
3. Or the wife just dies.....but I want this story to produce a strong impact through the climax. This end is too dull for that purpose, though it may be further developed to play with how Joseph copes up with the tragedy.

Posted 7 Years Ago

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Akshay Rawal
Akshay Rawal

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