The Difference between Gracchus and Crassus Perspectives

The Difference between Gracchus and Crassus Perspectives

A Story by alan.essam

An essay i wrote for history class, which compares between two leaders of Rome. Graccus who used to role Rome decades before Crassus. in this essay i put the difference between them. hope you like it.



What does the word ‘leader’ means? Of course, the first thing we think about is courage and brevity. When we talk about leaders of Rome, we have to think of a leader who is brave, charismatic, and powerful. In this essay, I am going talk about the perspectives of two Roman leaders: Gracchus and Crassus. I will try to present the views that those men had for the future of Rome. It is clear that both: Gracchus and Crassus had different views on both future and present of Rome.

First leader I want to talk about is Crassus. He was a powerful man who believed in violence to achieve his goals. For instance, he forced, building owners to sell him.  He was worried about the present of Rome at that time, especially during the period when the slaves got their freedom and set an army. He was worried because destroying the slaves’ army was an important way to strength his position. Crassus defeated the army of slaves. He was successful with that. Crassus thought that the future of Rome would be better by him because he wanted to control Rome. Crassus did not obey to the rules of The Roman Republic. He wanted to rescue Rome from the mob at that time.

The second leader that I am going to present is Gracchus. Gracchus was completely different from Crassus. Gracchus always thought that Rome was in trouble. It was unacceptable for him. Gracchus wanted to be a person who serves people. He thought that freedom and peace are the only way to save Rome. Gracchus thought believed the future of Rome would be better if the freedom was given to the slaves. He believed that the senate should work very hard for the people of Rome.

Dictatorship was the idea that Crassus believed could serve Rome. On contrary, Gracchus’s aim was freedom and peaceful city. It is very important to know that both of them achieved their goals somehow. History recorded the lives of those men in order to teach us. We have to know that Crassus was not creasy to start the dictatorship from nothing. There must be something made him try to be the dictator and always use force. And I believe that that thing was Rome’s mess at that time. But also Gracchus is right. If we want to have a good country, we must have peace and freedom. There is only one point we need to remember that Gracchus was before Crassus, and he died before Crassus achieve power.

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Just find the weakness of this essay and how to improve it. in order to give the chance to make my English better

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