Tale of none

Tale of none

A Story by Thurindir

A silent clash between man and beast.

Galon managed to gather his feet, knees quaking from the crippling blow of the fowl beast,
"Aye, you're quite the fella arent ya?" Weilding his sword upright, he charged the creature with what strength remained.
A clash of claw and blade between the two
echoed beyond the glade, all was at a standstill. When time finally drew from seconds that felt like an eternity,
 there was a cease of struggle. Drips of blood collecting in a small pool on the soft soil beneeth Galon, blade broken into pieces. "Just finish the job.. You wret-" The last words of this warrior, as he was consumed by the distasteful creature.
His words did not pass into legend, nor his deeds. Only his bones are what remains of his legacy.

© 2020 Thurindir

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Added on September 1, 2020
Last Updated on September 1, 2020



Sarasota, FL

I am a Firefighter/EMT I have a beautiful wife and baby boy I often think of little stories throughout my day and its time to put it to paper. Thanks for stopping by! more..