New Investigation

New Investigation

A Chapter by Mizuki Akiyama

As Blossom and Basilio goes their separate way for their investigation. While Blossom U, top grade A+ student starts her investigation on an unknowingly girl name "Mizuki".


The sound of conversations and running footsteps echoed by as Blossom walled down the seemliness narrow hallway. Cheerleader popping bubblegum, talking about the latest game,. Jocks running through the hall throwing footballs and bouncing basketballs. Nerds working on their classroom homework as they head for the next one. All this passing by the super hearing teenager ear as she made her way through the crowds to get to her last class of the day.

AP Literature wasn't its quiet self when she came through the door. The students where engrossed with each other talking about what was on the board. Taking her place in the front row, she silently read the class board which said,

"Today class, we shall be doing some investigating. Let this ponder on your mind. When I come back we will discuss what we shall be investigating."

~Ms. Rosemary

  My face twisted into a smile of happiness. Just that group of words, made my final weeks at school seem more enjoyable than my entire time here. I've been- I mean, I am an investigator in some sort of sense. I fight crime, so I have to investigate the scene of the crime. With the show of new villains popping up, I've been needing something to use as a way to search people. Even tho I am a superhero, I have to give the people of townsvillie a certain degree of personal {space.}


I swerve my head up to the person. My Cherry Blossom eyes meet their Champagne eyes. At that sign, I gave the most genuine smile that rarely hits my face. And voice out,

"Good Afternoon Basilio."

He gives me a winning smile as he swerves into his seat right beside, me in the front row. Basilio originated from Florence, Italy. His off brown hair put messily back into a ponytail, leaving a wave of hair to cascade down the front of his left eye. He had on a white collar shirt with black slacks on. Finished off with polished black leather shoes.

"Good Afternoon to you Blossom. I see are teacher has left us quite a bit of work to do, no?"

"Yes, yes she has. A wonderful task for us to do." If you could see my smile, you would describe it as an uncontrollable grin that was spread from ear to ear. As the moment past from me smiling, I turned my head towards a clicking sound which came from the classroom door.

Miss Rosemary walked in as graceful as her name is. She had porcelain white hair. Natural white hair, not from ageing. Pale pink skin which freckles adored her checks and nose. A white dress with light pink trimming that had different kinds of spices on it with white and pink flats. And a stack of white, pink and blue books that were tucked under her arm. But what I truly liked about Miss Rosemary where her eyes. They were rose pink with white playing around the pupils.

Those eyes reminded me of my beautiful bubblegum pink eyes.

"Hello Class"

"Hello Miss Rosemary ~"

"I've seen that my note on the border has keep you busy I assume?"


"I'm glad. As you now know class. All the literature departments will be doing investigating just like us." She said as she had her back towards us.

"But as you know, this is class is a AP class and everything we do that is AP is special. From researching about {Put very difficult research subject} to mastering Albert Einstein EMC=2 equation."

Miss Rosemary leaned forward on her desk with a determined look on her face. One with proud and confidence.

"Are school AP classes students are the successful leaders in this idiot economy. They will make this world a better place, they will change the world with their knowledge. Their key to a better world relies on their knowledge. And that knowledge is the key to power that could open so many path ways.'"

"So the reasoning for this investigation is to develop your business skills. Now the reason behind that is because, if you want to ever hire someone or make a deal with them. You have got to know about them first. There are plenty of people who will stab you in the back or deceive you to get to their goal, not yours. And that's something that we don't want to happen to are AP students."

"Now what people may call it in today time is a, "Background Check". But were going to go deeper and father then that. We want to get inside their heads and discover their secrets and uncover their flaws."

"Miss Rosemary?"

"Yes Christopher? Do you have a question?"

"Yes. If we’re going to be investigation, then how are we going to be able to get to do that? We’re not the police and I'm sure no sane person would allowed someone to interview them that personally."

"Ah, I was just getting to that Christopher. It true that we cannot do that since everyone has a right to withhold certain information about them self if the person they're talking to if it is not a police officer or a detective."

"So with that in mind, does anyone know any other way to get close to someone while stilling being able to get information about them . . . legally?"

Few hands shot up around me while other where trying to figure out the answer.

"Yes Alexander?"


"That's good but that can only take you so far. Anybody else? How about you Christina?"

"Higher Authority"

"Yes, that's good but only when you work for it. Richard?"

"Newspaper Reporter."

"That's good also but it's not what I’m looking for class. Okay, let me try to put it in an example and see if you can see what I'm talking about."

"Let's say you spot someone with a black and white attire on with a short haircut. Now where you from, you might not see that every day. If you done a little research or been traveling, you would know that, that is a French attire that that person is wearing."

"Now you might be taking French or wanting to know French culture or even might be wanting to know if that person is French or not, so what do you do to gain that information and to satisfy your curiosity? Magritte?

"Talk to the person."

"Yes! Just by talking to that person, you can figure out basic information about them. That's what we humans have the capability of doing. Just striking a conversation with someone and you can open a gateway a knowledge about them."

"Now that I have explained it in detailed, can someone tell me what are the three most common way to get information about someone? Yes Matthew?"

"Internet & through social media websites."

"Yes, one of the most common thing people use to find information about someone is on the internet and that by going through the social media websites. You are allowed to use when you investigate. Now what's the second one? Basilio?"

I turned my full attention toured him. Basilio might seem kind of the stereotype of a happy Italian and lover of fancy things, but when it came down to literature, well he turned,

"A Stalker"

Into a mad man like me. Very enthusiastic about literature.

"Now that one is a little tricky. It legal to do that but at the same time it's not. Some people will call the cops if they think you’re a stalker. So you have to be very careful about that. I would only recommend it only if you could handle trying to get your information like that. Now for the last one. What would that be?"

She looked all around the room until she came back to me. Saving the best for last.

"Become their "Friend""

"Yes! That's the one that could surely get you information if no other way. When you've tried all the ideas you could think of to get the person information. The one thing you can count on is becoming their friend."

"Everyone has friends and tons are looking for one. And the wonderful thing about this is that it works with all age groups and all age groups have different advantages."

"For example, the adults you go to the bars will spill out all their problems to anyone who is willing to listen. Of course you all are too young to go inside, but the people who come outside are good targets."

"Children and truth tellers. Very few will lie, but most of them will tell the truth from whom they have been around. Their like a recorder. The record what they hear and play it back to you."

"And even teenagers like yourself are the same. Their gossipers. They hear what someone is doing and there spread it quicker than wildfire can. They'll make up rumors about people just to get their way. It's just what they see. Like Monkey see, Monkey do."

"And that officially comes downs to what we will be doing. Now this can be a solo investigation or a partner investigation. Whichever suits your interest? Now, your only limited to two per person. So if you are doing this with a partner, that four people you get to investigate. If you're alone, then just two."

"You are allowed to investigate anybody that you can or feel like it. I'm giving you ten minutes to get partners or to think about this. I hope I didn't do too much talking"


  The room went into a series of chatter and movements as some people pushed together their desk to talk or turned around to talk to the person behind them. I didn't need to move an inch because my partner was sitting right next to me.

"So, I'm assuming were going to be partners because it seems like no one in the room would be more suitable for you than me."

"Well then, I guessed you assumed right then."

"But then surely they must be something we should be talking about. Like who were going to be investigation or where we're going to be investigating. There's a thousand places in townsville to search for people."

"Ah, but you're not thinking. You're right, there's a thousand places to look for people but we should only be counting the ones that would draw the most attention or the ones where we know that would draw the most attention."

"Okay then, with that narrowed down. For me, it would most likely be restaurants. People there are really just trying to have a conversation with a strange or a 'friend'. So it should be no problem. That’s what itiains are known for after all, no?

"True, true. Even though I would have probably would like to go with you on your "Itianin" adventure. I would rather look at cafes and libraries. They give me more information than I would at restaurant. Don't get me wrong. I could get free food from places like those, but I choose not to take advantage of that. Unless necessarily...”

"I see. Well everyone has their information sources."

"So shall we make ways after school?"

"I don't know. Miss Rosemary! How long are we supposed to be doing this anyway?"

"Well since this is April 18 and this is lasting till your 8th grade graduation. I guess about 10 weeks or 2 months and a half."

{She then clapped her hands which brought everyone attention back towards her.}

"With this being said, this class assignment goes 50% towards your grade, so this is mandatory. This will last till June 13, since that is the time you will be graduation. Which means, this is for 10 weeks or 2 1/2 months."

{A hand shot up in the middle of the classroom.}

"Ms. Rosemary!"

{Ms. Rosemary tilted her head toward to the right.}

"Yes Jacob?"

{Jacob cleared his though}

"Can we have outside help. I mean like can we ask other students from the literature class to help us or is that strictly against the rules?"

{MS Rosemary had to sit down for this question. She tapped her fingers on the desk while answering the question}

"Well, there’s nothing against the rules about having other people from the other literature class help you. But I recommend that you don't do that. Since the regular literature classes have to also do something like we are, but much 'Simpler', it would be wise not to mix them up by asking them to help you with what you are doing.

{Jacob mouthed an 'O'}

"So with that being said. The next ten weeks will be devoted to this project. And when you come here, you can gather your information personally or you can share with your fellow classmates."

{Bell Rings. Everybody starts to get up and pack their items}

"Okay class, I will see you next Monday. You may start investigating as of the moment!"
{School is now out for the week. The weekend is beginning and everybody rushed to get out school. P.O.V is still on Blossom & Basilio. There walking from the school toward the downtown district. Their lips are moving but you can't hear the conversation. Basilio takes his leaves as they come to a halfway point. Basilio leaves, then blossom looks up as she feels raindrops on her head. She pulls out her umbrella and makes her way towards the cafe. {Cafe Mocha} She arrives and gets a Strawberry Mocha. She then makes her way up the stairs and leans against the railing for support while look down at the first floor.}
Omniscient P.O.V

{Next Page, Probably. . . A girl is walking outside towards the cafe with her bag slung over her body. She had on a blue skirt with a blue vest and white shirt. Her black bag is slightly opened and she has a clear bubble umbrella over her with her short boots on. She has a mug with red hearts on it with Cappuccino in it.}

{(She enters the cafe while setting her mug down while closing the umbrella.) = This part is switched to the angle Blossom is looking at. She watching with amuse eyes as the girl unnoticed make her way past her after she comes up the stairs.}

{This scene is captured as a half screen where they image above is like it is and then two panels at the bottom with their eyes doing what going on at the top.}

Blossom is still watching (Observing) the girl out the corner of her eyes as she empties out the contents in her. . . . make shift laptop bag. She a fan of. . . well . . . . the rain. Her computer has like rain drops on it. She's taking out notebooks and pens. About 5 notebooks just came out of the bag. Like how many can she fit in that tiny bag?! After slowly slipping her strawberry mocha, she begins to casual make her way over to where the girl is.

She leans over;

"Is this seat taken?"

Motioning to the other seat across the booth. [Or chair, no no, booth is better].

"Not at the moment . . . but you can sit there." the girl says while going back into what she was doing. . . . Which was taking down notes of. . . . Science. Blossom cleared her through and try to start a conversation. She wasn't one to make small talk.

"Hello, my name is Blossom" she said with a caramic smile. The girl with dishevel hair gave a faint smile and said,

"I kno- I mean . . . my name Mizuki. . .” Her smile turned forced for a second until she went back to typing on her computer. Blossom took a mental note of that.

"Science research paper huh." Blossom said taking a sip of her mocha while pointing to her notes.

"Huh? This, no. Just taking down notes for class." the girl said as she continued to take notes of what seemed like . . . . biology

"What school do you go to?” I said with as much curiosity I could muster. She looked at me, sort of hesitating to tell her. Good.

“It far from here. But it’s still in the city . . . . . just father away from it. Kind of like on the borderline of it.” She said. She trying to get around the question. Not going to happen.


“Nice, but what’s the name of it?”

“. . . .”

“Richmond School of Classical Music.” She said it with pose, grace and elegance. I don’t know why she so afraid of saying it. . . . . .But that’s not a school.

“That’s not a school. It’s a music school.” She almost got away with that one.

“Well yes it is a Music School. But we’re also borrowing the school. Are original name is Townsvillie International Charter School or TICS.”

“So you’re a charter school?”

“Yes, but it’s also a home school.”

“. . . .”

“. . . .”

“I don’t believe you”

“I’m okay with that”

I stopped there. Taking mental notes again. She totally okay with me not believing her about her school. Or she knows that I believe her and I’m just testing her.

“I mean, you’re a superhero who flies around town saving people. I’m sure you've saw my school one point or another. But then again. Not many people know about are school in this town. Even if it is international. Which I would assume you would at least know about it since you’re the smartest person that this city clams you to be.”

She finally un-lidded her beverage and took a sip of it, sharp electric blue eye piercing Blossom Cherry Blossom said,

“But then again, as I said before. Are school isn't that well known in Townsville.”

Blossom mouth was left ajar a little before she had enough common sense to hide her surprise by drinking her mocha. Her Demeter changed. The girl who seemed aloof and didn't want to talk just changed into a witty, rash little girl.

I liked that.

Still looking at Blossom, she blinked three times and her sharpness was gone replaced by a quick glace of hatetried that flashed in her eye that reverted to a softer, sort of solemn look. Blossom, taking the chance, quickly asked a question before the moment was gone.

“Your left eye, what happened to it?” Giving her the best solemn look she could muster. She was curious for more information about her.

A scowl quickly passed crossed her face before her aloofness came back. Anybody else who would have saw that wouldn't be able too. That’s where the super powers come in. Angry at someone eh.

“It’s personal.”

So that doesn't work eh. Fine.

“Oh, I understand.”

Raised brow, questioning look, she captured the girl attention again.

“Oh really? How so. I don’t see a scar or scratch on your skin. Unless it’s hidden underneath your clothes.”

Saying that, she leaned in a little

“Let me tell you a little secret, lean closer.”

Blossom doing just so

“People tend to notice things on people faces more than the rest of their body.”

Hmm, needs some help with construction proper sentences, but that can past. Blossom was about to object when someone approached the table.

I was a male, moreover who looked like a gentleman. Mahogany hair that was tied in a ponytail that what seemed like stopped at his lower back.  Neatly pressed black and white uniform. With that being a white shirt with a black blazer with a school logo on it, with black pants and polished shoes. Electric, Cyan blue eyes looking neutral but at the same time gentle at the pink puff.

Bubblegum pink eyes staring at the Electric Cyan blues eyes. It seems like she was trying to read him. An ‘ahem’ brought the girl out of her staring, as the girl with the eye patch was attempting to clear her throat.

“Hello their miss.” Came the young man voice. So smooth in gentle like it just flowed off his tongue in perfect sense.

“Hello sir.” I replied back in a sugar sweet voice

“I happened to noticed that you were sitting with a dear friend of mines. Mind if I join in on the conversation?” He said with a head tilt and closing his eyes.

“Oh no no no. I was just leaving. Bye Mizuki, hope we can meet again soon and continue are conversation.” Blossom said as she arises from her seat taking her items as she arises.

“Ah. . . I . . . hope so too. . . Blossom. . .”she said with a glace towards the window, not sparing me her attention.

“Goodbye to you to sir.” She said making eye content with him again

“The same to you.” He said keeping the content.

He gave a smile and so did she and she began walking away. Walking some distance away, she heard a sigh from the girl and a slight chuckle from the male. He seemed intersection to but he wasn't the second person she wanted to investigate. Maybe he could be combined with the girl.

Mental note

She kept walking forward with a smile on her face as she slipped her Strawberry Mocha.

© 2015 Mizuki Akiyama

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