And My Fairytale Comes Crashing Down

And My Fairytale Comes Crashing Down

A Story by Exa Lectric

“Just like that; it was over. No more fancy gowns and lavish balls. No more chance for Prince charming. No more servants that were my real family. My fairy tale was ripped from under my feet. The End.”


            I suppose I ought to go back a few chapters in my story for the ending to make sense. I assure you this was my fairytale. Even if the ending suggests otherwise.


            My gown with intricate gold needlework was laying across my bed. The garment was sea foam green with gold thread on the bodice. It had always been my favorite gown. Arti  had it made especially for me last spring. I was wearing it tonight to the first ball of the spring season. Arti was taking me to the ball and I wanted to look perfect.  Silvia helped me curl my hair and put it up with just a few curls let loose. After I was dressed, my father came in to see me. ‘You look gorgeous’ he said. ‘You grew up without my notice, but now you are more beautiful than the flowers’. I smiled as he took my arm to walk me downstairs.

            Upon reaching the bottom of the stairs he said ‘Arti couldn’t pick you up. He said he had a last minute detail to iron out and send his best coach to pick you up. He guaranteed he would be waiting when the carriage door opened to escort you into the ball.’ I sighed and nodded my head as I was led into the carriage.


            As the coachman opened the door I expected to see Arti’s outstretched arm to help me down, but he wasn’t there. Immediately I was terrified something had happened to him, that he was hurt. But then I realized, there was no one to help me down from the carriage at all. The coachman had returned to his perch and yelled ‘get out already, time’s wasting’. I thought it rather rude, but then again, not everyone was a gentleman. I gathered my skirts and escaped from the coach landing firmly on my feet before shutting the coach’s door. As soon as it was closed, the coachman was gone.  I was alone outside the mansion, covered in ivy and twinkly lights with lively music echoing through the enormous rooms. I gathered my poise and my courage and walked inside " alone.

            I stood at the top of the stairs to the ballroom and looked down to see if I spotted Arti in the crowd. I noticed him at once and was determined to question why he hasn’t met me at the carriage. And inform him of his carriage driver’s rude behavior. I descended the stairs and headed toward the corner I had seen Arti in without him noticing.

            And when I reached him, I found out why he hadn’t noticed me come in at all. With him was another girl, one who I had never met before. I composed my face into a smile to hide my shock and crossed the last few feet to them. ‘Oh hello Arti. Who is this beautiful lady to grace her presence upon you?’ He looked up, stunned to see me I was sure.

            ‘Oh, hello. This is Trisha, a friend of mine.’

            ‘I see. Hello Trisha. What a fine gown you’re wearing. You must tell me who made it.’ She whispered in Arti’s ear then stood up next to me.

            ‘You ought to leave.’ She said and walked across the ballroom into a crowd of guests.

            ‘What was that about?’ I said to Arti. He looked down at his feet and began mumbling. ‘Pardon? I can’t hear you Arti, speak up please.’

            He looked at me with a blank face and said ‘I came with Trisha tonight. I didn’t tell you. And I’m sorry I lost track of time to meet you at the carriage. I hoped to explain this to you there, and then have my driver return you to your home thereafter.’

            ‘What? What are you talking about? Arti, you’re making no sense at all.’ I was about to cry. I could feel the twitch in my nose. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath before opening them again.

            ‘I… I’m really sorry. Just… You should leave now. I’ll send for my driver. And someone will come to collect the things I… gave to you in the morning. I’m really sorry for this.”

            I was shocked. I couldn’t cry. My voice didn’t even quiver as I said ‘Well, have fun screwing her;’ and walked away. I walked across the ballroom, up the stairs and out front without breaking my stride or turning around. I did not want his coachman to get me, and I didn’t want him to catch up to me. I had nothing else to say to him. So I took off my shoes and ran.

            About a mile down the road, it started to rain. I kept running. Then it began to pour. I kept running. Then there was lighting. I kept running. When I could no longer breathe, I stopped running and began to walk and catch my breath. I was soaked, the dress was ruined with mud from the road and I stopped dead in my tracks. Arti was going to take everything back tomorrow. A smile spread across my face as I found the biggest puddle to jump in.

            Muddy water shot out from under my feet, covering the dress. I sat down in front of the puddle and rolled in the mud. I didn’t stop until you would have never known it started out green.  Still pouring down rain, I continued to walk toward home.

            When I got home, I paused. How on earth was I going to explain my attire to my father? I chuckled. He always told me to never let anyone else win. And this would be one of those situations.

            I opened the door and lifted my skirts so they wouldn’t drag across the floor. I wiped my feet as best I could on the mat and went upstairs to his study. ‘Hi daddy’ I said as I enetered. He was reading some document before I entered. He took off his spectacles and looked up at me. ‘What in God’s universe happened to you?’ he exclaimed as he got up from his desk and walked over to me.


            I told him the story, then had a bath drawn for me and went to sleep. In the morning, Arti sent his coach to gather the things he had given me, including the dress as ruined as it was, and led the servants away. He had paid them, so they couldn’t stay with me and Daddy as much as we all wanted them to. Daddy couldn’t pay for them to stay.

            And just like that; it was over. No more fancy gowns and lavish balls. No more chance for Prince charming. No more servants that were my real family. My fairy tale was ripped from under my feet.


The End.

© 2013 Exa Lectric

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Added on January 19, 2013
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