Feathers in the Water

Feathers in the Water

A Story by Exa Lectric

The bird spread his wings and stretched his lean legs. He leapt from the tree and fell for a split second before his wings caught the wind and he soared away. A single feather fell from his body and floated gently out of the sky to rest on the ground. The feather landed in a puddle on the side of the road and floated downstream in the ditch. 

I wonder what its like to be a bird, free to soar. Sometimes I wish I could just jump without a care in the world and know without a doubt that the air would catch me. They say life is about seeing what the future holds, but I would rather have a solid understanding that would always be there for me. I hate the insecurity of life. I want to have a friend or two who will always be there for me, through thick and thin. 

I'm sure they would always be there, if I could let them in. My own fears keep me from letting anyone in. If only I knew everything would be okay in the end.

The lonely feather bobbed in the stream until it reached the end. The water roared as it flowed over the wall into the storm drain and out to sea. Along with it went the feather, never noticed and never missed, gone to see new light and new things, with all the other forgotten feathers in the water. 

© 2014 Exa Lectric

Author's Note

Exa Lectric
Super short story. I'll probably add to it later, but I just wanted to get my thoughts out on the page.

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Added on March 13, 2014
Last Updated on March 13, 2014