How to get PMP Certification to become a project management official

How to get PMP Certification to become a project management official

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Making a project complete a successful, there should be a very capable team and, most importantly, an efficient project manager.


Having a certification while working for project management is very important. But what is project Management actually? A project is basically a temporary endeavor of a company creating a specialized or unique product. Making a project complete a successful, there should be a very capable team and, most importantly, an efficient project manager.

Who is a Project Manager?

The manager is basically someone who manages the subordinates in working in the best possible way. The most crucial work of a manager is to motivate and monitor the working of the subordinate with respect to the managerial goal. The work of a project manager is pretty similar to that of a manager, but both of them are unique. A project manager is basically the leader of a team that is assigned to work on a particular project. The manager of the project possesses some very unique skills and abilities that help in managing the risk that the company faces while working on a project. The project manager open monitors the working of the subordinates, motivate them in the best possible way to get highly efficient production. The most crucial part of a project manager is managing risks and, at the same time, working on a project or something that one faces every time because of unpredictable situations. This is what truly makes a project manager very unique because of his ability to make backup plans to tackle any form of risk. 

The capabilities of a project manager are often recognized by what certification does the professional hold. There are a lot of certifications to satisfy the ability of a project manager

What is PMP? 

One of the most prestigious and globally recognized certifications of a project manager is PMP. PMP is the acronym for project management certification, which is issued by the Project Management Institute. This certification indicates that the person is highly skilled and trained with the required skills and knowledge. This certification is globally recognized by most of the international management companies making it highly respectable. With the desire for every company to work on more projects, the demand for project managers in today's generation is extremely high. The person with the certification has the required knowledge to tackle certain situations or risks that the person has to face while working in the organization. A person with the PMP certification is more likely to get a job with the highest salary. 

How to get a PMP job certification? 

To get the certification of PMP, one has to sit for an examination. The examination includes a questionnaire of 200 different questions and is given a time period of four hours. All the questions are multiple-choice questions, and one has to score 450 out of 800 to get the certification of PMP. The preparation for this certificate is very tough as one should possess clear knowledge about the PMBOK guide along with basic fundamental knowledge about project management. Most of the questions in the examinations are situational, which ensures that the candidate has to think critically to crack the unique question.


How to get a Certification Online? 

There are two forms to get the certification of PMP. One can either sit for a physical examination or can apply for it online. Most people are skeptical about getting the certification online because of its authenticity, but the certification provided by the project management institute is completely authentic and possesses the same certification as that of the offline examination. The certification includes the training of 36 hours, which covers most of the topics providing the required knowledge and skills. One has to apply for the examinations and adjusted for the examinations online. The questionnaire for the online examination remains the same. The PMP certification is valid for three years, and a certification can be renewed in an online portal as well. Most of the learning being online, people who desire to get a PMP certification preferred online portal as it is more convenient. The credibility of the certification remains the same and is recognized throughout the world.


The project management certification this highly valuable for someone who desires to work as a project manager. With the increase in demand for project managers in today's generation, it has been a hotspot for aspiring managers. A person who possesses the certificate of PMP highly respected in the organization for his Unique set of skills and knowledge.


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