Top 8 Data Science Training Institutes in India.

Top 8 Data Science Training Institutes in India.

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Data Science is a filed where scientific methods, processes, and algorithms are used. It extracts knowledge from many different structural and unstructured data. It is also related to big data, machine learning, and data mining. Data science is referred to as business acumen, a blend of mathematics, tools, machine learning techniques, and algorithms, which helps in finding the hidden insights from raw data. 

Advantages of Data Science 

 Data science is greatly in demand as it provides job seekers with a lot of opportunities. Data science is considered one of the highest paying jobs, and data scientists make an average of $116 100 per annum. This makes it more valuable and goes to an option for many people. To become a data scientist is not easy; it requires many skills for it. 

And this is the reason there is a high demand for it as the supply of data scientists is low. The field of data scientist has many applications which are used in many sectors such as consultancy services, banking, e-commerce industry, and heath-care. This means you have a lot of opportunities to work in many fields. The companies require data scientists to process and analyze their data and therefore improve their quality, which makes the data more valuable for the company. The data scientists get a prestigious and higher position in their company due to the above reasons. 

Top 8 Data Science Training Institutes in India 

  1. Jigsaw Academy 

The courses offered in this academy are in big data analytics at the beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. And for the special sectors, there are specialized courses too. The set of courses in relation with data science are Retail Analytics, Dimension Reduction Techniques, Finance Analytics, Executive Program in Business Analytics, Fraud Analytics, Analytics for Beginners, Data Science with SAS, and Data Science with R. The training courses of jigsaw academy have several categories for their students. Those categories are beginner, advanced, and corporate. 

  1. INSOFE  

INSOFE stands for the International School of Engineering. INSOFE was launched in 2011, and the primary aim to launch it was to transform the applied engineering education space in India. This institution is ranked no.1 Data Science Institute among the rest of the institutions because of its experienced faculty. It deals with Data Science Analytics in the best way. INSOFE conducts a test which the students need to qualify for taking their training. The courses provided by them are Master programs in Analytics (in the USA) and a Certificate program in big data analytics and optimization. The headquarters of INSOFE is located in Hyderabad. 

  1. UReach Solutions 

This institution provides training in many areas that are related to business intelligence, and it also includes predictive analytics courses. UReach Solutions focuses on Financial Analytics, Social Media and Web Analytics, Market Research, and Retail Analytics, and Clinical Analytics. The main office of UReach Solutions is located in Bangalore. 

  1. Sprintzeal 

The Sprintzeal Institution has a unique learning methodology, which is they have a live online interactive course with 24�-7 support from the faculty. Their main focus is to provide the students with an online platform to make it easier for them. Along with that, Sprintzeal provides an online course in Data Science, and the duration of the course is of five weeks. As compared to other courses, here the course is less expensive. 

  1. AnalytixLabs  

The analytixlabs is led by McKinsey, IIM, and IIT alumni. It is a capability building that has deep industry experience. The courses offered here are: Wrox certified big data analyst Hadoop certification courses and training and SAS Edge certification courses and training. The main office of AnalytixLabs is located in Gurgaon. 

  1. EduPristine 

EduPristine provides classroom training in data science. They also provide one comprehensive course in Data Science Area. 

  1. SimpliLearn  

It provides professional certification courses and works with companies and working professionals to have more unique learning needs. SimpliLearn provides both classroom and online training. The courses offered here are Certified Analytics Professional, Big Data and analytic suite, Business Analytics Professional, and Business analytics professional. 

  1. SpringPeople  

SpringPeople is a global corporate training provider. It was founded by IIT alumni in 2009. The courses offered in SpringPeople are Data Science and Big Data Analytics, Data Science and Machine Learning, Business Analytics with R, Processing Big Data Pivotal HD and Hadoop, Data Science in Practice and Data Science, and Big data analytics for business transformation. The main office of SpringPeople is located in Bangalore. 

The data science institutions are much valued and proven to be effective in the long run. Data science is given much importance as it is related to many sectors in society, and it helps you to be a better person in society. 

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