Sky's point of view

Sky's point of view

A Story by fracturedblue


The wind scrapes in, cuts. Handles, Knobs, cupboards all make sharp voices and pretend they all exist. When the light curves in around my ribs, I think of empty homes, all founded into their living without hearts. If you hear their heartbeat call, its only imitation. On the desk, dust covers photographs and other painful things I have tuned away from. From the next room, a fight resonates. Crashes and words hurling against the flaking wallpaper, even. Prosper's television is on too loud again. If it were in real life, I'd want it to stop, but I think if I disturb a lifeline, something from my lifeline will pour into theirs. The radio springs in a gin blossoms song. Its from the 90's and I want to live in its timeline. Its downfalls and laughter hook in my veins. I decide I'm going to flower into sleep the whole day, not moving so I can be so still and calm that tragedies move past me thinking I'm only a shadow of the sun. But the phone rings and I think of Ace. A cloud of his laughter lights up in my stomach and I wonder if I should pick it up. Because if its him, and I don't pick up, he'll know something's wrong.
But when I get there, the ringing stops and it leaves me purposeless, vulnerable to large scale thinking. Thinking gets me to all the wrong places. So I message Ace to come get me. I decide I need connection and gravity. Someone to be around when I decide to float away.

Prosper knocks and enters my room.
I manage a smile at him.
'Want to come out? Apparently Willow and Pax are lost somewhere, and the car's run out of petrol and we have to go get them.'
There is a question in his eyes, and he's trying to hide it.
So I hide all my answers as well.
'Yes, I'm coming.'
He shuts the door. When I come out. Prosper is on the phone, speaking to a frantic Willow asking for landmarks. I snatch the phone from him and talk to her.
'Willow, what’s happening?'
'-I can't make out. There are trees, lots of trees. There's a mountain to the extreme right.'
'Galebir Hill.'
'You know it?' A calmness milks into her voice.
'Yes. We're coming to get you.'
'Don't forget the petrol.' She adds as we're out the door.

Ace rings out as he runs in through the gate.
'I'm alright.' I tell him before he goes into question mode. Prosper enlightens him on Willow and Pax's situation.
'They're out together, alone?' Ace asks, and I find a note of worry seated in his deep voice.
'Yeah,' Prosper replies. 'So?-'

Prosper and I stare at Ace as he goes into a frenzy, and takes out the spare bike from the garage. I sit behind Prosper on his bike and delve in the stirring of engines grumbling in the air. The afternoon sun peers at us, the rest of the sky already being painted into blue. Already I can feel winter approaching. The wind is turning sinister, its song almost rising into a whining, nature's grief sounding everywhere. I tighten my grip on Prop's shoulders as I'm not used to riding bikes as frequently as the guys. Ace gives me a smile and takes off, leaving behind a hurl of dust.

'Sky, are you-' Prosper starts.
'-I'm fine!' I almost yell. I'm tired of that question.

Disappointment flaps its wings against his expectant face. Prosper retreats into a shell till the bike under us grows livid, its energy swelling against the faint matrimony of the land and air. As we reach the highway, Ace flashes into sight.

Maybe I am looking for something beyond the static haze into which my future had been stitched. It is there, barely visible, the faint outline of a possibility and I tell my heart that there is no need to be hopeful but it won’t listen.


© 2009 fracturedblue

Author's Note

I don't give you much about them, but for now its enough.

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I really enjoyed this story, will it be just a story or are you planning to develop it more, to a book, that would be great. It was slow moving, interesting and you don't get to see the mystery behind Sky's feelings, or why Ace thought 's**t' when he found out Willow and Pax were alone together,lost. The intro is well managed, scraps of a life and feelings and thoughts and then you go forward and create 'movement'. Already, I am intrigued. It has imagery, it has a bit of suspense and most of all you wonder what is with these people you describe, you want to get to know all of them....Keep up the great writing!!!

Posted 11 Years Ago

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