3. Amnesia

3. Amnesia

A Chapter by alison13















     I WOKE UP AS THE LIGHT STRIKE TO MY FACE. I FELT MY WHOLE body in pain. I slowly opened my eyes. Where am I anyway? And why am I here? I look around slightly, and then took a second to realize that I’m on a hospital. I tried to remember some things before I got here. But the only thing I know is that I’m Alyson Smith. I tried to think harder, but I only remembered some flashy lights and some clashes, after that, nothing at all.

     I look down beside me, I saw a guy with brown curls. He’s holding my hand while sleeping.

     “Um, excuse me... um, who are you?” I asked when he woke up.

     “Hey, good, you’re awake...” the guy said smiled, ignoring my question.

     “Um, who are you?” I repeated, still trying to be polite.

     “Wait, you don’t remember anything?”

     “Not to be rude, but, that’s why I’m asking...”

     “I’m Shane Cyrus...” he answered as I made that name sink in to me.

     “You’re name sounds familiar...”

     “Of course it is... I’m your best friend!”



     “Really...” I breathed. “So, if you’re my best friend, how come I can’t remember you? And what did happen and why am I here?”

     “Well, in your first question, I can’t answer, since I don’t really know... on what happened, before you got on a car accident�"”

     “I got on a car accident?”

     “Yah... look...” he took my broken arm then the other and showed me some bruises. “At least that’s the only thing you had...” he let go of my arm.

     “Continue the story...”

     “Okay, before you got on a car accident, you decided to visit your other best friend, Miley for her birthday in Boston... on your way back, the cab you were driving crashed on a tree... good thing Adam�"”

     “Who’s Adam?”

     “My brother...” he took a pause. “And your boyfriend...”


     “Okay, Adam got worried when you suddenly hang up when you two were talking, he drove quickly just to find you, then when he found you in the cab, he quickly took you here in the hospital... he did it just in time, if he gotten a little late, you might didn’t make it...” he breathe again. “The doctor said that you lost a lot of blood... I mean, lots and lots of blood... luckily, Adam has the same blood type as yours... but they still need some more blood, so your dad donated too...”

     “What are the names of my parents?” I thought about it. “Wait, don’t tell me... um, is it Abby and...” I dug deeper in my memory. “Kevin!”


     “So, where are the others?”

     “Well, your parents went home first, then Adam and Nate�"”

     “Who’s Nate?”

     “My other brother...”


     “So, my brothers continued the tour on Las Vegas...”

     “You guys are celebrities?”



     “We all are... we’re a band... called ‘the unknown’”

     I tried to remember about it. “Right...”

     “Adam didn’t really want to go, he just wants to stay here... but we can’t cancel our concert on Vegas, I just insisted that I’ll stay here for him, since he’s the lead singer... then next week, they’ll head to London...”

     “Why aren’t you included?”

     “I’ll stay here...”


     “Because you need a lot of rest...”

     “That doesn’t mean you need to be not included in the tour... and I kinda want to�"”

     “Do you want to go?”

     “Sure... so, what am I in the band?”

     “Girl lead singer... and guitarist... since you can’t perform without a guitar...”

     “Ah... so, tell me more about my life... and I’ll try to recall it...”

     “Um, you’re also a chef, well, before... but you decided to stop when Adam sold ‘the spices’�" that’s the restaurant owned by us before, where you worked�"to Vanessa Stanley...”

     “So I’m a chef before I became a celebrity?”

     “No... You’re a celebrity first... you just studied culinary arts for two years then you went back on being a singer again... then, your career became a dynamite in the show-business... you became the most requested artist, even though we’re one band...”

     “Ah... so, when can I go out?” I changed the topic.

     “I’m not sure yet...”

     “Suddenly, the doctor came in, well, I’m sure he’s the doctor, he’s wearing a white coat.

     “Hey doc...” Shane greeted.

     “Ms. Smith, it’s nice to see that you’re now awake...” the doctor said, “What do you feel right now?”

     “Um, some parts of my body are still in pain...” I admitted.

     “Remember some things?”




     “I’m trying... though I remembered a few people and things...”

     “Well, you have a mild traumatic brain injury...”

     “What’s that?”

     “A kind of amnesia you get from car accidents, usually, people who suffer in this kind of amnesia don’t remember some people and events, but no need to panic, it’s only temporary, and you’re memory will be back after a few weeks...”

     “Okay... so, when can I go out?”

     “We’ll just check if there are other damages to you, if not, you can go out tomorrow...”


     “Well, I’ll you two now, I have some other patients waiting...” he smiled then went out.

     “Um, are you hungry? Or do you want something...” Shane asked.

     “I’m fine...”

     “Well, I have a box of pizza... burgers, fries and two cans of soda...” he flickered on the large plastic lying on the couch.

     “Sure...” I sat up straight.

     He took the plastic and sat beside me. “I’m guessing that you can’t use your hands?”

     “I can use my left...”

     “Here... take a bite...” he held a slice of pizza in front of me.

     I followed what he said. “Thanks...”

     “Do you want a burger?” he took one from the plastic.

     “Sure...” I took it from him. “Told you I can hold it...”


     “So, when will I get to see my band again?”

     “Later... they’ll be here in maybe a few minutes or hours... the tour was just three weeks...”

     “How long was I asleep?” I took a bite on my burger.

     “Three weeks and two days...” he took a bite on his own burger.

     “That long?”


     “Did you go home already?”



     “Yah... your mom and I are taking alternate shifts on watching you... yesterday it’s her turn, now it’s mine...”


     “Want a soda?” he offered.


     He reached for the can and gave it to me.

     Suddenly, someone stepped in the room. A blonde guy, about two or three inches taller than Shane, he looks familiar yet I can’t put my tongue on it.

     “Who is he?” I asked Shane.

     “Chace Monroe...” Shane answered, lowering his tone.

     “Hey Alyson... I see you’re already fine...”

     “He’s my...?” I asked Shane again.

     “Ex-boyfriend from Boston...”

     “Oh...” I looked at Chace.  “Yah, I’m fine now...” I said, though it’s already late to answer.

     “Um, not that I don’t want you here, since I have no idea what happened before, but just in curiosity and maybe to help me gain more of my loss memory, um, why are you here?” I took a bite.

     “Loss memory?”


     “Oh... well, I’m having a vacation here on California, then I heard what happened to you so I went here... I’ve been visiting twice a week now...”


     “Hey...” another guy said, coming in.

     “Who is he?” I asked Shane.

     “Adam... then alter, if another guy comes in with the same curls as mine, that would be Nate, my other brother...”


     “Alyson! Thank God you’re awake!” Adam said hugging me.

     “Yah... can’t breathe...” I mumbled, trying to push him. Who am I kidding; I have a broken arm and another with bruises that still hurts.

     “Oh, I’m sorry...” he step back a little then went to my other side.




“Are you okay now?”

     “Kinda... so, how’s the tour?”

     “It’s fine... a lot of fans are demanding you...”


     “Hey...” another guy with curls said, coming in. I’m pretty sure he’s Nate, according to what Shane said. “Oh Alyson, good you’re awake, now Adam can shut up...”

     “Shut up on what?” I asked.

     “He keeps saying that he wants to go home already, that he needs to see you... he’s such a baby...”

     “Shut up...” Adam grabbed an apple and threw it at Nate.

     “Ouch... the apple is innocent...”

     “Yah sure... but not you...”

     “Want some?” I offered a burger to change the topic.

     “If you throw that to me, you can’t have it back...” Nate started another argument.

     “Why would I waste a perfect cheeseburger to someone like you?” Adam said.

     “Because you’re a baby...”

     “He grabbed an orange and threw it at him.

     “Hey, stop wasting my fruits...” I muttered.

      “Sorry...” he looked at me then stopped when he notice Chace. “Oh, I didn’t notice you have another friend... who is he?”

     “Chace Monroe...” I took a bite.

     “So, he’s Chace...”

     “Yah... well, that’s what Shane said...”

     “What do you mean by, that’s what Shane said?”

     “Don’t you know that the doctor said that I have amnesia?”

     “You what?” he stood up.

     “And now, I’m guessing that I might be deft as well...”

     “Sorry... wait, you have what?”

     “Amnesia... don’t freak out...”

     “Don’t freak out! You have amnesia and you want me to calm down?”




     “Is he usually like this?” I asked Shane and Nate.

     “Kinda...” they said at the same time.

     “C’mon, calm down, you’re not the one who have amnesia...”

     “Even so...” he muttered.

     “Hey, I just need to answer this call...” Shane said, leaving the room.

     “Don’t worry, the doctor said that my memory will be back in a few weeks...” I said to Adam.

     “Really, so, let’s go back to my first problem... so this is Chace...”

     “You’re right...” Chace said.

     “Well, nice meeting you...” he said, his tone ironic.

     “A pleasure to meet you...”

     “And you’re here because�"”

     “I’m visiting Alyson... obviously...” he smirked.

     “Really... but you don’t have any plans of�"”

     “No... that’s already like five year ago...”


     “Well, unless the love bug attack again...”

     “I’ll make sure that won’t happen...”

     “So, what else do you remember Alyson?” Nate asked, changing the topic.

     “Hey, I’m back...” Shane said.

     “Nothing much... Shane just told partial of my story... but that didn’t include Adam being a drama king...” I answered.

     “Sorry if I missed that...” Shane said.

     “That’s okay...” I said, but my focus is now divided as I stare at Nate’s guitar. There’s a song that’s playing in my mind that I can’t remember.

     “So, when can you go out?”

     “Tomorrow...” I answered, absentmindedly.


     “Um, Nate, can I borrow your guitar?”

     “Sure... here...” he gave me his guitar.

     I listened closely to the song that is humming in my mind.




Suddenly, I remembered how to play it, though I can’t remember its title. “Do you know what song I just played?” I asked.

     “Just a girl...” Chace answered without doubts.

     “Who composed it?”


     “Really? When?”

     “When you were fifteen... you know, music really made a difference to you... it’s like it’s your life...”


     “What else do you remember playing?”

     “Um, this...” I played another song that’s going around my head. “What’s the title of that?”

     “Impossible...” Adam said.

     “Did I compose that too?”

     “Yes... in fact, that’s the first song you composed for the band...”

     “Oh...” I tried to recall another one, but I have nothing anymore.

     “Take your time... you don’t need to remember all of the songs... we’re just glad you can recall some...”



     The day passed quickly. A lot of people came to drop by. I met my parents, though I already remembered them before they came. Nate brought some DVDs of our concerts, interviews and other things that helped me recall my past. Miley, Amy, Suzie and Jeremy came to visit as well. They told me a lot of wonderful stories, which I quickly got related to.

     After the long hours of chatting, they decided to go home, except for my parents, and Adam and Shane. They insisted to stay, since I’ll be going out tomorrow anyway.


     I woke up earlier than the rest. I guess maybe even before I got into an accident, that usually happens. I’m just excited to go out now. I want to explore the city; I want to find myself again. Besides, it’s really boring in here.




    After a few hours, the doctor talked to me and gave me some tips, though I didn’t bother to listen to. I changed to my tank top and jeans and calf boots, and then put on my black coat. I want to take off the bandage on my right arm, but the doctor said I need it for at least a week.

     It’s really odd though quite funny�"to see Adam and Chace wearing the same shirt, though they both change in different places.

    “Hey, so, did you guys plan this?” I looked at both of them.

    “Coincidence...” Chace said.

    “I was about to pack a different shirt, but I couldn’t find it... I have no choice but to wear this...” Adam added.


     “C’mon...” Adam said, taking my bag lying on the foot of the hospital bed.

     “So, are we heading to our house?”

     “Yah...” he pulled me in the waist.

     “Watch the arm...” I pushed him slightly.

     “Oh, sorry...” he said, though he didn’t loosen up the hold on my waist.

     “Ready?” Shane asked coming in.

     “Fine... hey, can I go to your house later?”

     “Of course... our house is already like your own... seriously...”


     We used Adam’s Mercedes�"I think�"and reach our house by two pm. It’s like I’m the new kid in town. My mom showed me to my room�"which is too girly, now. All I can see is pink everywhere. A lot of stuff toys around, books and magazines covering the shelves, and some memorable photos on the wall�"then to another room, which they like to call, my closet.

     Chace decided to go home first,�"since his uncle called him�"he hugged me goodbye, the same time Adam cleared his throat twice. Is he really such a jealous type?

     The tour in my house was interesting; I got some events stuck in my head again, though I still can’t remember a lot of part about Adam.




     Well, the truth is, the only clear thing I can remember about him is when he poured coffee on my shirt. Isn’t that the sweetest thing? Not!

     We headed to their house�"which I quickly recalled, that is in the meadow,�"then Shane led me to the back part where he said he’ll show me a surprise. Adam left us for a moment, since he forgot to feed his dog, Maddie.

     “And here she is...” Shane said, taking his hands from covering my eyes. “Her name is Summer...”

     I was astonished on what I saw. A beautiful white horse, standing a few feet from me; it’s really amazing, on how elegant she sparkled when the sunlight stroke to her. “Wow...” was the only word that came out of my lips.

     “Want to take a ride on her?”

     “You’re serious?”

     “Of course...” he put a cowgirl hat on me. “It looks good on you...”

     “Thanks... um, is this mine?”

     “No... But you can keep it...” he smiled. “You want to ride her?”

     “But, I don’t know how to...”

     “I’ll help you...”


     He supported me, being careful with my broken arm, as I slowly climbed on Summer.

     “Are you just going to walk?”

     “Kinda... hold on tight, okay?”

     “Where are we going anyway?”

     “I’ll tour you around the garden... well, almost like it...”

     “How about you jump on here as well? Since I’m not sure on how long I can keep myself from not falling...”

     “Fine...” he climbed up and sat behind me.

     “So, when did you buy her?”

     “Almost a month from now... before you got in the accident...”

     “Ah... hey, can’t she go any faster?”

     “You want to go faster?”




     “Hold tighter...” he ordered, though he’s holding my hands.


     In just one glimpse, Summer ran like the wind. She’s faster than I expected. And maybe if Shane’s not with me, I might already fell.

     “So, when did you learn how to ride a horse?” I asked clearly as possible.

     “I don’t know... um, could you tie your hair? I don’t like eating it for snack...” he slowed down the horse.

     “Sorry...” I put my hair on a low ponytail at the side. “Happy now?”

     “That’s more like it...”

     “Can we go faster again?”

     “Sure...” he entwined his hands with the back of mine as the horse ran again. I closed my eyes as the soft breeze swiftly caressed my face.

     I opened my eyes as I felt my hat fallen. “Wait, stop for a sec, I’ll just get my hat...”

     He slowed her down. “I’ll get it...” he jumped down without any effort.

     I climbed down as well. “Thanks...” I took it from him. The wind was getting stronger, yet the sun still shined brightly. My hat was blown away again, but this time, I ran to follow it.

     “Alyson, wait! I haven’t tried going on that part of the garden!”

     “I’m just going to find it... I won’t get lost...”

     “Wait,” he held my arm, the same time I tripped on a huge rock after catching my hat. I didn’t notice that we were already in a slope, which made us both unbalanced that resulted on both of us rolling on the grass. When we stopped rolling, he ended landing on top of me.

     “Fine...” I chuckled.

     “That hurts...”

     “Really? You’re the one who’s on top...”





    “Yah, but I’m usually the one in the bottom when we go through the spiky rocks... and I guess my back would be bleeding sooner or later...”

     “Well, it can help if you get off me...”

     “Oh, sorry...” he stood up, and then helped me. He wiped off the dirt on his shirt. “C’mon, Summer might be getting lonely...”

     “Okay...” I wiped the dirt off on my tank top as well.

     We went back to Summer, this time, I just held my hat. As we go nearer to their house again, I can see Adam looking at us, as if he’s been waiting there for a long time. I smiled to him and he smiled back. I looked at Shane and he smiled a little, but not as before. Are they having a secret conversation?

     Shane got off first, then I put my hat on again then quickly climbed down.

     “Hey, where have you been?” Adam asked.

     “Just went horseback riding...” I answered.

     “And, could you explain to me the grass on your top, and hair, some on your jeans...” he said, taking some off me.

     “We kinda rolled on the grass...”


     “My hat was blown by the wind, I followed it, and then I trip, including him, and now, this...”

     “Again, what?”

     “Forget it...”

     “I guess I’m not the only clumsy one...”

     “Yah sure... like I can remember...”

     “C’mon, you need to change...”

     “It’s okay... no need to do that... it’s only a few grass” I brushed it off quickly.

     “Um, I just remembered, I need to do something...” Shane said.

     “What’s that?” I asked.

     “Something... it’s a secret...” he smiled then walked away.

     “Okay, maybe I lost my memory, but I didn’t lost my senses... especially my common sense... what’s with your eyes?” I crossed my arms.



     “What’s with my eyes? Except for matching my other features?” he grinned.

     “I saw you look at Shane with meanings...”

     “Of course...”

     “You’re not jealous... are you?”

     “Me? Jealous? Of course absolutely not!”


     “Why would I even be jealous to my own brother?”

     “Ask yourself... I also saw you looking at Chace...”

     “What? I am not jealous of any of them... period...”

     “Sure... I’ll accept that for now...” I breathed. “And don’t worry... with or without my memory, you’re my only cowboy...” I put my hat on him.


     “C’mon, where else can we go?”

     “Um, before you lost your memory, I told you that I’m trying to paint you...”

     “Can I see it?”

     “It’s in my room...”



















© 2009 alison13

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