6. Learned

6. Learned

A Chapter by alison13















     WE WALKED IN THE STUDIO AS I SEE A RED-HEAD WOMAN approaching us. She’s about an inch smaller than me, and at about in her late twenties. I can guess that she’s the director.

     “Alyson, I’m so glad you could make it...” she said.

     “Yes, of course,” I said.

     “We the news that you had amnesia"”

     “Yah, but don’t worry, I won’t be a burden to you.”

     “Of course... by the way, if you forgot, I’m Rebecca Winfred, and I’m also the director of J-16, you can call me Becky,” she walked toward three director chairs.


     “And to you Adam, you know that you’re a pleasure to work with, but we’re deeply sorry for not giving you the role,” she turned to him.

     “It’s fine to me,” Adam assured her.

     “I just you know, want to mix up a little,”

     “I understand, besides, we never auditioned anyway...”

     “Right,” then she looked at me again. “Okay, we’ll keep this simple, your role will be Alex Lambert... the main plot of the movie is, you’re an adopted seventeen years old girl, working as a part time



waitress while studying as a scholar. One time, your loyal filthy rich best friend, who is played by Kristin Russo, invited you to her party.

Then there you’ll have a chance to have a dance with David Heffernan, the hottest celebrity and the man of your dreams, played by Jacob Faro... everybody never knew that you have a hidden talent on dancing, which impressed David...

     “On the next day, everybody seemed to be talking about it and on how lucky you are... suddenly, a new exchange student came in town, he’ll also be played by Jacob, he’s hiding his true identity and no one knew he really is... he’s other name is Cody Mraz, and as Cody, he’ll be wearing a brunette wig.

     “Cody will be your mortal enemy at first, then you’ll get along afterwards and you’ll fall in love with him unexpectedly while David will be your secret best friend and to whom your heart only belongs to.

     “In the end, Cody admits that he’s in love with you, but you declined it and say that you cannot love him back for you’re already in love with someone else... and as David, he’ll ask you if you if you’re in love with someone and you admit that you’ve been in love with him for a long time, and when he asked you to be his girlfriend, you admitted that you’re not sure if you really wanted to, you’re being helplessly in love with Cody already.

     “But in the prom, him as David takes you to your special tranquil hiding place, where you can be yourselves without worrying about anything, and there, he finally admits that he’s Cody...

     “First, you’ll think that he just used you like a doll but then he followed you everywhere trying to explain that he only did that to have some time with you without anyone getting in the way, and finally, you forgive him... happy ending...”

     “Oh, okay...” I said.

     “And this movie is kinda similar to your first, you know, with a lot of dancing and singing...” she dug from her pink bag, “Here’s your script... when the choreography is ready, we’ll start next month,”

     “Okay,” I took the carefully filed papers from her.




     “Hey guys,” a man from behind said that made us all turn to him. He’s about 3 inches taller than me, his golden onyx hair, in a messy yet appealing position, somehow compliments his intense emerald eyes.

     “Hi Jake,” Becky said.

     “Miss Alyson Smith! Pleasant to meet you! It has been my dream to meet you,” he suddenly shook my hand. It’s from then that I noticed that he’s wearing a white shirt covered with sweat.

     “It’s nice to meet you too,” I said, smiling convincingly as possible.

     “And Adam Cyrus, nice seeing you... again,” he dropped my hand.

     “You too,” Adam muttered.

     “So, how’s the choreography?” Becky asked.

     “It’s great, almost finish...” Jake said. “So, you guys want to eat lunch? My treat,” he flickered to Adam then to me.

     Without speaking a word, I already know what Adam is yelling in his mind. “Um, maybe next time... we have um, some plans for today, sorry...”

     “Oh, that’s alright...”

     “Bye,” I smiled apologetically then dragged Adam out. “Happy now?”

     “Yes, so, where are we going again?”

     “We still have a lot of time, teach me the songs...”




     We reached their house once more, though this time, it’s quieter. I know that being in the meadow gives you the peace and serenity, but it’s too quiet that it’s kinda disturbing.

     “Where are the others?” I asked as he opened the car door for me.

     “I don’t know, maybe on a friend’s house or something,” He led me upstairs and to someone’s room, though I can’t point out if it’s Shane’s or Nate’s.




     “Whose room is this?”

     “Nate... he owns fifteen guitars so I’ll let you borrow one...” he smirked.

     You’ll let me borrow one? Is it okay for him?”

     “Of course,” he took a remote"I think"then all of a sudden, a rack of guitars lined up in front of us.


     “Nate built it just for his guitars, we don’t even know how he did it, but he did it...”


     “Pick one,”

     “Okay,” I took the olive acoustic guitar, “So, is this all his?” I asked amused.

     “Yes, Shane and I only own two guitars each, an acoustic and electric... just for when we feel like composing a song.”


     “C’mon, it’s easier to play and learn in the garden,” he said, flicking the remote as the racks went back to its place. “How many songs are you planning to learn today?”

     “If possible, all...”




     The afternoon passed swiftly that I didn’t even notice that we were finish, and I got all the song already. We were now in the living room, since it’s already dark outside.

     “Hey, I need to go now; I still need to pack my things...” I gave him the guitar.

     “Okay, bye...”



     I reached my house by nine. I went straight to my room; since I already had dinner"well, we just ordered pizza"and I’m still excessively full, since we’re the only one who ate it.




     I packed some of my clothes, since we’ll be only staying there for a month. My mom said that she’ll be travelling with us, since Ashley will do the same. And my dad can’t come since he got some cases to finish and Ryan as well, since there are still a lot of clients pending.

     I sat on the foot of my bed when I was done packing and decided to read the script. It’s really a beautiful storyline"and honestly, better than what Becky told. After I read the script, I jump to the bed and quickly fell asleep. I know that after this night, I’ll be missing times like this, when I can sleep without thinking what will happen tomorrow.


     “Alyson, wake up!” I heard my mom said, shaking me a little.

     “Five more minutes,” I grumbled.

     “Shane and the rest are downstairs, waiting...”


     “We’ll be late...” suddenly, London popup to my head.

     “Whoa!” I said, falling from the bed, “I’m awake, I’m awake!”


     “Just give me a few minutes to get ready,”

     “Hurry,” she said going out of my room.



     After I fixed myself, I ran downstairs to see them talking about sports, I think. “Hey, sorry I woke up late... what time is it anyway?” I asked.

     “Seven AM...” Shane answered.

     “And we’re leaving this early because?”

     “We’re using a private plane... and, ask Adam...”

     I looked at Adam as I wait for an answer. “Well?”

     “I just want t be early...” he said, obviously lying. I raised an eyebrow. “What?” he asked.

     I was about to speak when my phone rang, “Hello?” I answered.

     “Hey, it’s me, Chace,” he said, “Um, can we hangout later?”

     “Um, sorry, but we’ll be leaving for London right about now...”




     “Oh, well then, I guess I won’t see you again... except in TV of course...”

     “Yah, I guess so...”


     “Bye, “I shut my phone.

     “So, who’s that?” Adam asked as he smiled slyly.

     “Like you don’t know...”

     “Does it start with the letter C? Which bugs me?”

     “Yes... I’ll just grab a toast then let’s go...” I headed to the kitchen and took two cinnamon toasts"which is hot by the way" then headed to the tour bus where Nate and Kyla"I guess, but I’m sure her name is Kyla, I saw her on some photos Adam showed me"and Ashley as well.

     “Hey,” I said as I sat beside Shane.

     “We have some good news...” Nate said.

     “What’s that?”

     “Kyla and I are getting married...” he squeezed Kyla’s hand.

     “Wow, that’s great! Congratulations... all my best wishes to you...” I remembered that Adam said that Nate and Kyla had been together for a very long time now. “So, when’s the wedding?”

     “No date being settled yet...”

     “Um, dude, isn’t it a little too... early?” Shane asked. I guess the news had just been break today.

     “Well,” Kyla said, putting her free hand on her stomach.


     “Yes...” she didn’t let him finish.

     “I’m too young to be a grandmother,” Ashley muttered.

     “That’s fine,” Nate said.

     “So, when did you first discovered?” I asked, suddenly interested.

     “Yesterday, well, my period had been late for about a week already...” Kyla answered.

     “Congratulations...” I repeated.






© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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