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     LONDON WAS AMAZING, EVERY TIME I HAVE SOME FREE TIME, I and Kyla would just shop, shop and shop. And in between rehearsals, I had some time to talk to the others who helped make our album perfect; I actually got to memorize them already.

     Josh Fields, on the bass, guitars, keyboards, programming vocals, percussion, baritone guitar and talk box; Nick Taylor on guitars and vocals Steve Crosier, on drums, percussion and programming; ken Lu, on percussion, programming and keyboards.

     I really had a great time with them and they’re all nice and humorous.  Today will be our last day in London and I’m going to miss it. I already got a thousand pictures in just a month. I proved that Shane is really my best friend, and he’s one of the best companies you can have. While Adam and I got at least two arguments a week about the littlest things and it equals fun.

     The next day after we get back in California will be the first day of our rehearsal for our movie. If I’m not corrected, there’ll be eight dancing scenes, and four singing scenes.

     “Alyson, c’mon,” Adam knocked to my door.




     “Fine,” I took my bags and proceeded out the door.

     He took my bags as we walk toward the elevator.

     “I can handle that,” I tried to take it from him when I saw his enormous bags.

     “No, it’s fine,”

     “C’mon, you’re my boyfriend, not my bag carrier,”

     “That’s okay... I look like one now,”

     “Give it to me,” I tried to take it from him but he clutched it tightly, “You’re already holding a lot of bags,”

     “That’s fine; I haven’t worked out for a long time,”

     “Fine, I’ll just carry yours,” I snatched his bags, which are a lot heavier. “What’s in here, rocks?”

     “Stop that,” he took it from me again.

     “What?” I asked as we went in the elevator.

     “I can carry six bags without your help,”

     “Are you saying that you’re stronger than me?”

     “I’m a guy, that’s constant...”

     “So? It doesn’t mean that guys are stronger than girls,”

     “We’re meant to carry your bags,”

     “I can carry six bags without your help too, and I can show that,” I took all the bags from him.


     “Yah, see? I told you I can handle this,” I said almost losing my balance.

     “Fine, you’re strong...” he took it from me then went out.

     “You two fighting again?” my mom guessed.

     “No,” I muttered. It’s not really considered as a fight, since I’m the only one trying to be strong. And yes, I admit that I sound foolish back in that elevator.

     We went in the limo, as the body guards covered us. I waved goodbye to the fans, since it’ll be a long time before we can go back again.

     “Hey, where are the others?” I asked.

     “The crew went back yesterday,” Shane answered.





     The trip was fine; not as boring as the first. Adam and I continued our argument on who’s stronger, we even arm-wrestled for four times. On the first round, I won because he let me, so I didn’t consider that, on the second, he won since he put all his anger�"when I called him a chicken for being afraid to a girl�"there, then, I won on the third round�"and FYI, I didn’t cheat on that, and he didn’t let me win as well�"and it was a draw on the fourth.

     After that, I decided to continue on reading my book, though Adam keeps bothering me. Instead, I dared him to read a real book to have my peace. He sat on the edge of the bed and took one of Shane’s books.

     When I got tired of reading, I decided to take a nap first, since most of us are sleeping. I flickered to Adam, who’s asleep as well, with his book covering his face. I took the book and put it on the coffee table beside him and lay my head on his chest.

     I woke up feeling something brushing through my hair. “Hmmm, hey...” I murmured.

     “Good morning,” Adam murmured.

     I sit back straight and wiped my eyes to see a better look.

     “How’s your sleep?”

     “It’s fine,”

     “Good thing you didn’t drool,”

     “I don’t drool!” I punched him on the shoulder.


     “Wait, whose sweater is this?” I flickered at the black sweater around me.


     “Really, so that’s why it stinks,” I lied. I usually hate the smell of guy’s perfume, but this one is an exception.

     “Just kidding, that’s Shane’s”

     “I’m just kidding too... it smells great, like marshmallows, actually.”
     “Yah, right,”

     I punched him again.




     “What was that for?”

     “No good reason,” I admitted.

     “Oh yah, I finished the book while you were snoring,”

     “I don’t snore!”

     “How can you tell? You were asleep,”

     “I can prove it,”


     “Shane?” I faced Shane, who’s getting a bottle of orange juice.

     “Yah?” he asked.

     “Can you go here for a sec?” I paused and waited until he’s a few feet from us, “You’re my best friend, right?”

     “Yes, why?”

     “Tell me the truth, okay?”


     I tried to keep myself from hitting Adam again for chuckling beside me. “Do I snore?”

     “No,” Shane laughed lightly.

     “Really? Not even once?”


     “Thanks,” I bit my lip.

     He proceeded back to the refrigerator as Adam laughed louder.

     “You’re mean!” I continued punching him, though I can’t stop myself from laughing too.

     “Hey, I didn’t say you need to ask him,”

     “I don’t care,”

     “Okay, fine, I’m sorry...” he covered his arm with a pillow.

     I stopped when my hands felt tired and my stomach started to growl.

     “Whatever,” I was about to stand up when suddenly, he pulled me and smoothed his lips to mine and I of course kissed him back.

     “I didn’t know you can be easily silent by just a kiss,” he whispered to my ear.

     I smirked and rolled my eyes.

     “Hey, let’s eat first,” he stood up then pulled me. “Remember being a chef?”



     “According to your stories, yes...”

     “I already expected that,”

     We took a plate of pancakes made by Ashley�"again�"since it’s the only breakfast available for us.

     “Want to learn how to cook again?”

     “I already know how to cook,”

     “Before you got amnesia, you were one of the best chefs I know... and after... well...” he let his voice trail off.

     I punched him on the shoulder. “You’re really becoming meaner,”

     “And this shoulder is starting to hurt now,”



     We reached the airport by seven in the evening. I can see the fans and paparazzi all around us as the bodyguards surrounded us.

We headed to our respective homes as I headed to my room.

     I quickly fell asleep as soon as I reached my bed again. I don’t know why I feel so restless today, though we haven’t had a concert, show or interview for the past few days. I guess that’s the cause of being a workaholic. Well, that feeling will be gone starting tomorrow�"eight am, sharp�"as soon as I step in my dancing shoes or, sneakers would be good.



     I woke up at six am. I feel a little dizzy, though I didn’t sleep too late nor too early last night. I walked downstairs and fixed myself some eggs and bacon to start my morning. Adam was obviously lying, my cooking skills are fine, maybe not as good as before, but the food is edible.

     I took a bath and fix my hair. I wore my blue shirt and old blue jeans and white sneakers. I put my hair in a low ponytail along the side of my neck. I headed for the door as I heard the doorbell rang.

     “Hey, good morning,” Adam greeted, flashing a smile.

     “Morning, um, what are you doing here?”




     “I’m gonna drive you, remember?”

     “We did not agree on that,”

     “Yes we did,”

     “No we did not,”

     “Yes we did,”

     “Fine, but just today,” I gave up.




     I’m glad he insisted on driving me anyway, since I haven’t memorized the way to the studio. “Thanks,”

     “Wait, what time will be the end of�"”


     “C’mon, I’ll just do it today, swear...”


     “Cross my heart,”

     “Five pm,” I answered, opening the car door.


     “Hey Alyson,” Jake said, approaching us.

     “Morning,” I greeted.

     “Um, this is a close rehearsal, so�"”

     “Don’t worry, I’ll leave already,” Adam cut him off.

     “Good, I’ll just check on the others,” he said, leaving us again.

     “That guy is getting on my nerves,”

     “Don’t worry about him,”

     “Five pm,”

     “Yes,” I kissed him, “Bye, see you later,” I stepped out of his car and waved goodbye.



     The rehearsal flowed swiftly. We learned the first dance, since it’s considered as the easiest though a little confusing. The warm up really helped me from the body aches, though it is harder than the real dance. We’ll rehearse it again on Wednesday and shoot it on Friday.



     I met the cast first thing. I quickly got along with Samantha Flinn�"she’ll be my best friend in the movie�"she’s really nice, crazy and fun. I like Kellie Gomez as well, she’s stylish and yet casual at the same time. Lalaine Warner was great too, she’s the friendliest. Jake isn’t as bad as Adam’s description. In fact, he actually reminds me of

Adam, like on how he dress up and his moves as well. I guess that’s why they’re always compared to each other. Rosalie Blumentritt was like my third mother�"my second is Ashley�"she got that mother like attitude, though she’d been only married for months and does not have a child currently.

     “Hey, you want to have dinner with us?” Jane�"co-choreographer of Jake�"asked.

     “Um, maybe next time, Adam will pick me up,” I explained.

     “Oh, okay...”

     “Wait, I’ll just change... if you see Adam, could you tell him to wait for me?” I asked, though I know I don’t really need to do that.


     I hurriedly went to the dressing room and change into a green tank top, and then I put my grey cardigan on. I went back outside to see them all waiting except for Jake.

     “You sure you’re not coming?” Jane asked again.

     “Thanks for the offer, but I might upset Adam if he comes here and I’m gone... maybe next time,”

     “Okay, next time, alright?”


     “Bye,” she said as she went in the van with the others.



     This will be the last time that I’ll let him drive me home from rehearsal. I look at my watch and it’s already six pm. Where could he be?

     “Hey, what are you still doing here?” Jake asked.

     “Um, just waiting for Adam,” I said sheepishly.

     “Oh, want me to stay here with you until he comes?”




     “You don’t have to do that,”

     “That’s okay,”

     “No really, he’s kind of a jealous type; you know what I mean,”

     “Really, you know, I have known Adam for a long time, and he never became serious to any of his past girlfriends,”

     “How did you�"”

     “He’s my second cousin,”

     “What?” I stared at him, wide eyed.

     “Yes, unbelievable, isn’t it?”

     “A shock,” I admitted.

     “Everybody knows we’re mortal enemies, but nobody ever know that we’re related... except for our relatives, of course... now you know too, but keep that as a secret, okay?”


     “And don’t tell him that I told you,” he chuckled.

     “Fine,” I sighed, “So, how did you become mortal enemies?”  I asked, suddenly interested.

     “He became jealous of me, and I became jealous of him... that simple...”

     “That’s all?”

     “Yes, silly but true... I should had been in their band before, but we can’t choose on who’ll be the lead singer... we argued until I decided to quit before we even started,”

     “That’s too bad,” I stared at the black Mercedes that parked in front of us.

     Adam went out of his car, as if ready to fight, “Hey, sorry I’m late...” he addressed it to me, though he keep flickering to Jake.

     “That’s fine,” I said.

     “Well then, I’ll leave now,” Jake stood up and went toward his silver convertible.

     “I’m really sorry I’m late... what time is it anyway?”

     I looked to my watch. “Six thirty pm,”


     “It’s fine,”




     “So, where are we going to eat?”

     “It’s your turn to pick... I already pick back in London,” I pointed out.

     “Hey, tomorrow we’ll be the guest in David Letterman































© 2009 alison13

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it's cute on how Alyson and Adam can always find something to argue about.. i actually like it!

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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