12. Forward

12. Forward

A Chapter by alison13















     NINE MONTHS PASSED LIKE THE WIND. IT SEEMS AS IF I JUST WINKED and it’s done. In just nine months a lot of thing happened to my life that is truly life changing. My first solo album was out�"which I did five months ago, while shooting our movie�"and thankfully top the charts. I actually didn’t need to compose a lot of songs, since I already composed seven while in New York�"sitting on the white carpet of the hotel�"and took six other songs from my song books which I made a few years ago. I also included two other songs about my ex-boyfriend�"the second song was written two days after that incident, it kinda cheered me up actually, while the first was written two years ago.

     I titled my album worth dyin’ for; I got the idea from Shane, after he showed me a song that he composed. He even insisted on making it a duet and putting it on my album, and since it is a great song, I just couldn’t say no.

     I promoted my album the same time I did on our movie. Everything just happened so fast. My album was launched the same time the unknown’s album, unfaithful, was launched�"that happened unexpectedly.



      I thought they were about to release it two months earlier. Anyway, I always owed it to my fans for supporting me through all out. I first thought that my first album wouldn’t peek at number one on its first week and until now and my first single, someone like you, �"which was launch a month earlier than my album�"is still on the top chart until now.

     Shane also supported me through all out and even congratulated me, even though their album was second to mine. He’s actually the only one who I really got in touched with�"and Kyla of course, she’s still my best friend, and I even became the maid of honor on their wedding.

     The last time I talked to Nate was on the wedding, which was four months ago, after that, no more connection. As to Ashley, I can only talk to her when she dropped by to our house, which is rarely since I’m always not around. Ryan is still my manager even after what happened. As for the other guy, I haven’t talk nor see him since the last meeting on their suite back in New York. I didn’t see him on the wedding as well, and I had no plans on seeking for him that time.

     Now I’m just both excited and nervous at the same time. Tomorrow night will be the premiere of our movie�"though I don’t know why it took so long to be out, since it was done months ago. I’m just planning to ask Shane to escort me tomorrow, since Jacob will be with his girlfriend, and of course, I can’t ruin their moment together.

     My only problem is, Shane’s phone was turned off, and now, I’m sitting here in my car, staring at their house, and I’m not sure if I want to go in. I just wish Shane has this some kind of instinct that I’m outside and waiting for him.

     I haven’t been in this place for quite some time now, and I’m not sure if today is the right time to break my record and go in. I took two deep breaths and went out of my car. I walked slowly to the front porch steps and pressed the doorbell twice. No one answered the door but I’m pretty sure that there are a lot of people inside, since I can hear the loud music and some voices that aren’t familiar.




     “Alyson!” Shane called from the window.

     “Hey, um, can I talk to you?” I looked up to see him waving.

     “Come in,”

     I opened the door. Now I know why there are voices and loud music in the background; Adam with five girls laughing and flirting on the couch. Like what I said, nine months can really be life-changing. It can really make a difference. Now I see what a fool I’ve been with him. But, why should I care? He’s not in my life anymore, and will never be again.

     “Alyson, here,” Shane called from halfway of the staircase.

     I quickly walked toward him without taking another glimpse to the people on the couch.

     “Sorry I haven’t answered any of your calls my phone was broken and I just got it fix this morning.” He explained as we reached his room.

     “That’s fine,” I said.

     “So, why did you go here again?”

     “Um, you know that the premiere of our movie is tomorrow night, right?”


     “Well, I was thinking if you can come with me tomorrow night. Well, if it’s fine with you of course,”



     “Oh yah, Nate wants to talk to you,”

     “Sure. Where is he?”

     “In the living room, in this floor... since Adam occupied the whole room downstairs.”

     “Right.” I went out. I’m guessing that Kyla isn’t here today and is with Monica�"their daughter.

     “C’mon,” he accompanied me through way to their other living room.

     I never stayed for longer than fifteen seconds in this living room before. It’s almost the same as the one in the first floor, though the furniture is different.



 It’s on a more modern style. The room contrasts the room below, the walls, the high-beamed ceiling, the wooden floors and the thick carpets were all varying shades of black and onyx.

     “So, what’s up?” I asked, sitting on the couch beside Shane.

     “Hey,” Nate said, sigh, then continued, “Um, not that I’m so conscious about our sales, but, you leaving the band really made a difference.”

     “No we’re not. Before, when you’re with us, we can stay for a year in number one. But now, we can’t even reach number one even just for a day.”

     “Don’t be ridiculous�"”

     “C’mon, your album is still on number one. The OST of the last dance is on number two, even though the movie hasn’t been released yet!”

     “And yours is on number three.”

     “Can’t you understand it? You leaving the band were such a lost to us.”

     “C’mon, my album just reached the number one spot leading a few copies from yours. And the OST got number two not just because of me. Jake was on it, and a lot other stars and bands. Besides, if ever that is true, I believe that I still sang some songs in your album, and co-compose too. That means, it’s just luck that the other two albums got ahead.”

     “We kinda removed your solo songs,”

     “I know, and that’s kinda my point.”

     “But your album gross to a platinum in just a month,” he asseverated.

     “Your album became platinum too,”

     “Just a month after yours did,” he sighed, “Your album sold a hundred thousand copies by its first week while ours sold only seventy-seven thousands.”

     “Nate, I respect you, but, I don’t see your point. What do you want me to do? Go back to the band?”

     “If possible�"”




     “Nate, you’re such a good friend of mine, and so is Shane and Kyla, but I just can’t�"”

     “Um, maybe at least just a concert with us,”


    “C’mon, that would help on selling more copies. Did you know that our sales dropped twelve percent off from the last album?” he change his tone into something more enthusiastic.

     “I don’t hold the people’s choice on what album they want to buy. Just because I’ll do a concert with you guys doesn’t mean that all of the sudden, people will buy your album.”

     “Hmmm, you’ll see,”


     “Please, just one concert,”

     “You need to talk to my management,”

     “You mean our dad? Already done,”

     “I haven’t checked my schedule yet,”

     “Already done... Our dad has a copy of your schedule, you know,”

     “Oh alright... But I’ll prove to you that I, leaving the band, didn’t cause the low sales. Well, if that’s low for you,”

     “Great, thanks. Our concert will be called ‘the unknown, reunited again�"”


     “Let me finish. ‘The unknown, reunited again one night only, don’t miss it.’”

     “Fine, but this is not a reunion, but a one night only concert.” I crossed my arms.


     “But I still don’t get it, why the heck would you think that I cause the low sales?”

     “You didn’t cause it. People just followed you; they moved forward to you and left us behind.”

     “Okay, you’re really silly, like�"” I stopped myself.

     “Like who?”




    “Um, like... Jake,” I lied. Well, Jake and the other guy have some similarity anyway.

     “Really,” he paused then continued before I could say anything, “You saw him downstairs�"”


     “I know that you know who I’m talking about...”

     “Yah sure, you’re a mind reader, got it. But I’m thinking that what you’re thinking that I’m thinking is wrong,”

     “Hmmm... I’m thinking that you’re thinking that he’d changed a lot. Am I right, or am I right?”

     “Wrong. Never notice who’s you’re talking about.” great, that line just made me sound even more guilty for it.

     “So, is this some kind of conversation form the outer space? Sorry, I can’t relate.” Shane said.

     “Well, look at the time,” I flickered to my wrist, “I must be going now,”

     “You don’t have a watch,” Nate chuckled.

     “That’s fine,” I stood up.

     “Don’t forget the concert,” he smiled.

     “Right. Wait, when?”

     “Two weeks from now,”

     Oh, fine...” I headed down the stairs. I can’t help not noticing the five girls�"which are obviously not the kind of a miss goodie-goodie�"still flirting with him. I looked around, examining the place that was once bright, and open, that is covered with dirt and trash. Poor Ashley when she found out what happened to her place.

     I thought he said that he never took girls at home? Guess people can either lie believably, or change a lot. Wait, why am I affected anyway? I tried to tell him the truth before using a letter, but I just found that letter in their garbage can the next day. So that means he doesn’t care anymore, and now, so am I.

     I walked straight to my car before someone notice me looking at them.

     “Hey, leaving so soon?” Shane asked before I could get in.




     “Yah, well, see you tomorrow.” I kissed him on the cheek, not noticing that the door was left open.

     “Wait, what does that mean?”

     “That doesn’t mean anything,”


     “It’s just my answer to your long time question,” I smiled crookedly.

     “My question?”

     “You’ve been asking that question even before I had amnesia. Remember when you asked me on what if I knew you first? I guess everything really does happen for a reason. My amnesia gave me a reason to understand and know who I should really be with.”

     “You mean,”

     I sighed, “Yes,”

     “Really, or maybe this is like last year.”

     “No, this time, it’s real.”

     “What if you’re just using me to forget him?”

     “It’s been nine months. It’s over, it’s nothing anymore. Besides, you’re my best friend, I think you would know when I’m lying.”

     “That’s why I know that you’re lying,”

     I pressed my lips into his. “I’m not lying,” I smiled. “See you tomorrow,”

     I started the car and drove away. I’ve been thinking about that for a long time now. And since he’d been courting me for months now, even if it’s not that obvious, and I know him too well already, I guess we can give it a try. And I know to myself that I am not lying. I love Shane more than a best friend, and he’s also a part of my life now.












© 2009 alison13

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ok..well, i was not expecting Alyson to get into a relationship with Shane again, but like on what i said on a few chapters back, i did wish they were the ones who'll end up together... :)

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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