14. Conversation

14. Conversation

A Chapter by alison13















     THE MORNING PASSED SWIFTLY. I JUST BOUGHT A LARGE chocolate cake for Shane, since I have no idea�"and time�"on what I’ll give him. I changed to my white chiffon dress, since I’ll be using the sparkly gold dress for later.

     I got carried away to the kids that made me extend another hour with them. I also gave some free CDs and autographs. Thanks to them, my sleepiness was gone.

     I walked to the front porch step of Shane’s house, and then took a peek on the window. I noticed that the three of them are having a serious conversation that meant to not be disturbed. Is it a bad timing for me to come? I hope not.

     “Um, hey, can I come in?” I asked.

     “No,” Adam said quickly.

     “Yes, of course,” Nate mumbled, contrasting him.

     “Um, sure?” I asked again.

     “Of course,” Shane said then stood up to come in front of me. “Hey, let’s go to the kitchen or something,” he took my hand before I could ask another.




     “So, what’s happening?”

     “Nothing important,”

     “Fine, hey, you want a slice?” I put the box of the cake on the countertop.

     “You baked it?”

     “Nope, sorry, but I don’t have that much time,”

     “That’s fine,” he gave me a saucer.


     “So, did you sleep already?”

     “It’s eleven am,”

     “And you slept three or four in the morning,”

     “That’s fine,”

     “Don’t you think you need a rest?”

     “Well, my mind tells me that I should stay awake for your birthday,” I yawned.

     “Fine,” he said, though he didn’t believe me. “Just don’t blame me when you fell asleep later,” he took a slice for me, then for him.

     “I’ll have a nap later,”

     He looked at me for a second, “I hope so,” he took a bite.

     “Hey, Shane, can we talk to you and Alyson for a sec?” Nate asked.

     We left our slices on the counter. “So, what happened?” Shane asked. He sat on the couch and dragged me beside him.

     “I made my decision; I am not doing the stupid concert.” Adam muttered.

     “C’mon! This is the last time I’ll ask you, do the concert!” Nate said, almost shouting.

     “That’s not even asking,”

     “This will be our last concert with Alyson,” he lowered his voice.

     Do I really need to be a witness of their argument?

     “So?” Adam asked.

     “This will be our last chance to have the fans back,” Nate mumbled.

     “Oh for God’s sake! We did not lose the fans!”




     “Really, did you know that your bad boy image affected our sales?”

     “It’s not even connected,”

     “You know how many fans Alyson have, and you totally�"” Nate said but Adam cut him off.

     “Don’t even try to say it,”

     “Dissed her,”

     “Shut up! I won’t do the concert!”

     “Please make him do the concert,” Shane whispered to my ear.

     “What?” I whispered to him.

     “I know you can do that, knowing your attitude. You can give that as a gift to me on my birthday, since you don’t have any gift for me,”

     “Isn’t the cake enough?” I tried to make a joke for it, but it didn’t work, neither of us laughed.

     “Please,” his voice suddenly pleading.

     I pressed my lips together, looked at Nate who just nodded to me then back to Shane. I guess Nate already read my mind. “Oh, fine. But just because it’s your birthday,” I muttered.

     “Thanks,” I can feel his face lift up, though I didn’t bother to check.

     “Um, well then, you’re really not going to do the concert,” I manage to say, without looking at him. “Well, that’s fine, I guess. I mean, you’re not that important in the band anyway,” I blurted.

     “What did you just say?” Adam asked, obviously frustrated to me already.

     “Well, you just do vocals,” I looked at him for a second, “Nate and Shane can both do that, they can substitute you easily,” I looked to Shane and Nate. “Besides, I read some comments that Shane’s voice was better in mixing with mine, like the song in my album. A lot actually like it, and thought that that was better than the... duets before.”

     “That’s right,”




     “So, that’s settled. Wait, since it’s not much of the unknown reunited or something like that anymore, how about we asked Jake to substitute his place?” I breathed, “I mean, I know that Jake isn’t busy for the next few months, and it’s easy to contact his management. And of course, Jake is an amazing singer, and has this amazing voice,” I emphasized the word amazing, looking at Adam.

     “Whoa, no one will ask that guy,” he looked to Nate.

     “And why are you objecting? You’re not singing, right?”

     He turned to me, then took a second before he answered, “Right,”

     “So, will I ask Jake now? Since, even though he’s free, no one said that he can’t have anything else to do,” I looked to Nate who simply agreed.

     “Ask another singer, not that guy,” he added.

     “And you’re suggesting because...” I raised an eyebrow.

     “Never mind,”

     “Good, so, I’m going to call him now,” I took my phone and pretended to dial Jake’s number. “Can I borrow your phone?” I whispered to Shane, and he handed it to me quickly.

     “This is stupid, I’ll eat first,” he stood up and went to the kitchen.

     “You think that would work?” Shane whispered, though I can sense that his hopes are up.

     “I don’t know,” I smiley slyly. “Hello, Jake?” I pretended to talk to Jacob, loud enough for Adam to hear. “Hey, are you free two weeks from now? Well, can you do a concert with us? Really? Well, that’s great! Excellent,” I chuckled a little, “Bye.” I shut my phone.

     “So, did he say yes?” Adam asked coming back.

     “Of course. And you asked because...”

     “Nothing. Can’t I ask about the concert anymore?”


     “And why?”

     “Because you had nothing to do with it,”





     I took a pillow and covered Shane’s phone and rang my phone with it, to pretend that Jake called me. “Hello? Hey Jake,” I shut Shane phone as I flickered to Adam who’s not noticing the other phone on my hand under the pillow. “Hey, Jake is asking on when’s the start of rehearsals,” I looked at Nate.

     “Maybe on Saturday,” Nate answered.

     “Right,” I put my phone back, “On Saturday. We’ll just call you for the time. Thanks again for agreeing on doing the concert. You’re really a big help to us... and that’s not just nothing... you’re the best... yah, unlike the other guy,”

     “Alright, that’s it!” Adam blurted, putting his slice of cake down on the coffee table.

     “I’ll talk to you later, okay? Bye,” I shut my phone. “What now?” I said, making my tone annoyed.

     “I’ll do that stupid concert. Just cancel that guy,”

     “Really, and why the heck would I do that? I mean, he already agreed, and he’s so much easier to work with.” I added, as Shane elbowed me lightly.

     “I’m the original lead singer, for crying out loud!”

     “Really,” I looked to Nate who just nodded again. “Fine,”

     “Call that guy now; I don’t want to share the stage with someone who’s so irritating.”

     “Like I’ll do that,”

     “Hey, I already changed my mind and I’ll do the concert!”

     “Could you stop shouting? Your irritating voice hurts my ear,” I breathed. “Anyway, are you really that stupid?”


     “I just pretended to call Jake, and with a snap, you were easily fooled.”

     He was about to say something, then took it back and just said, “Fine,” he took his untouched slice of cake and went back to their kitchen.

     “You’re welcome,” I said, slouching.

     “Thanks,” Nate said.




     “C’mon, I haven’t eaten lunch yet, and I’m already starving,” I admitted.

     “Are you making me guilty?” Shane asked.

     “Is it working?”




     My sleepiness got back as the afternoon passed. Shane invited our friends from the spices, and we had the chance to talk and spend some time together again. We had another dance party, excluding Adam, Kyla and Monica.

     I decided to take a nap, long before the others left. I can’t stand yawning every time I speak. And since, I’m afraid that I can have that habit while performing, which I hope that wouldn’t happen.



     I headed to the show that turned out to be great. I gave a birthday shout out to Shane, who’s actually watching from the backstage. I performed two of my songs and then promoted our movie. My sleepiness was gone again; a lot of cameras are seen around, taking pictures constantly. At least I was not blinded by the flashes of the other cameras�"even though the flashes should be turned off�"and I didn’t forget a chord or a line.

     “That was great,” Shane said, as we headed to the dressing room.

     “Thanks,” I replied, sitting on my chair.

     “Hey, let me in! I know Alyson Smith!” I heard a familiar voice from the other side of the door.

     “I’m sorry, but the autograph signing is already over,” the guard said.

     “But Alyson is a friend of mine!”

     “Yah sure, everybody’s a friend of her...”

     I took a peek to see on whom’s the familiar voice was and was surprised to see Chace.

     “Alyson!” he yelled.




     “I’m sorry Ms. Smith for the inconvenience,” the guard said apologetically.

     “No, it’s fine. He’s with me,” I said.

     “Oh... I’m very sorry sir,” he said to Chace.

     “I told you,” Chace muttered.

     I smiled and pulled Chace inside quickly. “So, what was that for? And what are you doing here?”

     “I’m on a vacation here again. Well, my dad threw me out of the house, so I’ll be staying here for a while.”

     “What did you do anyway?”

     “Um, almost burned the whole kitchen,” he said shyly.


     “Yes, and the worst of it is that I forgot that all of our appliances were antiques and one of a kind.”

     “So, your dad picked to kick you out of the house than to kill you... good choice,”

     “Yah, so, do you know any job I can apply in? I know my uncle won’t agree on me staying with him for quite a while doing nothing,”

     “Sorry, I have nothing,”

     “Even just for your personal bodyguard?”

     “I already have three personal bodyguards,” I looked at Joseph, Trace and Cody sitting on the couch.


     “But um, maybe Shane have some idea,” I flickered to Shane.

     “Do you,” Chace asked, his voice filled with hope.

     “Vanessa said that they need a new waiter,” Shane said.

     “Then I’ll take it,” he smirked.

     “You still need to apply to Vanessa of course,”

     “Is it the spices? No worries, I’ll try to get the job,” he said confidently.









© 2009 alison13

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i like the part where Alyson and Adam can seem to treat each other the same.. like where she can somehow manipulate her with her tricky and mischievous words.. :)

Posted 11 Years Ago

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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