20. Tragedy

20. Tragedy

A Chapter by alison13















     I WOKE UP AS MY PHONE RANG. I WONDER WHO CAN CALL ME AT this early�"well, it’s early to me, since I slept four in the morning,

     “Hello?” I muttered.

     “Hey, where are you?” Adam asked.

     “Probably on my bed, sleeping.”


     “Oh I don’t know. Maybe because I’m a human being!”

     “Really? you are?”

      “Whatever.” I shut my phone and covered my face with a pillow. He’d been mocking me since last night and I’m not in the mood at early as today.

     My phone rang again.

     I put my phone on a glass of water to my bedside table. Great, I just lost another phone.

     I thought I have my peace of mind until my other phone�"inside my black purse beside my bed�" rang. I guess that I need to answer him if I want to sleep.

     “What?” I muttered.




     “C’mon, I’m leaving, remember?”


     “I won’t be back until my birthday.”

     “Have a nice trip. Au revoir. Bon voyage. Buen viaje.”

     “Are you still drunk?”

     “No. Just still sleepy. Besides, I didn’t drink a single drop last night.”

     “You can sleep later.”

     “Where are you anyway?”

     “In front of your house.”

     “What!” I suddenly slid down my bed.


     “Then I’ll just wave goodbye to you in my PJs...”


     I shut my phone, put my hair off my face then went out. “There. Happy?”

     “You’re really still in your PJs.”

     “Like I said. Well, bye now,” I waved goodbye then looked up to Candice too.

     Candice smiled brightly and waved to me too.

     “Bye little sis,” he started calling me that since last night and the truth is, that bothers me.

     “Big brother,”

     He climbed the rope ladder up to the helicopter. I wonder why he always uses a helicopter instead of a private plane?

     I went in the house again and decided to go back to sleep. I walked slowly to our couch and lay down, since I’m too sleepy to walk upstairs. I wonder where my parents are. But I’m guessing that they’re not asleep anymore, since they left one or two in the morning.


     I woke up as if someone’s brushing my hair. I opened my eyes slowly to see Shane sitting on the floor in front of me. I sat down properly as I fixed my tangled curls. “What are you doing here?” I murmured.




     “Why is your door open?”


     “Well, I drove here at about four hours ago and I saw your door wide open, and I know that your parents won’t be back until tomorrow.

     “Why?” I asked, bewildered that he knew that and I don’t.

     “I don’t know,”


     “Wait, let’s go back with the door thing.”

     “Well, maybe I just accidentally left it open,” I bit my lip.


     “Never mind, what time is it anyway?” I changed the subject.

     “Eleven am... what if there was a robber, a kidnapper or a stalker?”

     “Stop freaking out... I’m fine.”

     “I’m just...”

     “Worried,” I finished for him. “I know.”

     He didn’t speak for a moment.

    “C’mon, let’s have lunch already. I’m starving.” I stood up and pulled him.

     “Right. I’m starving already.” He said.

     “Hey, turn the TV on,” I said.

     He did what I said. “I need to catch up on the news. I haven’t watch them since like forever,”

     “Me too. Want some beef turkey sandwich?” I asked.


     I took the sandwich left on the countertop and sat beside him. “Here.”


     “Wait, I’ll just take a bath.” I put my plate on the coffee table.


     I went straight to my bathroom and took a bath. It only took me like five minutes to finish, since the water was really freezing, and I mean freezing.




     I wore my black cotton sweater and jeans and white flip-flops. I brushed my hair slightly then tied it in a half pony.

     I rushed down the stairs the same time Shane turned off the TV. “Hey, why did you turn it off?” I asked.

     “Um, there’s nothing good,” he said.

     “C’mon, turn it on again. We can find something,” I sat beside him.

     “I can’t,”

     “Is there a problem?”

     “Um, I need to go now. Mom just called, there’s an emergency?”

     “What is it? Can I help?”

     “I need to go now. Bye,” he rushed out the door.

     “Bye,” I said as he trailed off. I wonder what could be the problem. It’s unlikely of him to go like that. I decided to turn the TV on again and just find a movie that might be interesting.

     “...the rescue team are still searching for the body of Mr. Cyrus after the helicopter, that he and his said to be girlfriend were on, exploded on the sky. The rescue team stated that, the cause of the explosion was overheated engines...” the reporter said.

     I can’t believe it. This can’t be happening.

     “And this just in,” she continued, “Ms. Candice Greene’s body was found, almost fully burned from her face, and almost unrecognizable. Her body was found a mile or two far from the pilot’s body�"”

     I turned it off. I must be dreaming. This can’t be happening. I just got a close encounter with him hours ago. “They’re wrong. I’m sure of it. They can’t die.” I blubbered to myself. It’s then that I realized that I was trembling.

     No wonder Shane seemed different. But, why wouldn’t he tell me about it? Or, maybe he can’t take it like me.

     I found myself staring in thin air. It can’t be. I told myself. How... those people are just with me a few hours ago. “They can’t die... he can’t die.” I mumbled to myself. But, there’s this fact in me that says, who am I kidding? The pilot’s and Candice’s body was already found.



     I can’t command myself to turn the TV on. I’m such a coward, too afraid to know if they already found his body and too afraid to accept the fact that he’s gone.

     Tears ran down my face as I think about it. Adam Cyrus�"the guy I loved the most and after all this time I still can’t get over with�"is dead. I wish this is just a stupid nightmare, and that I wake up soon. But it’s no use. I’m already living in this nightmare. It’s the second day of Christmas, but instead of joy that I should be feeling, it’s remorse, for the tragedy that just happened.

     I decided to clean up the lunch that I haven’t even started. I already lost my appetite, and I’m not hungry anymore. In fact, I don’t really feel anything anymore. It’s like on what happened when Jake shot me, only it’s a thousand times worst. It’s like I’m being shot again and again, with no ending as the words of the reporter swirled to my mind. The rescue team are still searching for the body of Mr. Cyrus. I wished it was just some kind of sick joke, and that I want to laugh hysterically at it.

     I went straight to my room and sat in the corner. I knew it. “I’m dreaming,” I made myself believe of my own hopeless lie. I crawled in a ball and hugged my legs tightly.


     I woke up, wondering on what time it is. It’s not yet dark, and seemed like twilight. I decided to have some snacks, since now, I’m really starving, and then I drove to Shane’s house. To Adam’s house.

     I drove rapidly, not bothering to turn the radio on and listen to their stupid news.

     I walked slowly as the soft yet harsh�"I can’t really tell�"breeze of the cold season pass me. I rang the doorbell twice.

     “Oh, hey.” Shane said nonchalantly as he opened the door.

     “Hey. M, so why did you left so soon?” I walked in.


     “Do you honestly believe on that stupid news?” I was going to do my first plan, laugh hysterically, but then again, he might think I’m going crazy.




     “Why shouldn’t I?” Candice’s body was already found.”

     “What’ if they’re mistaken? Have you tried calling�"”


     “What happened?”

     “No answer. And, Candice’s body was already brought back here.”

     “What, did they already prove that the body was hers?”


     “I don’t believe you. They can’t prove that that fast.”

     “C’mon,” he took my hand and turned the TV on. “Watch,” he murmured.

     I sat beside him, though I don’t really want to see it. I held to his hand harder, squeezing it for comfort.

     “...breaking news, the body of Mr. Adam Cyrus is now found. Burned from head to toe, the rescue team can barely recognize the superstar, but based on the shirt he was wearing with the necklace as well. the rescue team is now set to go back to California to let the doctor have a DNA test to him to confirm if it’s really Mr. Cyrus.”

     Shane muted the TV. “See,”

     “It’s not yet confirmed... that, it’s him. I’ll believe it when the DNA test is over,”

     “Fine. I don’t want to argue right now. My mom doesn’t want to eat, and just keeps crying in her room. She said that she already had a feeling that this will happen.”

     “Can I talk to her?”

     “If you can. She locked the door.”

     “I’ll try,”

     “You already know their room. I won’t come with you, since I’ve tried talking to her a lot of times.”

     “Sure,” I stood up and headed to their room.

     I stopped in front of their door when I realized that I don’t have anything to say at all. I took a deep breath. Here goes nothing. I knocked slightly, afraid of her rejection.

     “Go away.” She blubbered




     “Ashley, it’s me,” I murmured.

     “Alyson?” I heard her stopped crying for a moment.

     “Yes,” I said, suddenly with hope.

     “Go away.”

     “I just... want to talk to you. I know it’s hard, but believe me, I can’t accept the fact too. Well, actually, I don’t really believe that he’s dead. Foolish as it sounds, I still have this faith... faith that he’s still alive.” I stopped, since I don’t want to be emotional again. I waited for a moment, to make sure that I controlled myself then continued. “I know that it’s stupid of me to say it, since I’m, we’re... not together anymore, but I know that he’ll never leave us that easy. I know... that I can’t control what’s happening, but I know that it happens for a reason.”


     “I know. I’ll leave now.” I was about to start walking when she stopped me.

     “No, wait. Come in.” She opened the door.

     “Thanks,” I walked in their room.

     “I only let you in for one reason,” she started.

     “What’s that?”

     “You remind me of Adam. The way you talk. That’s how Adam comforted me when their grandfather died. When, my father died. You seen so different from my son, but you have many things alike. Ever since I met you, it’s like you’re a daughter I never had.” She said. The tears dried off her face, washed off makeup left her face.

     “Really,” I said.

     “Could you do me a favor?”

     “What’s that?”

     “Could you... stay here with me? For just a week or something. I know that�"”

     “Of course,” I tried to smile.

     “Thanks,” she hugged me.

     I hugged her back, not knowing what to say. But at least she’s fine now.




     “I just want to talk to someone who can actually understand me.” she let go of me, “You see, Kyla decided to spend the rest of the Christmas with her parents, Ryan is too busy, and the two boys... let’s just say that I kinda can’t count on them.”

     “Um, that’s fine. Maybe you should eat first. They’re already getting worried,” I bit my lip.

     “Boys. They just can’t understand me. Shane is the smart one, but not with girls. I can see with you two. Nate is just the average. And, Adam was the expert.” She smiled with her own memory.

     I felt my cheeks burned on what she said in the first part.



    By then, we started talking about him, cheering ourselves up, not caring on what the two boys are thinking. We were almost fine and almost forgot what happened until another news flashed on the screen. I decided to ignore it until Shane went on my side and gave me a small box.

     “What’s this?” I asked.

     “Open it,” his voice almost inaudible.

     I followed what he said then froze on what I saw.

     “The rescuers sent that. It was found with his body.”

     I can’t move my fingers at it tangles on the silver necklace I gave Adam before. It seems that the world stops spinning around and starts to fall apart with just one glimpse. I can hear Shane calling my name, shouting maybe, but it seems like he’s only murmuring to me. I can feel his hand on my shoulder, comforting me though there’s nothing else he can do.

     I suddenly remembered that Ashley was beside me. She began to cry again. I want to comfort her, too. But I didn’t bother to face her. What will I say anyway? Adam’s alive. I know he is. There’s just a misunderstanding. This isn’t his necklace. I thought. But I know to myself that that’s just the words of desperate person who can’t accept the fact that he’s gone.




     I want to stand up and go somewhere else where I can be alone. But I can’t move my body. Tears started to run down my face, dripping to the necklace sparkling to me.

     Shane spoke my name again, but this time, in a softer, humming voice.

    I kept still and stared at the necklace and examined it carefully. What if this is not the silver key necklace that I gave him before? Yes Alyson, keep your hopes up. He’s alive. My heart and mind agreed for the first time.

     The DNA test has not been done yet.

     It’s still possible that he’s alive. Yes, it’s possible. I thought desperately.



























© 2009 alison13

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