23. Reasons

23. Reasons

A Chapter by alison13















     THREE WEEKS PASSED QUICKLY. DAY AFTER DAY, I’VE BEEN TOO busy with work. I always kept my schedule full and almost forgot what happened for the last few weeks. I started calling Travis every so often, though I still don’t know what he looks like. I don’t know why, but every time I talk to him, it’s as if I feel so secure, and in fact, he still reminds me of Adam. But it’s not a problem to me anymore, since he as well is the reason why I’m forgetting Adam.

     Even though I can only talk to him on the phone, he can always light up my mood and can even make me laugh. And it’s been a long time since I even did that. The only thing that bothers me is that he won’t show himself to me. He’s too busy with his work.

     A lot of people said that I’m back with my normal self, including Shane. I took that as a compliment though he’s a part of my being back to normal.

     Today I had an autograph signing which was nine hours straight; no break. My hand sore, though I honestly enjoyed it. I can’t stop smiling now, even though the picture taking was over.

     I took my phone and decided to call Travis. “Hello?”




     “Hey,” he said. “Why did you call?”

     “Um, no good reason. Just wanna hear your voice,” I admitted.

     “My voice? Or Adam’s?”

     “Kinda both,”

     “I knew it.”

     “So, when will I see your mystery look?”

     “Tomorrow.” He said firmly.

     “Really?” I said surprised the same time excited.

     “In Shane’s house, one pm, okay?”


     “I gotta go, bye.”

     “Bye.” I shut my phone. I can’t believe it. I’m finally going to see his face. I’ve been bugging him for weeks now just to know what he looks like. He even talked to Shane to not tell me anything about his features except for the ones that Shane already told me. and I’m going to admit, I am really excited about tomorrow.

     I went in the limo as paparazzi surrounded me. I tried calling Shane, to ask him out on a dinner, but he’s not answering his phone. I wonder what he’s doing right now. He must be really busy, he never not answer his phone unless he’s doing something too important.

     I went straight home since I have nothing to do and my parents are not back yet, so it’s just me and Phoenix�"my dog. I just ordered pizza and watched some videos. After that, Miley called me, and we just chatted until midnight about everything that can be talked about.



     I woke up as another busy day faced me. I headed to the studio again and performed, as usual.

    I looked at my phone and it’s already eleven in the morning. I decided to go to Shane’s house now, since I really can’t wait.

     I rang the doorbell once and Shane opened the door. “Hey,” he said, smiling.

     “Hey, um, did Travis�"”




     “Yes,” he cut me off. “He’ll be around later. Come on,” he led me to their kitchen.

     “So, what are you doing?” I looked around and everything’s in place and too clean. I wonder why he always led me to the kitchen.

     “Getting ready,” he said.

     “For what?”

     “A surprise.” He smiled slyly.

     “For who?”

     “Um, I have a question to you, could you answer me straight?” he ignored my question.


     “Have a seat first,”

     I followed what he said as he sat across me. “So, what’s the question?” I asked.

     He sighed, “What if... Adam’s alive?”

     “I don’t like that question.”

     “Just answer me. what will you do?”

     “Nothing. Maybe I’ll be glad.” I lied. Maybe I’ll freak out like all the people would do if they found out somehow that their love was alive and was just hiding from them.

     “Would you breakup with me?”

     “No,” I said quickly but firmly. I always hated topics like this.


     “Why do you want me to breakup with you? Isn’t being in love with you enough as an answer?” I breathed. “Where will this conversation lead up to?”

     “Would you hate me if I lied to you? Or hid something from you?” He ignored my question again.

     “It depends,”

     “What if... it could’ve changed your life?”

     “No. I’m happy with my life.”

     “What if I hid something to you that is truly special?”

     “What do you mean?”

     “But there’s a reason on why I did it.”




     “What are you talking about?” I can’t really follow on what he’s saying.

     He took two deep breaths, and from then, I had a sense that I don’t want to listen. “A month ago, the doctor contacted me... about the DNA test.”

     “What did he say?”

     “Please don’t interrupt,” he said.


     “Fine, um, promise me first that you wouldn’t be and at me.”

     “Just get to the point already.”

     “He said that there are some technical problems that happened while doing the process... the DNA test was false and that the body did not belong to Adam.”

     “What?” I stood up. “Why didn’t you say that to me before?”

     “I don’t want you, or my mom, to hope that he’s still alive. Only Nate, our dad and I know.”


     “What if he’s already dead and his body was just not found? Then you couldn’t have move on with your life. You might still have this faith you hold on that he’s alive no matter what happens,”

     I took a deep breath, “Then... why are you saying this to me now?”

     “Because I never thought that it could be possible.” He sighed, “Last Valentine’s Day... remember Travis? Of course you do. You think about him every day. But, who does he most remind you of?”

     I couldn’t speak.

     “Answer me.”

     “I, I don’t know,”

     “Don’t lie. Say his name.”

     “Adam,” I murmured, too low that I barely heard myself.

     “You’re not hallucinating that time,” a voice from behind said. One of the most wonderful voices I ever heard.

     I don’t want to turn around. I already knew who’s behind me, but I can’t take the risk that I might be dreaming.




     But I’m a hundred percent sure I’m awake. But I still don’t want to face him.

     “You wanted to see me, right? Turn around.”

     I took a deep breath. I followed what he said though my eyes are close.

     “Open your eyes,”

     “I can’t,”

     “Open it or I’ll kiss you,”

     I suddenly opened my eyes. I don’t know what I’ll do, if I wanted to cry or say something. He’s still the same guy I know. “How... what...”

     “Before the accident happened, Candice confesses to me that she doesn’t really love me. She’s already engage to a guy in Korea and believe it or not, is pregnant. She said that she just had a fight with the man but they made up anyway. I was so furious the same time hurt by what she did. I decided to take the parachute out. A few seconds after I jumped, the helicopter exploded and I was not even halfway down.” He breathed. “I woke up in this small island where they don’t have any TV or radio and they didn’t know me. I introduced myself and the first name that came to my mind was Travis Underwood. I lived there for two months, learning independence.”

     “But... the necklace...”

     “Yah, about that. We have two pilots, if they didn’t know. He saw the necklace in my bag and tried it on. First I said no, but agreed anyway.”

     “Why... why did you come back?” I looked straight to his intense brown eyes. I flickered around for a second to see that Shane was gone. I guess he wants Adam to do all the explaining.

     “You want me to leave? Hey, I heard what you said in the cemetery and when you were drunk,” he laughed.

     “You were in the cemetery?” I asked, wide eyed. I tried to flashback on what he’s saying.

     “Hey, you sensed me, right?”




     “You were in the cemetery?” I repeated.


     “That’s so embarrassing!” a few seconds ago, I felt speechless for seeing a dead guy in front of me, and now I’m embarrassed on what I’ve been saying before.

     “You were a drama queen,” he laughed again.

     “I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!” I punched him continuously on the chest.

     “Hey, is that how you welcome me back?” he hugged me tightly.

     “Didn’t I mention that I miss you?” I hugged him back.

     “I didn’t hear that before.”

     “I miss you,”

     We were still for a second until he broke the silence. “Oh men! This shouldn’t happen...” he pushed me slightly.

     “What?” I asked bewildered. What did I do wrong now?

     “I’ll leave alter again,”

     “What? Why?”

     “I have no choice.”

     “What? Why?” I repeated.

     “Here what I’m really planning. I just went here to check on you guys. But since you got drunk... then you keep on calling Travis... now you know that I’m alive�"”

     “What’s wrong with that?”

     “I don’t want to ruin your relationship with Shane. You’re already happy with him.”

     “But... that doesn’t make sense. Do you think that it would be better if you leave?”

     “Yes. Just erase the fact that I’m alive.”

     “I can’t,”


     I took a deep breath, “Give me ten reasons why... if you can, you may leave now,” I crossed my arms.

     “First, I don’t want to hurt my brother,”

     “How the heck will you hurt your brother?”




     “He’s in love with you, and he’s your boyfriend. And... don’t forget your promise, that you would never hurt my brother, and that means I won’t too...”

     “So? That doesn’t mean you have to leave! Brothers want their brothers to be there, so their family would be complete!” I blurted.

     “Some people just need to sacrifice. I can’t see him hurt every time he sees you with me. That it’s like you want to be free. You’re not the only one who’s hurt.”

     “Even so. That’s not accepted.”

     “I think you won’t accept anything.”

     “Good you know,”

     “Then let’s twist it. Give me ten reasons on why I should stay, and if you did that, then I will stay.”

     “That’s easy... how about Ashley? Do you know how much it hurts for her to lose a son who’s such an expert on girls? And yah, she told me that.”

     He sighed, “Next,”

     “Second, the fans... millions of fans lost their spirit when they found out that you died. Don’t you know how much difference you can do when they find out that you’re alive? “

     He sighed again, “Acceptable.”

     “Third, Maddie... she lost her master,”


     “She’s a man’s best friend! Even dog has a heart! Don’t be insensitive!”


     “Fourth... what about the band? Not only does your career will die, but as well as Shane’s and Nate’s... the unknown wouldn’t be complete without you,”

     He thought about it for a second.

     “C’mon,” I bit my lip.

     “Acceptable, I think,”

     “Fifth, where will you live anyway?”

     “Back to the small island,”




     “You don’t belong with them... they’re completely different from you...”

     “I can learn to blend in,”

     “But you’ll miss your real life. All the friends, fans, relatives, that supported you all throughout. Who never gave up on you...”

     “Fine, next...” he looked at his watch.

     “Sixth, what about your passion for music? You said that they don’t have any technologies.”

     “I can teach them...”

     “You can’t,”


     “I know you can’t,” I tried not to laugh.

     “That’s not acceptable.”

     “Yes it is... how can you teach them if there are no instruments?”

     “I’ll bring my guitar.”

     “I’ll break it,”


     “I’ll break all your instruments,”

     He looked to my eyes and found out that I’m not joking. “Then I’ll get one of Nate’s guitars.”

     “He won’t let you,”

     “You’re cheating!”

     “No I’m not...” I looked at him for a second, “Prove it.”

     He sighed, “Next.”

     “Seventh...” I kept myself from laughing, “Who will be my big brother?” I pout.


     “Oh c’mon!”

     “What’s wrong with him?”

     “He’s going to be busy with his own family.” I pout again.

     “Next... but you’re really cheating.”

     “Eight, if you’ll leave, no one will drive the music industry crazy!”

     “And that’s a bad idea because...”

     “Yeah... the music industry would be boring,”




     “No it won’t...”

     “And remember the sequel of our movie? It’ll start shooting on September...”

     “They already cancelled that when I died,”

     “They’ll put it back when they find out you’re alive.”

     “No they won’t,”

     “Yes they will... the fans will have a riot for it.”


     “Um,” I need to think fast, “Wait,”

     “The time is running. Tick tock, Tick tock, Tick tock,”

     “C’mon, can’t it be just eight reasons?”


     “C’mon!” I felt myself like a child, whining to a parent for not buying her a doll.

     “I’ll leave now. I’ll miss my flight.” He stood up. “If you have two more reasons, I’ll be waiting there,” he took his bag and walked out the door.

     I sat down as I think about it. What else could I say?





















© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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