25. Explosion

25. Explosion

A Chapter by alison13















     I STARED AT MY WINDOW AS THE RAIN FALLS HARDER BY THE second. Is it just me, or the weather is just being appropriate on what will happen later? I’m still waiting for my dad to come home, since I’m getting nervous on what he might think and say. Maybe he already saw the newspaper and or the news that has me on it. I looked on the articled in the internet and especially the comments.

     A lot of bad comments say almost the same thing: I cheated on Shane and or I’m a flirt, or I’m such a bad person. Well, at least the others understand. Besides, Shane already gave his side of the story that he’s the one who ended it, not me.

     Adam suddenly bust in my balcony door. He took off his soaked raincoat, though his shirt and jeans are a little wet as well.

     “What are you doing here?” I asked.

     “You need me when your dad comes, right?”

     “Not until later,”

     “Then I’ll just stay here in your room.”

     “He still doesn’t know that you’re alive.”

     “What do you want me to do? Go back to my house?”





     “Look at the sheets of rain falling hard... and there are also thunder and lightning. And you want me to go out there�"”

     “If you’re making me guilty, it’s not really working.”

     “Fine.” he stood up. “I’ll go now... into the rain... I’m wearing a red shirt. There are some lightning,” he looked back and straight ahead again.

     “Fine... like I have a choice anyway.”

     “Thanks,” he sat on the chair near the balcony door.

     “So what will I say to my dad again?”

     “Like what you’ll say to the paparazzi. You didn’t cheat. I’m alive. If he doesn’t believe you, pull me beside you and if he decided to kill me again, just say something incredulously acceptable that he’ll be force not to kill me.”

     “Yah sure, that’s such a great advice,” I said ironically. I lied down to my bed, staring on the ceiling.

     “Don’t worry. That’ll work,” I can hear his footsteps approaching.

     “I hope so.”

     He lied down beside me, his face, inches apart from mine. “Look, you’re old enough to make your own decisions,”

     “I know,” I prone as I looked at him.

     “Wait, someone’s calling,” he sat down straight, “Hello? Yah, why did you call? Oh, okay.” He put his phone on loudspeaker. “There.”

     “Alyson, I want you to be a witness on what I’ll say, okay?” Shane said.

     “Sure,” I mumbled.

     “But I don’t need to explain let Adam do all the work... and Adam, don’t forget the deal we have. Remember all that I said and always put it on your mind. This’ll be your last chance.”

     “Right,” Adam said.

     “Bye,” he shut his phone.

     “So, explain to me what Shane means by, this will be your last chance. Since I have something in mind on what he means, but I want you to explain it.” I said, still lying on the bed.




     “Okay, when I came back home, the first person I talked to was Shane. The first question he asked me is, ‘why did you come back?’ like yours, only his tone was different. He said it flatly, as if he really wants me to leave and never come back. He told me what happened while I was gone, that our mom mourned every day, while you kept in silence. You cancelled every show you were supposed to be guesting, and you didn’t attend the Grammy’s, which by the way, you won two if you don’t know. Anyways, Shane said that the fans respected your decision but controversies about you just kept buzzing.

     “But after Valentine’s Day, you moved on. You started being active again. I consulted Shane if I should see you and he said no. He said that it’s over already, and you don’t need to see me again. and that I’ll just make your life more complicated.” He took a deep breath. “I respected his decision, after all, he knows you better than me. I even thought that he’s right that you deserve someone like him, great, responsible, and the total opposite of me.

     “I wanted to start a new life too, I planned on going back to the island I was saying and forget being Adam and start acting and being like Travis. But every day you call, makes me change my mind. Every time you call, I always want to not answer my phone, but I just can’t. Then this stupid plan hit me. I called Shane and asked if I could see you one last time. Of course he disagreed, since you two are going well again, since I, I mean, Travis advice you to build up your relationship with Shane again.

     “But he continued and said that you’re already fine, but still not complete. I saw to his expression that he’s already ready to make a huge sacrifice again, to give you up again, just for us to be happy. I stopped myself and my plan�"”

     “Wait, what was your plan?” I asked, now sitting.

     “To spend a whole day with you, but in disguise. And still say that I’m Travis, then I’ll go back to the island,”

     “Oh, okay. Continue.”




     “I told him that I’ll leave already. But like I said, he’s ready to make a huge sacrifice. But so do I. Then he said that if I won’t follow him, it’s like I hurt him, only twice the pain, then you know what happened next.”


     “But I have another plan,” he sat beside me.


     “Look here,” he reached something from his pocket. “Look at this hot, gorgeous girl. Sizzling�"”

     I stepped on his foot. “No need for descriptions. Proceed to your plan, please.”

     “Ouch!” he took his foot. “I’m just saying! Hey, your heels are really pointy! I think my foot is bleeding.”

     “Whatever. So, what’s your plan?”

     “Okay, this girl lives in the island. She’s the fastest one who got an interest in music and our songs, though she doesn’t know that I’m Adam. I’m planning that the three of us go to the island and match make them,”

     “C’mon, Shane’s already done with that match make thing. Remember, Rica? And Shane just got heartbroken.”

     “Life is full of surprises. It’s full of adventures, sometimes you need to be hurt to learn. You need to lose to have success. You can’t expect Shane to find one girl and live happily ever after.”

     “That’s possible. I just want Shane to find love when it’s really meant to be. And not just being push to it.”

     “Love will find him. I’m not saying that we should push him to like her. We’ll go to the island, just for a visit. If they notice each other, then that’s great. If not, then she’s not the one he’s looking for.”

     “Okay, I just�"”

     “Don’t want Shane to get hurt.” He finished for me. “You’re his best friend, not his controller. You have no strings attached to him.”

     “Fine. so, what’s her name?”

     “Pricilla Anderson. She’s not that hot, I’m just kidding. But she got this girl-next-door thing.”




     “I knew it,” I looked at the picture again. At first sight, she looks really stunning, more like a princess then, she also some similar features of Miley. Like on how she smile. And I know I need to meet her already. “Fine, so, when will we go to the island?”

     “Um, today.”

     “Why? Why not tomorrow?”

     “I already bought a lot of food to give to them.”

     “Wait, you went to the grocery store?”

     “Yah, no one noticed me.”




     It’s only a few minutes until my dad came. I’m already calmed down, since I already forgot what I’m worrying about, though the clock ticking disturbingly makes me tense.

     We walked down the stairs as Adam squeezed my hand. Even if he didn’t say anything, I can feel him comforting me. I felt a little relief in a simple way. At least my mom is still on my side no matter what happens and she took the news calmer than I expected.

     I told Adam to go to the other room first, since I don’t want my dad to be shock on what I’ll say. I’m glad that he followed me without going into another argument.

     I sat on the couch like a normal day, with a normal confrontation. I felt I was in middle school again, getting called by the principal for doing something unbelievably shocking.

     I stared at the door as my dad came in slowly, hanging his wet coat on the coat hanger and taking off his soaked shoes. I just hope he’s in a good mood or else I might be counting my hours left. But people say that that’s just an expression when you say that ‘my dad’s gonna kill me’, besides, he can’t possibly do that, right?

     He put down a copy of today’s newspaper, sigh, and then looked at me. He flickered once to my mom then brought back his gaze on me. I looked at his expression, which is unreadable by now.

     “I can explain,” I blurted.




     “Your time is running.” He crossed his arms.

     “I didn’t break up with Shane.”

     “I already know that. what I want to know is, who’s this guy�"that I don’t even know nor had a glimpse on�"that you’re making out with. Alyson, we didn’t raise you to be liberated and ruin the family name. I know that you’re old enough. In fact, in your choice, you could actually move out of the house when you were eighteen.”

     “Dad, do you believe in love? In which, that includes forgiving someone you love the most, who, hurt you the most as well?” I asked.

     “What are you talking about?” he raised his one eyebrow. I can sense that he already has an idea.

     I just need Adam not to... “Hey attorney Smith,” Adam greeted in a wrong cue.

     “Not now.” I whispered to myself.

     “You... you’re... you’re...” my dad didn’t finish.

     “Alive? Handsome as ever? Back? Yes, yes, and yes...” Adam answered.

     “And I suppose this is the guy you’re lip-locking with?” he looked at me.

     “Um, kinda...” I bit my lip.

     “Did you forget that this guy repeatedly hurt you? Before, he cheats on you and you became such a martyr on forgiving him�"”

     “That’s because he didn’t cheat on me.”

     “He broke your heart back in New York more than a year now. And you almost risked your life saving his life. You almost died on that incident... considering that you were also kidnapped by that matter.”

     “Saving one’s life is worth it�"”

     “It’s not worth it if it means losing your own life.”

     “I didn’t lose my life, dad. And besides, we all will die sooner or later.”

     “I don’t want to lose another child of mine. I lost once by an accident, and I won’t lose another.”




     “Kevin, stop it.” my mom said. “Alyson can make her decision, if it’s wrong, it’s her fault. You don’t have anything to do with it anymore.”

     “As long as you’re staying in my house, my rules. And I’m saying that you can’t date this jerk and that’s a rule�"”

     “I believe she can’t do that,” Adam disagreed.

     “And why not?” great, my dad is now officially furious.

    “Because I’m pregnant!” I blurted. I don’t even know where that came from. It’s just the first thing that came on my mind.

     “You’re what?” my dad said, though I heard Adam asked at the same time, only in a whisper.

     “You heard me. I’m pregnant.” I continued. “And that’s why you can’t break us apart.”

     “What kind of explosion is this? You’re lying!” my dad shouted.

     “I am not! Put me on a pregnancy test. I already tried it... five times... I’m positive!” great, I’m really improving on being a liar.























© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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