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     “What’s what?” I asked innocently.

     “What’s with the ‘I’m pregnant’ thing?”

     “I have nothing to say. Besides, you gave a tip, remember?” I smirked.

     “Hey, I said, say something that’ll force him to make me stay. I didn’t say that you should say that you’re pregnant.”

     “It’s almost the same.”

     “It is not.”

     “Really. Give me a reason that he’ll want you to stay other than that. Don’t forget how he dislikes you,”

     “You mean hate, right?”

     “I admit, he does hate you. Give me a reason that he’ll want you to stay,”

     He didn’t answer.

     “See. Besides, I’m gonna tell them sooner or later. Of course my stomach wouldn’t be huge.”




     “Unless...” he smiled crookedly.

     “Unless what?”

     “Let’s get married.”

     “No way. I’m too young!”

     “Like I’m not too young...”

     “Fine, we’re too young.”

     “C’mon, others get married as soon as they turned eighteen.”

     “And get divorce by twenty.”

     “That depends on the people living together.”

     “My plan of age of getting married is twenty-six or twenty-seven. I still want to have fun with my life,”

     “Then what’s your plan?

     I thought about it. Adam’s right. What will I do anyway?

     “And you know that we both don’t want to have, you know what until we’re married.” He added. “Though, I can change my mind.”

     “I know!” I breathed, “Hey, I only agree on the first part.”

     We got off his car and headed to their kitchen to get the good we’re about to give.

     I convinced Shane to come with us, saying that we need a lot of help, since we can’t do it alone. First, he didn’t agree since he said that he has a lot of things to do, though it’s only a lie. Then he said that three is already crowded, and it’s going to be awkward. But c’mon, he’s my best friend forever and he’s Adam’s brother. And besides, we’re not going on a date or something. well, good thing he can be easily convince by me kneeling down to him�"works every time.



     I was astonished on how stunning the island is, from my view in the helicopter, which is seventy feet above the island. The island’s shape was like a flower with four petals�"commonly known as the flower drawn by a pre-schooler.

     I can see a lot of native people as we got off the helicopter. I guess they really remembered Adam’s�"Travis’s�"promise. I look




slightly at every girl around to find Pricilla, but she’s nowhere to be found.

     They lined in twos as we distributed the goods one by one. There are only a few of them, less than two hundred, really, so it didn’t take much time for us to finish.

     In return, they surprised us by showing their built stage for us to perform. Too bad Nate wasn’t with us; he’s missing all the fun.

     After we perform, I notice a girl with black wavy hair just lying on her shoulder. She smiled to me shyly, with her beautiful coral blue eyes. Now I know who she is, though she seems different from the photo that Adam showed me, but I’m sure she’s Pricilla.

     I walked toward her to have a charming introduction but Shane reached her first. I decided to watch from the distance�"behind an oak tree to be exact�"as they make their own way to each other.

     “Told you so,” Adam whispered to my ear from behind as he put his arms around me

     “Sure,” I murmured.

     “Don’t even think on going toward them. You’re going to ruin it...” he chuckled.

     “Shut up.” I tried to unclench his arms from me, but he’s too strong.

     “Just kidding,” he caressed my cheek with his lips.

     I stared at Shane as his expression change every time. I already got him memorize and now, I’m guessing that he’s already telling everything he knew about music and work. And as to Pricilla’s expression, I can see that she’s really interested. Shane looks amused on what Pricilla’s saying to him. Obviously, since I haven’t seen him smile with his teeth showing for a long time, I can tell that this only means one thing. He’s in love.

     “Then that’s great.” Adam said, as if reading my mind.

     “What?” I asked just for confirmation.

     “You’re thinking that he’s in love and that’s great.”

     “What is it with you and your brothers?”I turn around to face him. “It’s like you can always read my mind.”




     “Alyson, no offense, but you’re one of the most obvious person I know,” he chuckled again, putting some piece of my hair behind my ear.

     I rolled my eyes.

     “Besides, I know you for more than four years already.” He added.

     “Yah sure.” I said unconvinced. I turn around to see what Shane’s doing but he’s gone. “Great, now I can’t see them,”

     “Turn to your right,”

     I followed what he said but I still can’t see them. “Where?”

     “I think you need your glasses.”

     I looked closely to find them sitting in the farthest table from us. “Oh,”

     “Shane kinda sensed that you’re watching.”

     “And why is that?”

     “Like I said, you’re pretty obvious,” he flickered to the tree in front of us, and then laughed.

     “So?”I laughed with him.

     “I’ll just say to you what he’s thinking,”


     “I’m his brother. I’ve got him memorize better than you,”

     “Fine,” I said defeated, “So, what is he thinking?”

     “He’s being challenge to Pricilla’s ability. And yet, he loves being challenge,”


     “Pricilla is really great when it comes to logic. And she has a great common sense, and right now, she’s making Shane speechless.”

     “So, is that good?”

     “Yes. Like to you, remember that Shane got challenge when you topped the class and he’s only second way back in senior years? That was hilarious.”

     “How did that became funny?”

     “I won’t forget Shane’s reaction. He built a robot on his own without any help then ate a whole gallon of chocolate ice cream all by himself then got too tired and fell asleep like a baby. That’s the only time that I kinda remembered that he’s my little brother.”



     “How come I don’t know that?”

     “What do you think you will say? Except for ‘I’m sorry’ or beg the principal to change the results,” he put his arms around me again.

     “I won’t do that.”

     “Like you’re not thinking it.”

     I took a pause. Maybe I would actually. Now I suddenly remembered all the sacrifice that Shane made for me. “I’m really a bad person, am I?”

     “Okay, now you lost me...”

     “Shane is�"”

     “Too kind, such a great person, and even naive... he never gave up. I got it, oaky? Don’t worry, Pricilla is already catching him for you.”

     “What if Shane�"”

     “Look,” he moved my head to Shane’s direction. “See that whisper in her ear?”

     “Yah. So?”

     “They just exchange numbers.”

     “How do you know�"”

     “Um, how many girlfriends did I tell you I had before you?”

     “Ten, I think.”

     “Yah, I kinda lied...”


     “Um, it’s really embarrassing,” he buried his face to my hair.


     “Well, the true number of my exs is kinda the double of that.”

     “So I’m right...”

     “On what?”

     “That you’re a real playboy.”

     “Yes.” He admitted.

     “Wait, I thought you said they don’t have any electronics here?”

     “You’re not paying attention on what I said. I only said they don’t have TV and radio. They have cell phones, though only a few of them. And Pricilla is one of them.”







     After a few minutes, Shane approached us with a meaningful smile. “Hello best friend... hello brother.” He said. “It’s nice to see you again. Isn’t this a wonderful day? In such a wonderful island...” he breathed. “Everything is perfect. Just perfect...”

     “You just got yourself a girlfriend, did you?” Adam said.

     “Maybe.” He smiled again.

     “Great job!” he slapped him on the back. “You’re learning.”

     “Yah sure.”

     “So, how did you ask her?” I asked.

    “You don’t have to know,”

     “And why not?” I crossed my arms.

     “Ah-oh...” Adam murmured.

     I elbowed Adam. Not that I’m over protective, but, I just cared. Okay, so maybe I’m being stupid, but I kinda treat Shane as my younger brother, though he’s older than me by three months. “Fine, don’t tell me,”  I said.

     “Alyson�"” Shane started but I cut him off.

     “Just kidding. Don’t worry, you have your own privacy. And I don’t have the rights to know your personal life.” I smiled.

     “You already know my personal life.

     “Yah. And that’s alright.” I looked around until I saw a guy performing on the stage. God, he’s hot. Adam will kill me of thinking about it, but I gotta admit, he’s really hot.

     “Don’t even think about it.” Adam said.

     “What?” I asked.

     “No, I was talking to Shane,”

     “Oh.” I don’t even know why I’m guilty, it’s not like I’m crushing on the guy or anything. Suddenly, the hot guy took off his shirt and showed his abs. Whoa. I thought. He winked, though I’m not sure if it’s to me, but I just faced Adam who’s telling some stories again and again.




     The guy might already have a girlfriend and besides, I just got myself in trouble, and I won’t do it again.

     We performed one last time before we went home. I found out that the guy’s�"who’s I thought is kinda attractive�"name was Robert and he’s single. But I let him go, since I found out that he’s the older brother of Pricilla, and besides, I don’t have any plans on hurting Adam again.

     The concert was great, and we planned to go back again for another one. Now all I’m thinking about is my parents. But c’mon, they’ll know the truth sooner or later. No need to worry for it, right?





























© 2009 alison13

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my name is elaine and i'm a fourteen years old girl... i'm gonna make my description short. i only have three addictions for the moment. MUSIC, BOOKS and PHOTOGRAPHY. MUSIC had been and always will.. more..

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