A Story by Moon in all her light

“Make it stop

Kill the sound


Hear a pin drop”


“I see it in their eyes, they heard the rumors.” Okay let’s back up a couple days. It was Wednesday morning feet sore from marching band. Mrs. C asks us to write about forgetting or remembering. I started in on my poem about what I wish I could forget. I was trying to say that I wish I could forget my ex-girlfriend’s face, my ex-boyfriend’s eyes, and the people I care about dying. But the line I want to reword, will never forget; “I wish I could forget the deaths I played a part in!” Meaning the counseling I did with suicidal teens.


          “I’m over-stressed, my friend Kayla committed suicide,  Amber dyed of a sickness, Nicole, Kayla’s twin, is suicidal, and Matt makes me cry I feel like I should help him but I don’t know what to do.”


          School was a weight at my feet as I run away from myself with death getting in the way. Today school is a gift and a curse, it stresses me out but tide days let me have emotions. School is where I see my friends and have some fun while learning.


          “I hear from one of my few friends, that the line I wanted to reword became a rumor that I assisted in a murder. I think nothing of it but then I look up and I start to see fear in everyone’s eyes. I don’t want the police to be involved, I JUST WANT IT TO STOP!”


          “I don’t sleep at night because I am afraid of what everyone thinks of me. Talk to anyone that could help or just listen.”


           I walk into band on Friday and I think “today will be interesting. Mostly because no matter where I go I feel like people are staring at me when I’m not looking. Hopefully someone will understand someone I can tell the truth.”


          Now my BI pride doesn’t even cheer me up. I’m depressed and it’s all the bully’s fault along with anyone who have spread its' fault.”


If the rumor spreads and one more time

I will make it true with him

My readers of mine.”

© 2012 Moon in all her light

Author's Note

Moon in all her light
Tell me what you think. I wrote this last year but i thought it was a great piece.

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Now this is one amazing story. I loved this!!
wonderful detail and imagery.

Posted 10 Years Ago

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1 Review
Added on September 26, 2012
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Moon in all her light
Moon in all her light

Kensington, NH

I am a teen writer. I love getting my ideas out there. I live in NH. I am a sophomore in highschool more..