We Exist

We Exist

A Poem by Laz K.

A brutally honest and pessimistic look at human nature.

Big questions 
Small lives 
Time makes puppets 
Of us all 
I know 
That I do not know 
What it means 
To know 
Thoughts are 
A merry-go-round 
I go for a ride 
Or watch the illuminated 
Plastic horses and swans 
Their hard, lifeless bodies 
Make me 
Warm and cozy 
I’m a thorn bush 
In a field 
Of soft grass 
A weed 
With pretty flowers 
I write with a knife 
I draw blood to write with 
Rage keeps me young and hard 
Love makes me weak 
Compassion cuts me open 
And invites viruses in 
My lack of  
Makes me 
We’re running in place 
In front of changing scenery 
Old lies 
New truths 
The earth is a ball of yarn 
“Make me, O Lord, thy spinning wheel complete” 
I wake into darkness 
There’s light in my dreams 
Please yourself 
And make me happy 
Happiness is emptiness 
We give birth to nothingness 
Blow out the candles 
But make no wishes 
Embrace me 
I’m frozen 
I need you 
Therefore we exist

© 2019 Laz K.

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This is very dark but I did enjoy the flow of your words, none the less.

Posted 4 Months Ago

Very honest and straightforward. Some of it is a wake-up call. Need is very powerful indeed.

Posted 5 Months Ago

"Rage keeps me young and hard
Love makes me weak
Compassion cuts me open"

Posted 5 Months Ago

We’re running in place
In front of changing scenery
Old lies
New truths"

Posted 5 Months Ago

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4 Reviews
Added on September 3, 2019
Last Updated on September 3, 2019


Laz K.
Laz K.


It's not enough to feel something, or to experience life. The essence is to be collected and poured into a poem so that it may be understood. That's my philosophy anyway. more..

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