Grateful Fields in May

Grateful Fields in May

A Poem by Laz K.

Pine trees stand like sentinels 
In a line along the footpath. 
What harmony and togetherness 
In their tall silhouette and green uniform! 
But, a brief moment in their company 
Reveals their proud, rebellious nature: 
Unruly branches twisting and turning, 
Guided by Nature’s creative genius 
That revels in its own abundance, 
Birthing such kings and queens as these, 
Adorning them with emerald crowns. 
They stand like soldiers at attention, 
Like hardened bodies at bus stops, 
Like silent rows at checkout counters, 
Like weathered monuments looming over 
Wooden caskets, looking their last 
At a human form that was and 
Shall never again be.
And we, too, 
Marvelous designs, 
Intricate incidents, 
Accidents of fate, 
Stand under the heavens, 
Growing, spreading, branching out 
Neurons, blood vessels, and limbs 
Rooted to the earth, 
Hoping for grace to 
Fall from above 
Like spring rains over 
Grateful fields in May.

© 2022 Laz K.

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For my part the pines were too many things in too many lines of simile: soldiers, royalty, bus riders and grocery shoppers. The lineup along the road is orderly, disciplined and military, but the pines are soon proud, rebellious and unruly. The connection between the pines as trees, or as any of those types of persons mentioned, and pines as pall bearers or mourners is tenuous and tedious.

If the poem means to say trees are similar to people and people to trees in a certain way, it did not say it to me.
There is material for several poems in this writing, but each would be different as each comparison is different in this poem.

This poem made me think and that is a praiseworthy thing. Thank you for sharing.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Laz K.

1 Month Ago

It is not every day that one receives real critique on this this site, and it made me giggle with ex.. read more
The commonality of nature in all things of this world despite our variety and diversity. An illuminating message that reflects both beauty and hope in the life we are given. Thank you Laz for sharing your poetry with us.

Posted 1 Month Ago

After having read the poem it became clear why the fields were grateful in the month of May! A delectable ode to Spring, no less. At least to my estimation, worthy of thought and sentiment. Well expressed and much enjoyed. Thanks for sharing. /Frederick.

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Laz K.
Laz K.


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