A Chapter by Allie-Shea

It all begins with a girl who could destroy your world...

California, a place where the sun was always out and the weather was hot, always hot. Though, the skies were blue and the beaches were beautiful, a dream place for many of the east coast kids that were found sitting in there room staring out there window watching the snow fall from the sky, I longed to get out of the damn place. “Are you sure you want to do this, Anthony?” I heard my mother ask while standing at my door. I had been packing up the final few items in my room. Finally, I was leaving. 

“Yeah, I’m sure,” I replied in a tone that came off rather hollow. 

I could hear a small reluctant sigh escape her lips, “You don’t have to go to this’re a smart’s all the way across the country. We’ll never see you anymore,” she complained. I was silent. She couldn’t understand why I wanted to do this, and neither could my stepdad. I heard her footsteps saunter through my now empty room as she hugged me. 

“You’re friends will be over soon to say their goodbyes...won’t you miss them?” she asked; again trying to get me to change my decision to leave.

“Yeah, but I need to try and find where I really belong,” I half lied. I wasn’t really going to miss my friends, but I had to leave California had nothing to offer me. I wasn’t an artist, a musician, and I was without a doubt entirely not an actor. Plus, the place was just too damn hot.

“If you say so,” she said now letting go from her crushing embrace. I took in a deep breath and glanced out the window; a car pulled in the drive way with a small group of people. Like usual they walked in without knocking. I’d be badgered with more questions and they’d continue to try to persuade me to stay just like the rest.

“Anthony! Your friends are here!” I heard my dad yell over the buzzing of extra voices. I sighed and walked out into the living room. The water works began for several of the girls, while they all expressed how they’d miss me. It was all a bit much, they were making this a bigger deal that what it should have been.

“You guys can call me. I’m moving, not dying,” I tried to reassure them that this wan’t the end. They all nodded and sat around trying to stay composed. We talked about how we use to hang out and some of the humorous things we did. Hopefully, I’d find more interesting people when I moved because our stories were beyond dull and painfully bland.

“Are you sure you won’t miss, Lisa?” Connor asked with a smirk. I rolled my eyes she was the last person I’d ever miss. The girl was obsessed with me. Several times she had told the whole school we were dating, then three days later she’d scream and yell and make a scene saying we were breaking up. I never truly understood the point of her actions, but I didn’t care enough to ask. Besides, why would I date someone with such a god awful name like Lisa. So plain and bland, not even a tad interesting.

“I’m positive...she’s not coming is she?” I stressed with a hint of worry. 

Connor shrugged, “I couldn’t tell you,” he admitted with what I thought was pure  honesty. The conversation continued and I was starting to wish they’d just leave now. The goodbyes where said and done. So, now they were only making the departure harder for themselves. Suddenly, I heard a small knock on the door, Connor and the others looked at me with a slight the same uncomfortable shock that I could feel growing upon myself. 

“Do you think-” he started, but I stood up and was walking cautiously to the door, as if it were a slasher film  praying it wasn’t her.

“Anthony! Why!” she cried while throwing herself onto me; which made me nearly fall over. 

“Uh...L-Lisa, please get off,” it seemed like no matter how much I couldn’t stand a female I couldn’t bring myself to upset them. When girls cried it made me feel like a total a*****e, no matter who it was. So yes, that sadly did include Lisa. I could see Connor holding back his laughter, though this was anything but amusing in my eyes. 

“Oh, Anthony! Why do you have to go?!” she bawled. 

“I just do,” I replied briefly. She frowned clearly my answer wasn’t good enough because my stomach was met with a small fist. I winced as the air was forced out of my lungs; seriously what was this girls problem?

After an hour of talking and crying I was tired of it, “ was nice seeing you before I leave...and I’m really going to miss you all...really I am, but it’s time to go. After all...I need to finish packing,” another half lie. I just needed to shower and get ready for tomorrow. Luckily, they didn’t see my room which only consisted of boxes and a mattress that rested on the bare floors. Most of them nodded and hugged me goodbye without question. 

“B-Bye Anthony,” I heard a lot of soft sobs, really they were making a big deal out of it. I turned around and exhaled heavily while leaning on the door. Looking up I felt my heart stop for a moment, she was still here.

“Lisa, what the hell are you still doing here?” I asked confused and rather creeped out. I could’ve sworn I saw her leave.

“I don’t want you to go, Anthony,” she whined in a somewhat dark voice. I wanted to slap the sad look off her face as she whined about my choice. She was one of the many things that kept reminding me of the goodness that would come from leaving this place. I’d be at least 2,455 miles away from her. That was about a day and sixteen hour drive if you went non-stop, if she drove to attempt to find me. I’d be far away from everything.  

“I want to leave, Lisa,” I replied.

She shook her head and I could see the water works starting up again, “N-no...please! Please, Anthony! Don’t leave me! I’ll do anything!” she cried now clinging to me. I sighed, what was she doing? Where were my parents anyway? 

“Lisa...let go. I made a decision to leave and I’m sticking to it. Now, goodbye,” I said with a stern voice. Doing my best to not look at the tears on her face. 

Silence circled us for several long agonizing minutes before she simply left the house. If it were anyone but her I probably would have felt bad. Though, because it was her I didn’t care. All I cared about at that moment was leaving.

The air was muggy and uncomfortable when I woke up. My eyes forced to look past the sunlight that gleamed in through my curtains. My parents took the air conditioner out of my room, since I’d no longer be staying in it. My mother sobbed for most of the drive to the airport and then more when it was time for me to board the plane. She hugged me and so did my stepfather. “We love you,” she said through tears.

I smiled, “I know, mom. I love you too,” I said before turning and boarding the plane. The flight was long and dull. There were only a few sounds that actually were noticed in the plane. Conversation from a few, a baby that wouldn’t stop crying, and every time a flight attendant or the pilot would speak. 

Putting my iPod on I found myself more distracted and soothed from the stressful thoughts that started to pick at my mind. 

You’re not going to know anyone. 

What if going to Pennsylvania isn’t the solution? 

What if you fall in with the wrong crowd like your mother warned you not too? 

I did my best to shoo them from my mind. They were foolish thoughts anyways. 

With my luck everyone would be just as dull as they were in California, but it was still worth a shot.

Two ice cold hands shook my side as they pulled me awake, I blinked, “Hu?” I managed to say through my groggy state. 

The woman smiled and explained briefly that we had landed and I was going to be the last off the plane. I sighed, “Thank you.” Standing up I carried my self down the isle and too the luggage pick up.

I saw a taller man with thick black hair walk up to another man and pull him into a hug, “How was seeing the ‘rents, man?” he asked in a rather deep voice.

The man who I assumed got off another plane smiled, “Well it wasn’t exactly great,” he joked. They seemed to be close friends- and here I stood meeting no one...standing alone. 

That’d change when I went to this school, I hoped with a bit of confidence. I had noticed the taller man looking at me, he caught on to my staring I assumed. Way to make a good impression on a stranger; note to self: Don’t’s creepy. I reminded myself. I had a lot of stuff to take off the rotating belt, and now I could feel the boy’s eyes casually glancing at me over and over...and over. The seemingly cold eyes ate away at my soul, or at least thats what it felt like. 

I shivered; it was like they were taking shifts...staring at me now. They really knew how to creep a man out. I had officially learned my lesson now. Don’t stare. I got it...they could stop now. They had officially gathered all of the shorter boys bags and gave me another long glance before making their exit to the doors.

When they left I then felt the feeling that I was entirely alone, I was a California boy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it was starting to really hit me. What am I doing? My parents would be sending the rest of my stuff to me within the week once I was settled, meaning I’d have to unsettle myself and unpack again. I grabbed my final belongings and headed for the doors. I was hungry as hell to be honest, but the thought of airport food disturbed me and I was a bit too eager to get to the school to get something to eat. 

Walking out I could feel the warm Pennsylvania summers air, which was shockingly different from California’s. The air didn’t even make you pause to catch your breath. It was still rather cool. 

People hustled and bustled through the streets in outfits for all types of things. Casual, work, exercise, and so on. Though, while they pushed their way past me I stood dumbfounded and scared. I was really doing it. 

After several attempts in calling a taxi like they did in the movies one finally stopped. When I got in I was greeted with the smell of fish, sweat, and a hint of musk that was attacking the air I was forced to breathe. The driver only looked at me through the mirror. Awkwardly, I sat eyeing him down as well. His raspy voice questioned me, “Well where to?” His voice sounded like a long time smokers...that probably had a stroke or something.

I looked down, “Penn University,” my voice sounded rather uncomfortable as I could feel the man’s green orbs beating down on me with such an undesired force. Simply nodding he began to drive. The ride wasn’t like most rides with people. It was quiet and gave a feeling I wanted to simply strip away. I looked out the dark tinted windows of the yellow vehicle and watched as each person that made there own mark on the city. Even by just looking at the place it was clear it really was the cleanest city, like so many books and sites had said. Though, like in California everyone was in a hurry, and a lot of them seemed stuck up here as well. 

Great. If things were the same and it was only the climate that was different I’d freak. The last thing I wanted was a repeat of where I came from. 


“You’re here,” the man said in a raspy voice that pulled me from my scattered thoughts. I smiled and handed him money for the toll. “Have a nice day,” he said counting the cash. Clearly, he was not being sincere about me having a nice day. 

Opening the door I stared at the campus for a brief moment then grabbed my stuff from the trunk. Once everything was out and the cab drove off I collected my nervous self. I started my trek to find the administration office. The kids walked on campus calmly though I could see several others who looked deathly afraid as well. I’ll admit I was nervous as hell...but terrified? No. 

The only thing I should’ve been terrified would be who my roommate would be, but at that point I was clueless and optimistic, hoping for the best.

At last I managed to make it through the sea of students and into the office. Walking in there was a woman who looked to be in her early fifties, with curly red hair looked at me with a less than friendly face. I bit my tongue from making a comment about how she resembled a clown. “Can I help you?” she questioned darkly. So everyone in Pennsylvania that I’ve met so far has just seemed to be a real b***h or b*****d. Lovely.

I paused my thoughts briefly trying to level with them, and now understanding that they had been forced to let go of their summer lives and go back to work, just as I had been forced to give up my summer and put it in my past. Now it made sense that she was rather irritated, but the woman made it more than just known to the world that she was pissed off. “Uh...I’m a new student here and...I uh,” I stumbled over my words while searching for a way to say what needed to be said.

“Your name?” she asked now turning to the computer.

“Anthony Marlow,”

“Room number 114 in the East Dorm. You’ll have one set of keys and one room mate,” she said hastily as she stood up and walked to a filing cabinet. “Here’s your handbook and key. You’ll be getting a photo for your student ID tomorrow. If you’re late you won’t get a picture and will have to reschedule and pay the price for the photo,” she explained while dropping the small booklet and key on the counter then returned to her work.

I picked up the items and smiled softly, “Thank you,” I with a calm smile though, just like I was expecting, I didn’t get one in return. 

Returning to my original thoughts of this place and the people. I was beginning to worry. So far I was glared at by two strange boys, creeped out by an older taxi driver, and snubbed by the one of the office ladies at the school. Hopefully, I was just meeting the wrong people...because if all of them around here had these qualities, then I may have been in for more than I bargained for. 

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Ignore grammar mistakes and so on.

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