The Broken Angel

The Broken Angel

A Chapter by Allie-Shea

The walk to the door was a bit of a long one and well...we didn’t exchange many words on our so called adventure to what I thought was no where. “Where are we going?” I finally asked, breaking the silence.

He turned and smiled, “KiKi.”

That itself didn’t make much sense, what was a KiKi? He didn’t say much else so I supposed I was suppose to push the question further, that’s just what you did with this guy from what I could tell. “What’s a KiKi?” I finally asked figuring that was code for something.

He laughed and looked at me, “KiKi isn’t a what. Kiki is a she, and she’s a good friend of mine,” he stated now shoving his hands in his pockets. I wasn’t sure how he managed to do that though, his jeans were tight...very tight, opposed to my much looser jeans my mind wondered how he even found those remotely comfortable. 

He also had on a tight low cut v-neck t-shirt that was all black, a pair of gray and lime green Vans Shoes, a rainbow studded belt, and a white shell necklace. On his right wrist there were tons of cloth and random bracelets, while on the right there was more of the gummy-bracelets also known as “sex bracelets”. It wasn’t until then that I actually realized his clothing style. I couldn’t place a specific stereo-type on him, because his personality wasn’t that known by me yet. 

Though, compared to what I was wearing...this man wasn’t embarrassed of how he dressed; if anything he was a little flamboyant, even for a straight guy. I mean his pants looked as tight as female pants which led me to the conclusion that they very well could’ve been. He had a some what feminine figure to begin with, his shaggy hair was styled in a “bed head” kind of style. The more I looked at him the more bland I felt. 

Simple light baggy jeans, a gray t-shirt that had weird designs on it in white, no belt, and normal fitting tennis shoes.

I was staring again, if anything this guy was going to get the wrong idea if I didn’t pay attention to how long I observed things. “Is she your girlfriend?” I finally asked to move the question away from how we dressed and my staring (Honestly, I wasn’t checking him out. I’m not just saying that either.).

Milo nodded, “Yeah at one point she was weird. Didn’t work out. She’s more of a little sister,” he said now standing in front of an elevator door, “She lives on the other side of we’ll have to venture outside,” he said half to himself while pressing the “F” button, which was the bottom floor.

“Okay,” I said quickly.

I could feel him looking at me from the corner of the eye, the entire time we were on the elevator. When the door opened I got off first, he followed and chuckled, “Where are you from?” he asked.

“California,” I said hoping I’d sound more interesting if I didn’t say where in Cali I was from.

“Oh, really? I’m from there too. Where at in Cali?” he asked, not truly curious.

I sighed, should’ve figured he was from there, it’d only make sense, “Escondido. What about you?” my voice rang as I fired the question back at him, he probably lived in one of those big cities.

“Los Angeles,” he said briefly while pushing the large door out of the way. I was right. 

“Wow...I’d hate to live there. Too much traffic. Did you just fly back from there? I mean why’d you leave LA?” I questioned.

Milo smiled and put his hands that once opened the doors and pressed the buttons on the elevator back into his pockets. He looked straight a head and was entirely silent, “I honestly did like it there though,” he began, “No I have been here since I was eighteen, haven’t gone back since...and I’m going to answer the other question with a question. Why did you leave?”


I paused and looked at him. If he liked it there then why’d he leave anyways? I figured I’d answer his and hopefully he’d clarify his own, “I...I left to get away,” my response was soft and subtle.

He nodded and looked at me, “Isn’t that why most people leave? To get away?”

Silence fell over us again as we made our way across the campus. If Milo wasn’t eighteen. Then how old was he? He didn’t look older than eighteen that was for sure. His height though would be his only down fall of not looking his age, he was so tall. Kind of like an amazon man...yet he was a pale skin tone. However not as pale as my paper white a*s. “If you liked it there...then why’d you want to get away?” I continued to pry the answers from him like an otter would pry the shell off a clam. 

Though this time he didn’t say anything, I watched as he clenched his teeth and he looked at me in a dark slightly eerie way, “I just did. Now drop the subject,” he snapped. 

In a way I understood why he snapped, it wasn’t my business to know, but I was just so curious.  I nodded and continued to follow him until we reached Dorm 88. “This is KiKi’s dorm. She has a single,” he explained. I figured he meant a single dorm room. He knocked on the door in a rhythmic pattern. The door swung open and probably the most stunning female I’ve ever laid eyes on stood before me.

“Mi!” she chimed with a smile before grabbing his wrist and pulling him into the room. I followed after quietly. She sat down on her bed with her legs crossed in a manner that made me shake slightly. She was leaving me speechless and Milo had yet to introduce me to her. 

“How was your summer?” he had asked her in order to start senseless small talk. Though the grin on her face told a different story, was this code?

“Typical,” was all she said in a harsh, but very bored tone. The limited words these people spoke bothered me, but only because I had relied on other people to talk that way I wouldn’t feel obligated to constantly fill the awkward gaps. Though, just as I thought that they hardly spoke the two began to babble like old women who hadn’t seen each other in years. This did make me feel more awkward, but gave me time to truly look at KiKi.

She had these blue eyes that were so inviting...alluring almost and she had a pale complexion that made them just pop. I looked at her and felt a bit of a skip in my heart, like any other man in my position would have. She was perfectly pale, not sickly pale but not sun toasted tan either. Her skin had just enough color to bring out her natural beauty and give her a certain feeling of innocence. She wasn’t just hot, no hot wasn’t doing her any justice. She was stunning. Her hair was barely below the shoulders and nearly white blonde on the top and underneath it was jet black. She had bangs that fell straight across her forehead and covered her ocean blue eyes just barely, but it could easily be brushed to the side like side bangs. It looked fluffy, yet edgy. She was like an intricate work of art; a living Mona Lisa. 

I had even caught Milo admiring her looks when she was talking. They just simply couldn’t go ignored. Her breasts, well adding a little more to what I was assuming was at least a size A cup wouldn’t hurt her image, but she still looked stunning with what she had. It was like she didn’t even need them. Her midriff was perfect too, not to think yet not too thin. She was toned from what I could see, but not overly muscular. She was generally petite though, could probably hold her own if she had to. She wasn’t fragile visually, yet was as delicate as a the least cliche thing you could possibly think of.

Suddenly, I felt something ram into my side, “Uh-huf,” I gasped while holding my stomach. Looking up I saw those blue eyes staring me down with an expression that didn’t fit, anger.

“Damn Milo, you didn’t tell me your friend was a pervert!” she said with an acid tongue. My cheeks flushed a light pink; great caught staring twice...what was up with me?

“He stares...I don’t’s just what he does, just a habit of his...I guess,” he replied. For a moment I could’ve sworn Milo was some what defending me? 

“What’s your name?” she demanded now leaning forward. I looked up and took in her clothing choice of the day. 

She had on a tight blue and white thin plaid shirt with a white tank-top on underneath it. She also sported a pair of dark blue jeggings, a white and silver studded belt, and three inch black heels. She too had a lot of bracelets and a watch on her left wrist and only two bracelets on her right. Necklaces hung around her neck. A lot of them peace signs, one with a fake cookie hanging from it, another with a naked gnome just to name a few. I blinked and returned to reality as she waited for my reply.


She smirked, “Anthony...I like it,” her voice was now much sweeter as she held out her hand for me to shake it. I reached out to grab her hand in mine when she quickly faked me out and pulled the back of my shirt over my head. What just happened? She giggled softly and I could hear a small chuckle from Milo too. “Tyler would be proud,” she said referring to another one of her friends. I assumed she was admiring her work of completely catching me off guard, “Now you won’t be staring, am I right?” she added.

I sighed, “Right,” no sense in making enemies on my first day especially with a girl like her. I pulled the shirt back onto my body and off my head then allowed my eyes to fall to the floor, only glancing up every so often.

Milo stood up and looked at us both, “KiKi, you’re coming later right?” he said as if I knew what he was talking about. 

“Yeah, wouldn’t miss it,” her voice rang in my ears again.

He nodded, “Right. ‘Kay then...lets go, Tony,” he said motioning for me to follow. I stood up acting as if I had the choice to stay, but really...I didn’t. KiKi had clearly made me feel rather awkward as it was, and I didn’t want to endure more awkwardness. 

“So...what was the point of that?” I questioned.

Milo rolled his eyes, “I wasn’t aware that everything had to have a point...but we were just checking to see if she’d be joining us tonight. Though, you sure did make a damn well interesting impression today. When you check someone out...don’t be so f*****g obvious,” he advised me.

I rolled my eyes and looked up at him, “You were staring too,” I shot at him.

He didn’t seem to mind my quick retort as an attempt to turn the table; instead his deep brown eyes only looked at me, “Yeah, but I didn’t get caught. You did,” he spoke with a smirk. 

Frowning I knew he was right. I did get caught twice now. The first time I didn’t mean to stare, but the second time I couldn’t help it. So, here I was making a name for myself. ‘The Kid That Stares’ , and it wasn’t even a good kind of staring. Not like the movie ‘Men Who Stare at Goats’.

No, I was just some kid who was developing a staring problem.

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Ignore grammar and spelling mistakes please.

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