Moonlight Angels

Moonlight Angels

A Chapter by Allie-Shea

Bone chilling silence surrounded me as I began to force my feet from their want was feeling like permanent spot on the ground toward the sounds of things being...smashed? What the hell were those two doing. 

“F**k you! F**k him! F**k this! F**k that! Damn it!” KiKi shouted. I blinked for a moment then heard more things breaking. Now sprinting toward the sound my mind was set on finding those two. After running clumsily through the darkness of thick bushed and large trees, while tripping over logs and getting stuck in bushes, just to barely miss a few holes in the ground I found them. KiKi had several empty beer bottles in her hands as she threw them at the ground and in the river. Mae sat in the distance watching her. Not a word was spoken besides what KiKi would scream in pure rage.

“Uh...KiKi?” I said softly. She turned to glare at me with her blue eyes that stunned me so easily. Her pale skin glistened in the moonlight as she had her skinny jeans pushed up while standing barefoot in the river.

“What?” she spat. I paused her words were sharp, but Milo did say to make sure they stayed out of trouble, and this...well it looked like trouble.

“Did you drink those?” I asked while pointing to the few bottles that were still in one piece.

She nodded, “Yeah...but not tonight. They’ve been gone. I save them for days like this. Besides, I don’t drink with someone I’ve just met...that’s sloppy, Anthony,” she stated bluntly. Just as her seemingly calm words ended and glared back at the water and smashed to bottle hard onto the ground. Then her beautiful ocean blue eyes closed as she listened to it shatter. When the shatter ended she let out a soft breath and her eyes flickered toward me again, “So...Milo send you to babysit?” she asked while grabbing another bottle from the pile.

I looked down and stumbled over my words, it was hard to look her in the eyes and say something when I could simply feel the anger simmering off of her, “N-Not exactly,” I muttered.

She looked at me and sighed, “Actually, that is exactly it. Listen...I don’t need to be babysat, but you’re more than welcome to join me in bottle smashing or you can sit and wait to leave over there,” she pointed to the rocks that I stood next to. 

“I’ll just sit here,” I said softly. 

“Whatever you want,” she added while repeating the process of smashing bottles.

Mae looked over at me and then back at KiKi. She waited until her friend was lost in her destructive sanctuary before walking over to me so cautiously. She looked at me with those eyes at at one point seemed identical to KiKi’s they only resembled hers. “She likes you,” Mae said while sitting next to me.

I cocked my head in confusion, “Excuse me? What the hell do you mean she likes me?” I questioned her.

Mae’s lips curled into a small smile, “She’s accepted you. It’s a rare be let into he little world. She has a weird mind set. We’re so alike it’s....terrifying at times. I suppose if KiKi can let you in...I can too,” she whispered while staring me down.

I looked at her slightly baffled by her sudden change in mood, but intrigued by the words she spoke. I was accepted when I wasn’t even expecting I’d need to have acceptance from these kids. 

Smash, smash, smash, crack, smash. 

The sounds rushed through me in a way that I wouldn’t even fathom. It was almost haunting. “That’s good right?” I said lowly.

Mae simply nodded, “Yeah,” and with that we simply watched the night angel as she released a furious rage. A rage I could only wish to calm.

“Shut the hell up you f****t!” a deep voice yelled through laughter; Milo. 

I blinked, how long was I sitting here in total silence next to Mae? The pile of bottles KiKi had spent her time throwing was now left with only a few more to be broken. Mae seemed to have fallen asleep, and I just sat here...staring. I really needed to work on not doing that.

“Having fun?” Tyler said while taking a seat next to me. I looked at him and shook my head. I really didn’t consider this ‘fun’. He smelt like smoke. 

Tyler smiled, “Figured as much. Those two are long gone. I’m driving us back, and the decision has been made. You’re with us next time...we’re more fun,” he winked and nudged my shoulder. I watched as Milo and Adrian poked each other and began to talk about nothing and  everything all at once. 

“H-Hey! Who is?” Milo completely stumbled over his words. I blinked and looked at Tyler who seemed sober. 

Tyler smiled at me then looked at Milo, “Go back to the car and take genius over there with you. We’ll be there shortly,” he announced. Milo whined like a child who had just been told he couldn’t have ice cream until after diner. He crossed his arms and his dark brown eyes narrowed in on Tyler. Tyler sighed and stood up, “KiKi, wake up Mae and meet us at the car. Tony...mind getting Adrian for me?” he asked with a pleading frown that actually made me feel bad enough to help him.

Adrian smelt even more like smoke...and not just any smoke- weed. “What were you guys doing?” I asked to well any of them that were willing to answer.

Little to my surprise none of them answered. A light hearted voice from behind me did, “Take a guess, dumb a*s. Smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol of course! I mean what else would retards like them do?” she hissed. Mae followed behind KiKi. She was groggy and looking rather too tired to process anything happening around her.

I was rather shocked though, “Tyler doesn’t seem high or wasted,” though Tyler didn’t even back me up. He simply looked at me and smirked with a guilty grin. My lips carved a somewhat flat gaze, “You’re kidding me, right?” 

I was really hoping he was.

“Nope,” he said with a stiffed laugh. I didn’t understand. It was like he wasn’t effected by any of it. 

I let out a sigh and shook my head. I should’ve figured. The first night and I was already learning more about these guys than they knew about me. Yet...they simply were considering me one of their own; already. “Tyler...I’ll drive,” I offered for two reasons. 1. I really didn’t trust anyone under the influence of anything driving me around. 2. I was trying to make a good impression.

“I can drive. I’m fine,” Tyler said. He did look fine and he sounded okay, but I wasn’t really sure I could believe him.

Milo walked toward me and slung most of his body weight onto my right shoulder while his words slurred from his lips, “I...I see...don’t know why....I can drive,” he mumbled. Clearly, that was not a valid option. The man couldn’t even form a simple sentence. 


Milo was now holding the back of his head and had completely stomped. “What the heeelllll,” he yelled. I blinked and looked around. Did something hit him?

“Shut the hell up, Milo!” KiKi yelled while throwing lightly tossing another rock in her hand.

“Did...yoou...juust hit me wiff that?” Milo murmured while rubbing his head. She nodded. His dark brown eyes locked on her now. She sighed and threw another rock at him- this time it hit his stomach. He winced for a second and she simply smiled. 

“Will you two stop?” Tyler spat while dragging Milo away by the arm. Adrian staggered behind and I figured I’d go retrieve him. It was hard to believe that Tyler was under the influence  when these two acted this way, and he seemed relatively...normal.

“I’m doing noothing!” Milo whined while pulling away from Tyler’s grip. Though, Tyler simply grabbed him again...this time with a more aggressive approach. 

While I put my hand on Adrian’s back and guided him through the woods KiKi and Mae had been whispering. Only striking a match on my curiosity. I began to wonder what the two were talking about. The whispers were followed by giggles. That’s when my heart began to ooze with addiction. 

Her giggle. 

It made my heart melt and my mind scramble. No one could seriously giggle like that; could they? No, that was ridiculous. Her giggle was high pitched and sounded so little. I looked down for a minute until Adrian yelled, “I hear the gnomes laughing again!” which caused KiKi to instantly stop her giggle fit and pick up yet another rock.

“Don’t throw it,” Mae said in a low quiet voice. The rock dropped the the ground. 

What was with this ‘crew’ anyways...they all seemed so...difunctional.

As our long journey finally ended at the car. Adrian and Milo had been singing everything they said out of key and managed (with little effort) to annoy KiKi entirely. Tyler sat in the drivers seat and just when I was starting to feel okay with the idea of him driving, he fell into a huge fit of laughter. He laid on the horn and laughed more. 

We lost Tyler.

“That’s it, I’m driving,” KiKi said while getting Tyler to sit in the back. Mae took her spot up front and I was smashed between three men whole were clearly not in their right state of mind. 

The awkward sensation had officially kicked in. The men had been ‘flirting’ with each other and laughing obnoxiously. At one point I was even spit on. “Adrian! Sit back down!” KiKi yelled as if she was a mother scolding her disobedient children. Adrian stuck his tongue out at her and you could simply feel her anger growing stronger. 

Mae sighed and looked out the window trying to disregard the chaotic ride- which for me was an impossible task and would’ve been a hopeless cause if I had even bothered with an attempted to ignore the three boys I was sitting with. 

Soon enough I felt something heavy resting on my shoulder. Looking to my right Tyler had fallen asleep on me. Wasn’t he just laughing moronically like moments ago? I suppose that was why KiKi decided she was going to drive. Milo loudly cleared his throat while glaring at me. 

“What?” I said not even slightly amused with all this unpredictable behavior, and to think I was tired of being able to predict what was about to be said or done.

“Don’t try anything,” he seethed with a drunk voice, but very sober knowing eyes. This was his subconscious talking, saying the words that his drunken mind would be unable to to form. 

I smiled, “What the hell are you talking about?” I chuckled, he must’ve been completely off his rocker. Though now Mae was looking at me intently, shaking her head slowly. A warning perhaps; but from what? Milo being so drunk he’s talking non-sense?

“You know exactly what you no good piece of-” his words were stopped by Mae’s hushed voice.

“ quiet. No one is trying anything. Go to sleep,” and with that Milo sunk deep into his seat. Though his eyes didn’t close, only blinked. 

“Want some coffee?” KiKi’s voice rang over the steady beat of music that pumped it’s symphonic melodies through the body of the car. Who is she talking to? I thought. Which was why I didn’t speak.

“Yeah,” Mae said while skimming the songs on her iPod. My question was answered.

KiKi’s blue eyes looked at me from the mirror, “You want any, Anthony?” she said in a seemingly calm voice.

“No thanks. I’m broke anyways.”

She nodded, “Okay then. Speedyz sound good, Pocket?” she asked. Mae who I’m assuming is also known as Pocket nodded.

“Woo! Speedyz!” Adrian randomly yelled which woke up Tyler, and caused Milo to chime in with another excited cheer.

“What’s a Speedyz?” I asked hoping it wasn’t some kind of drug.

Milo gazed at me with a drunken gaze, “You’ve never been to Speedyz?!” he exclaimed in astonishment. I shook my head. “It’s only thee best gas station ever invented!” he said with an over enthusiastic grin as he clapped his hands together in a flamboyant way.

“A...gas station?” I questioned them. Unable to understand why this gas station was so great. Though...Mae and KiKi instantly agreed with him. As did Adrian who hardly knew where he was at and a very dead beat Tyler had also agreed. Apparently, I was missing out on something that five people had all at once agreed was the best thing around.

“You haven’t lived until you’ve had their nachos,” Mae told me. Again KiKi simply nodded her head with a smirk.

“Don’t worry, Anthony! I’ll pay for you food tonight. You’re hungry right?” KiKi stated with a half formed smile. I didn’t say much because even if I hadn’t been hungry I knew they’d force me to eat this food. 

“Y-yeah,” I stuttered. How weird would it be when I told them I couldn’t have dairy? More weirdness to be added to me I suppose.

The drive went smoothly, as long as you managed to hold your breath and breathe only when needed to avoid the heavy smell of smoke and booze, didn’t mind gaining a headache from the sound of music, screaming, and terrible singing, and speeding didn’t frighten you. Then the ride did go smoothly. KiKi’s expressionless face startled me and made me rather wary. The lifeless look that rested in her blue orbs was sickening. What had she been thinking? She stayed silent and only spoke to ask a question or tell one of the three ‘children’ to sit and settle down.

“We’re here,” she spoke, her voice seemed to fade.

“Are you coming?” Mae asked her while opening the passenger door. 

She shook her head, “I lost my appetite and I’m not really thirsty anymore,” her voice seemed lost again. She had been thinking the entire ride, which explained the silence from her.

“Alright then suit yourself. What about you, Tony?  You coming?” she asked me as if we’ve known each other for years...all of them had some what treated me that way. In an unfamiliar and awkward way it felt homely. Though, I couldn’t just let KiKi feel so distressed. She made me feel welcome so...I was going to return the favor. Whether I really knew her or not.

“ thanks. I’ll pass. Maybe next time,” I said with a polite smile. 

“Alright then,” just as she was about to close the door Milo had crawled over me and grabbed Mae’s arm, “I need food!” he yelled. Mae pulled her arm away from his grasp and shut the door on his face.  Access denied. My mind screamed which resulted in a stiffed chuckle.

KiKi looked back at us, “MiMi...sit the f**k down,” she spat then unbuckled herself and climbed out of the car slamming the door shut. 

Milo frowned and pouted sitting back while crossing his arms. Tyler scrabbled over my lap and sat next to him. Adrian now looked at me closely, “Fine...I’ll move,” I huffed and let him too maneuver himself over me. This was my chance to talk to KiKi alone and see what was bother her. Opening the back seat door I stepped out to see her paying at the pump for gas. 

“Adrian! Get the back in the car,” she snapped.

I sighed and looked down, “I-It’s not’s To- Anthony,” I breathed while focusing on the ground. Fearing her expression.

“Oh,” she said simply. 

Anyone that didn’t know her or only saw how she acted from the outside of this group of outsiders circle would have thought she was a b***h. Though really, she wasn’t really that easy to read, even I was having difficulties with the task.

“Are you alright? You seem down,” I said lowly.

She turned around while now pumping gas her blue eyes locked on me and I had to look up. I wished I hadn’t when I did, for a moment I could’ve sworn her eyes were moist with forming tears, “Doesn’t pertain to you. Get back in the car before one of those dumb asses break something,” she hissed.

I didn’t expect anything different though, after all I just met her. I simply crawled back into the car in silence. Tyler smirked at me and leaned against Milo who continued to pout. Adrian looked at his hands in amazement while mumbling something about Atari. 

KiKi waited outside, even after pumping the gas, her eyes focused on the large building. What was her problem anyways? It wasn’t like I was being a dick about asking her was wrong, in all honesty I was being sincere. Guess that didn’t matter anyways. “I suggest you don’t let her attitude get to you,” Tyler mumbled while trying to stay awake.

Smiling at him I knew he meant well...or so I thought he did. Milo wrapped his arms around him and pulled him closer while whining about Mae not getting him food. 

For my first night in Pennsylvania it was safe to say it was anything but a normal time.

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please ignore any/all grammatical and spelling errors.

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