Our First Crime

Our First Crime

A Chapter by Allie-Shea

Tyler made a left turn onto a dirt path. He sighed and turned the music down a bit. “Get the rest of your drags down,” he told the others. Milo nodded and with two long inhales he finished the cigarette. Making smoke rings in the car he smiled. “My parents are going to question me why it smells like smoke in here next time I see them,” he complained.

“Tyler you’re almost twenty-one. Why are you worrying about your parents?” Milo spat sharply.

“Because...they’re paying for my college,” he reminded him. Milo didn’t say anything this time. Instead he got out of the car silently. The black tinted windows made it nearly impossible to see anything but a few outlines. Pressing my face against the cool glass it looked like were were just outside the woods. Were we at the factory again?  That wasn’t my biggest concern at the moment though, I was curious as to why Milo suddenly left the car.

“What’s his problem?” I said trying to sound a little smart about it. Tyler only looked at me and got out as well. Adrain jumped over the seats and crawled over Dante and opened the door leaving the car too. I glanced at Dante who shrugged, “Don’t know. Milo doesn’t talk about stuff that bothers him very often,” he breathed shortly then followed Adrian out. Pulling myself out as well I watched the boys as they dug into the bags they brought along with them.

“What are we doing?” I asked softly. 

“I need my fix,” Milo said shortly while pulling out a wrench and a lead pipe. I took a step back out of shock as he swung it around. “Don’t worry! I’m not gonna hit you...just some stuff,” he smiled.

“What the hell are you talking about?” I questioned. Milo used the pipe to point towards a parking lot further in the distance. “Oh no,” I said shaking my head. They were going to break other peoples things? Smash in cars for no reason. It was barbaric. 

“Oh yes!” He began with a wild smile, “Tyler go hide your car,” he said. Tyler nodded and pulled the car deep into the woods. Watching everything unfold in front of me I couldn’t quiet place why destruction of others property was necessary. 

“Why are we doing this?” I asked as Adrian handed me a driver golf club. 

“Because...Milo’s logic seems to work sometimes. Best way to get out anger is to break things. And those cars belong to some...unwanted acquaintances. Not sure which one is his victim tonight,” Adrian explained. Perfect. I’m making friends with criminals. Criminals that are getting revenge on what I’m sure is more criminals. Go figure. That would be my luck. I thought with a frown while gripping the handle of the club.

“That’s stupid,” I told them with a bit of anger. Adrian only shrugged and walked over to Milo. Tyler came back and smiled at me, “You don’t have to do this,” he reminded me. Though, I was a bit stressed out and kind of upset about the whole KiKi thing. 

“I know,” I whispered. 

Milo walked over with Dante and Adrian and smiled at me wildly.  This must’ve been his ‘I’m about to be a dumb a*s and risk all of us going to jail’ smile. Because it only seemed to show up when s**t was about to go down. “Let’s go!” he chimed and began to walk towards the parking lot. Being that Tyler parked us (almost literally) in the woods. Walking over fallen trees and once more getting tangled in mother nature I was really starting to hate the outdoors. 


My foot touched it and it was smooth. Cars were parked everywhere and Tyler looked at Milo with a nod. I forced the lump that sat in my throat down and closed my eyes. This couldn’t be happening. 

“Dante. Tyler. You both take the cameras. Adrian you keep watch, anyone comes out after us give them no mercy. Hit them, beat them, call for back up if you must,” Milo said. I felt my hands shake a little what was this kid going to make me do? “Tony. You’re with me on the mission,” he smirked. 

“Big money!” Dante teased in a whisper before running off with Tyler who I heard stiff back his laughter. What the f**k was Milo going to make me do?

“Let’s go,” he said while motioning for me to following. I did not because I trusted him, but because I was just curious. He lead me across the lot saying, “DED2U,” honestly I had no clue what it meant until we reached a small silver Ford car. The license plate read DED2U looking over at Milo who had a crocked smile. “Would you like to take the first swing?” he offered. I shook my head nervously. Why the hell would he even assume I wanted to do something this stupid in the first place; let alone be the first to commit the crime. “Fine,” he huffed then lifted the pipe in the air before swinging into the window of the car.

Crash! Bang! Crash! Bang! Thud! Thud! Thud!

I felt my jaw drop and my eyes snap shut. I didn’t want to believe it. The noises surrounded me and I just knew they wouldn’t go unheard. I shook my head, “No, no, no...stop...Milo...st-,” I tried to beg, but I stopped when I saw the wild look in his eyes. Milo was gone.

“Ah, s**t!” Tyler shouted while driving a bat into a camera. Dante looked over and looked at Milo, “Dude! Hurry! I saw a light turn on! Adrian, get ready!” he yelled while tearing down the last of the four cameras. 

“Take a hit, Tony! Don’t be such a p***y!” he yelled at me. 

I rolled my eyes and huffed, “Fine!” I shouted at him louder than I probably should’ve. I took the club closed my eyes, and smashed it into the back of the car.


I opened my eyes and blinked. I dented it pretty well and I felt good doing it. Once more I did it. Then again. Before long I was joining Milo in the destruction of the car.

“Someone’s coming!” Adrian yelled. That’s when I stopped; fear struck me now. The sense of danger delighted me...but at the same time I wanted to run far away.

“Get ready!” Tyler said with a twisted gleam of excitement radiating from his dark eyes. Suddenly, I heard a click. I could’ve sworn it was a gun being cocked. 


“Okay! They’re fighting cheap! Run!” Milo shouted while pushing me forward out of my frightened shock. I ran...I ran like it was no ones business.Though...it wasn’t fast enough. I could feel a sharp pain as it hit my side and I lost balance falling down to the ground. A man stood holding a crow bar as if he were a professional baseball player. A warm liquid trickled from  my side, I winced. The man hit my side hard. 

“Ah..” I lifted my hand to see the crimson red dye my hand while the new founded hole in my side was dusted in fabric, pain chips, and possibly some metal. He smirked and raised the crow bar again to finish me off I supposed. Closing my eyes I braced myself. My final thoughts danced through my head. You’re gonna die a virgin! You just met someone so amazing and now it’s too late! She’s gone! You won’t matter! You finally get out of f*****g California and now you die! 

At least I could say I was going to die in an interesting way.

“F**k off!” A low voice yelled loudly before another thud was heard, a gasp for air, and a little blood sprayed my way. Milo smiled and wiped the lead pipe off, “You okay, man?” he asked. I couldn’t help but stare at the body resting face down on the ground. There the man rested in a blood of crimson. Several teeth sat on the ground and there was another hole in the back of the guys head. Murder...death...no...not this time this was self defense.

“I...uh...,” no use in speaking. I felt the pain soaring up my side, and the shock running through my every muscle. In the background I could  hear more screaming, yelling, pain, rage, and other noises. “I want...to leave,” I said softly. Milo smiled at me with sympathy and helped me up.

“Come on! Get out of here!” Milo yelled before helping drag my injured, bleeding body to Tyler’s undercover SUV. (A task that he pulled off very well, seeing that I couldn’t even find it. Then again my vision was slightly blurry due to the amount of blood lost.) I could hear a few more thuds and finally a yell, “Don’t f*****g mess with us again! Or next time it’ll be more than the car and a guy!” the voice of Adrian- of course.

“What the hell was that back there!”  I screamed as we began to drive off. Tyler gave me a towel to keep the blood off his leather and for me to reduce blood loss. No one answered me. “Tell me right now! What the f**k just happened! Why was I nearly killed! Why didn’t they call the on us cops instead!” I shouted even louder. Still one one spoke. I could feel the imaginary smoke leaking from my ears as I was continuously ignored. “Milo! Tell me!” I shouted again only increasing the pain in my side. 

“I suggest you be quiet...you’re gonna stress yourself out and bleed faster. Shut up and sit the hell down,” he commanded me. 

“A-Adrain! Tyler! Dante! Someone please tell me what’s going on!” I tried just one more time to gain answers from any of them. Though, little to my surprise no of them spoke. The rest of the ride was silent.

Adrian was coated in blood, Dante had a few wounds as well. Milo and Tyler...untouched except for the blood that was splashed onto them. I quivered it was like a bad action movie...or a horror film. We had just escaped the zombies and now were all too shook up and confused to speak about the epidemic. For me...my first encounter with them, and for others they had been fighting the dead for too long. 

‘Somebody call 9-1-1, shawty fire burnin’ on the dance floor-’ the sound of Tyler’s ring tone was now the only noise in the car. Milo looked at it and then up at Tyler who drove in silence, “It’s her,” he said softly...fear possibly? 

Tyler sighed, “Answer it,” he breathed. 

Milo nodded and answered it his low dark voice instantly transformed into a much happier upbeat ring, “‘Ey bay-bay!” he laughed.

“This isn’t funny, Milo...and get me off speaker phone,” she said. 

“You’re not on speaker phone,” he lied.

“I’m not stupid. You always put me on speaker phone what could make this time any different?” she began to argue. I felt the rippling pain force it’s away through me again and I coughed loudly blood forcing it’s way up my throat and burning me. 

“Ah,” I winced trying to wipe it from my face that only seemed to lose whatever color that it had once obtained. 

“Damn it, Tony! Don’t get blood on my f*****g seats!” Tyler yelled loudly before realizing what he had done. There was a short silence in the car as Milo held the phone in his hands. Everyone couldn’t help but stare directly at it. KiKi was silent. “K-Ki-” Tyler tried to say but was quickly interrupted by her burst of unforgiving anger. An anger so vile and dark I was even thrown off guard from it.

“WHAT!?” she shouted, so loud it actually hurt my ear drums, “Anthony! Oh my god! Why is he bleeding?! Milo! What the f**k did you do!?” she screamed. I could see the panic in Milo’s eyes as he was instantly the one to be blamed. Though, it did make sense that he was the first to be blamed for anything and everything negative really. He did seem like that type of person.

“I...uh...umm...I...uh-” he stumbled and just couldn’t seem to find the words that needed to be said to calm down our blonde friend. Click. Milo stared at the phone in complete shock.

“Dude! You did not just hang up on her!” Tyler shouted in horror.

Milo looked at him with his own hint of paranoia, “What else was I suppose to do!” he shouted. 

“Turn the phone off!” Tyler yelled in command. Milo nodded and the phone slowly went dark. Once more, I was confused. Why were they so scared of a girl that wasn’t even tall enough to be considered half their size? I wanted to ask them, but this time I couldn’t. 

The dizziness was setting in and I felt my eyes getting heavy, “Tony, if anyone asks...you fell,” I could hear Tyler said though it was hazy and sounded much like an echo. 

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please ignore any spelling/grammar mistakes.

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I liked the story line. Leaves you curious about the girl and what kind of crime ring lies underneath. Good read.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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