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“Are you prepared today, Mister Marlow?”  Dr. Hodes said in his old raspy voice. 

Milo and I had managed to be late for his class everyday for a week now. It was a week since the innocent and life had been relatively silent. 

Milo randomly disappeared in the late hours; unaware that I knew he was leaving. KiKi and Mae managed to stay low and avoid me. Milo said it was because I went to lunch with Emily, who has yet to stop calling me. 

“Yes sir,” I said politely. 

Today, Milo wasn’t in class. I arrived on time and though I was sore it didn’t stop me from being rather punctual. I sat at the seat in silence, it was weird not having my rather tall friend who told little about himself next to me in one of the most boring classes I had. Struggling to pay attention to the constant moan of the old man’s voice I tried to keep my eyes from wondering around. 

No one motioned for me to leave the class from outside the door. No one was seen outside the window of the classroom. 

No one was anywhere.

Ring. Ring. Ring.

The bell brought back my vacant mind and I was out of there as fast as possible. I couldn’t figure out why everyone was missing. I glanced at my schedule- I couldn’t remember it for the life of me.


This was the first day of this class for me. I had added it to my schedule and removed a math after finding out I only need one math for this block.


Following the little map that was sent to me with my schedule I found my way to the rather spectacular art room. The teacher wasn’t in the room just yet and their were students doing their own thing as they waltzed across the floors. 

Finally, a light feminine voice spoke from behind me, “A new student?” the voice chimed. Turning I saw a woman smiling with brown curled hair and green eyes. She was the teacher from what I assumed. She wore a white dress that had large royal blue flowers on it. “Miss Wrona,” she said with a smile.

“Um...Anthony Marlow,” I said lightly. She didn’t say much else to me after that. Walking around my practically frozen body and into the room she began to set stuff on her desk. 

“Alaska!” she called out. I found it rather weird that she was randomly yelling out a state. She looked at one of the students and asked them, “Have you seen, Alaska?” she asked them. Now, this was simply weird. The male student nodded and pointed to the room with the large thing that hardened clay. 

“Thank you,” she said with a smile and knocked on the door of the room, “Alaska?” she said softly.


Stepping into the room the scene had my attention. I sat my stuff down on a desk then took my seat in the chair. The door opened. The teacher stepped way slightly and behind the door revealed the familiar blonde and black mane, with the dazzling blue eyes, and pale skin. 

KiKi? I thought confused. Why is the teacher calling her Alaska? I wondered. The two began to talk and she pulled out a large vase that seemed to be hand made. The teacher smiled and nearly applauded the vase in excitement. 

The room grew louder as other students entered and I could no longer eavesdrop on their conversation. 

I looked away and began to open up my book to read. Three hard taps met my shoulder. Turning around I was about to make a rude comment to the person who was brutally getting my attention. Then I saw her, my lips closed and I only gave her a seemingly confused stare. “What were you doing? Why were you trying to listen to my conversation with the teacher?” she snapped. 

I looked down slightly embarrassed with myself. The silence remained until I heard her huff in pure annoyance, “You know what. Whatever. I don’t even care,” she said before taking her own seat as class began. 

The first hour of class was a lecture, and it seemed to go by rather fast. My eyes randomly wondering over to the angel who was taking notes and randomly doodling on the corners of her papers.

She had raised her hand on occasion as when questions were asked. Each question asked she answered with flawless precision. Not one was incorrect. She seemed so...serious about the class, and a sculpting class to say the least. 

Not even a smile caressed her sweet face angelic. 

“Anthony, are you with us today?” Miss Wrona had questioned me. 

“Yeah, sorry,” I said lazily. Looking over I saw KiKi give me a death stare. 

“Okay, good. Well, we’re going to do a free have your supplies...right?” I was asked again. I looked at my pile of junk- nothing.

“Um...” I didn’t look up; I could feel the blue orbs of ice staring me down. 

“Oh...well...maybe one of the students here will lend you some of theirs for the day,” the teacher sighed. I didn’t reply, which made it even harder for anyone to volunteer. 

Talk! Speak, you moron! I screamed at myself. 

“Don’t worry...I’ll handle it,” the angelic voice chimed. 

“Thank you, Alaska,” and with that the teacher gave us the next hour and a half to work on our projects.

I looked up to see her staring me down and shaking her head, “Who forgets to bring their art an art class?” her teasing voice still had an acid ring to it that stung.

“Apparently me,” I spoke softly.

“Ya’ think?” she hissed before walking over to pull her intricate vase over and sanding tools along with some carving tools as well.

“How long have you been working on that?” the question came from my lips unwillingly. The curiosity burned in me heavily. 

Her blue eyes looked up at me- they were calm now, “A week. I’m a little ahead...I have to be though. I have to prove myself ya’ know,” she explained while now sanding it down with an intense aggression.

“Prove yourself? To who? Why?” I asked while leaning forward a little to inspect the great detail on every inch of the vase. It was intricate and simply beautiful, hard to believe she had to prove anything to anyone.

“Don’t worry about it,” she said softly. Her harsh sanding slowed and her blue eyes fell into a sad seemingly depressed look that killed me slightly.

“My offer still stands strong. I’m here if you need to talk,” I reminded her.

“I don’t need to talk to anyone about my personal life...there’s a reason it’s personal,” she spat. 

“Sorry,” my voice was weak and hushed.

She continued to sand as the silence circled us like hungry sharks. The raging hunger of the curious imaginary sharks was feeling contagious. I wanted to ask questions to feed my own curiosity, but I feared the starving bite that they’d take from my body.

 Though, while I was on edge about the deadly beasts dancing around us, there stood KiKi or well Miss Alaska unfazed by the sharks. Provoking them and dipping her feet in the dark waters while allowing drips of blood to fall into the water. 

Her blue eyes stared into the dark pupils of the sharks...they stared into my own unsuspecting eyes. 

I swallowed the thump in my throat as she continued to stare me down. Her pink lips curled into a soft smile and a little ‘heh’ crossed her lips as her pearly white teeth were exposed.  

“What’s so funny?” I asked now trying to collect myself.

“You,” she stated then returned to her work.

“What about me?” I now found myself on the floor next to her holding a piece of sand paper unsure as to how I was to go about helping her- since I didn’t have any supplies with me today. 

Once more she stopped sanding and looked at me, this time leaning against the vase so that she was as close as she could get without going past the ‘personal space’ barrier.

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please ignore any/all spelling and grammar mistakes.

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