Wolves Don't Run With Lions

Wolves Don't Run With Lions

A Chapter by Allie-Shea

“You don’t even realize that your staring at a wild fire. Anthony, the longer you stand there...the sooner you are to burn. Wolves don’t run with lions,” she whispered in my ear with a twisted smile.

Her blue eyes looked into mine again, this time inches from my face. She pulled away and while her giggles intwined with the air. 

I pause for a moment, not sure how to react I was somewhat in awe with everything that had been done and said. She has a different look one life that I wouldn’t have expected- especially from her. Yeah, I was being more judgmental than what even I myself realized. 

I was judging her based on who her friends were. 

I was being the person I hated. 

She again returned to her work.

“I’d agree with that statement if we were animals...but we’re humans. It’s pretty hard to compare a human to a wild fire...or an animal,” I said softly. She put the sand paper down and sighed. A word didn’t escape her slips. Instead she stood up and walked over to the window and looked out it distantly. “What’s wrong?” I asked while following her. 

Clearly, I was annoying her.

“Metaphors,” she sighed and looked at me with the most animalistic eyes I’ve ever seen on a human. Her blue orbs reminded me of a cats. I shivered in the irony.

“I know...I was just saying...I’m not going to fear the metaphors,” I defended myself.

“Then fear the meaning. You know...I don’t have time for this,” her words were soft, but held a secret I couldn’t seem to break. I opened my mouth to speak, though I got nothing but a hand to the face. A light swat across my face- for no reason.

“What the hell!” I yelled and ran after her as she waltzed back to her vase.

“Get the f**k away from me, Anthony,” what I said to piss her off confused me. Was she proving a point, or legit pissed off?

“Why? What did I do!?” I spat. Another glare flashed my way and that was my signal to shut up. I sat down and sighed; another hour of silence. Great. 

I thought to myself in bitter contempt as the bell finally freed me from this unexpected captivity. Way to f**k it up again. 

As I made my way for the door, my bag thrown haphazardly over my left shoulder, I felt a sharp jerk on it that made me sit still and turn for a moment. The anger bubbled to the surface and took over my expression and posture in only a matter of breaths. 

        "Okay. Fine. I won't walk with you. Dick." I heard her snarl as I fell apart. 

There were so many things I wanted to say in that moment, and they all fought to get out once, making a stream of broken gibberish. 

 "Wai- I..uh...um..I- I didn't-" A heavy sigh escaped my lips, she was already gone. I had been so lost in trying to scoop up my scattered words and broken thoughts that I had let her get away, and with no clue with which way she went. 

I must have lost my schedule too, since it wasn't in my pocket any more, or my bag. Another heavy sigh. 

Today just kept getting worse, the multiple arguments with Kiki, everyone's simultaneous avoidance and disappearance. 

        I could hear the gentle buzzing from my back pocket as my ring-tone shot through the silent air, breaking my false reality I had caught myself up in so suddenly. 

'Accidents out on the highway to somewhere.' 

Blinking confused I fished it out of my pocket, hoping to see her name and face flashing across the screen, only to be disappointed by that bland, generic name. I sat there staring confused, annoyed, angry, and torn, until someone bumped into me and I noticed I had just been staring at the phone.

Great. Now it's not just people.

I thought to myself as I was about to answer the call, but the ringtone ended, and the screen went back to the photo of myself and KiKi. Just like every other time it melted everything away leaving me bare and vulnerable in the middle of the hallway.

        Looking back and forth I tried to think of where her next class might be, but I came to the realization that without Milo there it was pointless. I could barely find my way to my own classes, not to mention her mysterious classes. Then my phone started buzzing again, a much better ring-tone, at least for me it was. It was her ringtone. 

My hands fumbled with the buttons to my irritation. "Hey! KiKi! Where did y-" I started before I was cut off by an unfamiliar voice and I could tell my face became dark, the people standing near me started to step away slightly, watching me like I was about to go postal because of whatever was being said, and honestly I was considering it.

        "Who the f**k is this? Why the hell are you talking to, Alaska?" The voice shot through the phone into my ear sending a small angry shudder through my body, followed by a lead weighted sigh and a growl that was barely audible.

  "I was about to ask the same thing." I snarled gently into the phone. Regardless of who this thing was, I already didn't like him. The way he spoke. His choice of words. The fact he didn't even introduce himself. It was a stupid move on his part. 

One by one I knocked people out of my way, fighting out of the crowded halls and going to the tree where we set up our first 'date' if you could call it that. "So, why don't you try answering your own god damn question." I snarled annoyed into the receiver, not quite sure if he already had, or not since I wasn't paying much attention to the b*****d.


 "Come on. You don't need t-" I barely heard a pleading voice in the background before it stopped. So, this kid was not only checking her phone, but doing so against her will. Man, my blood was boiling to say the least. 

Just a small flash of my temper showed as I almost struck the tree before I sat down with my back flat against it, sitting cross-legged at my ankles and cupping my right hand upward over my lap. Taking a few deep breaths I ignored the brat further. Only picking up the name, Jason, before zoning him out again. Focusing on my breathing instead of the boiling anger, since it would have its time to be focused on later.

  "Nice talking to you. Go rot in hell, d********g." I said suddenly calm before hanging up my phone and turning it off, placing it on the grass beside me. Then I laid my left hand over my right so that just my fingers overlapped, and curved my thumbs inward until the tips barely touched. 

I could feel the eyes on me from people that walked by seeing the random kid sitting so awkwardly under a random tree, but I didn't pay attention. I was busy focusing on my breath. Five slow breaths in, followed by unregulated breathing. 

Inhal. 1. Exhale. 2. Inhale. 3. Exhale. 4... 

I thought to myself, counting until I reached ten then looping back to one and continuing until my mind took control away from me and started dealing with my thoughts, not fighting the separation of my conscious and subconscious at all, but rather letting each work on its own, watching as the emotions flowed behind my eyelids like some sort of silent movie, without even a soundtrack. 

Until a sound like a chorus of angels shrieked from the surroundings drawing part of my attention back to myself.

        "Will you f*****g stop!" I heard someone yell before I felt the heavy impact to my right temple followed by a thud as my body was thrown off balance and laid sideways on the ground, slowly slipping back to myself against my own will.

        "I'm a d********g, huh? What the f**k do you call yourself, Buddha?" I heard a voice similar to that of the guy over the phone. B*****d seriously hunted me down and messed me in the middle of trying to calm myself, and with violence and cursing of all things. 

If it wasn't for the black fading in from the right side of my vision I would have shown him who the d********g was, and teach him a lesson in f*****g with me, but the shoe met my head before I could do anything, and the black took over leaving my mind fluttering in itself as I went under. 

© 2012 Allie-Shea

Author's Note

Please ignore any/all grammatical and spelling errors.

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