A Chapter by Allie-Shea

“You seriously need to stop getting yourself fucked up,” a low voice said while my mind simply faded back into conscious. I blinked and looked at the male figure who sat silently. 


Sitting up a bit too quickly, I took a deep breath and held my head. “What the hell?” I mumbled while trying to focus. Tyler sighed and looked away for a second. 

“Looks like you met Jason,” he said while putting a hand on his shoulder. “He’s KiKi’s boy,” he said with a tone of disgust. Austin’s black hair was styled differently today. It was messy and stuck up in the back, but the front was nearly pin straight. He sighed and opened up his phone before looking over at the school again. 

“You missed a class. KiKi told me to check on you,” he explained. Which cleared up one question- how he found me.

“Where’ve you been?” I mumbled trying to forget about the whole Jason ordeal. Though, while hoping for an answer I should’ve known he’d ignore it. 

“I suggest you keep yourself out of trouble. See you later, man,” he said while slapping my shoulder in a rough, yet friendly manner. With those words he began to walk off, but I wasn’t letting him just get away that easy. I scrambled to get up then sprinted, spite my massive head ache, after him. 

“Wait! Stop!” I shouted. 

He didn’t even turn to look at me, I saw nothing but his straight black hair that was sticking up in the back. “Tyler!” I shouted louder now trying to catch up with him. He walked so calmly it was that annoying. I just couldn’t catch up with him. The world spun a little- too much moving while having a terrible head ache I supposed. He calmly stepped on the side walk that lead to one of the buildings. 

Like clockwork just as his foot touched the pavement a bell rung and the classrooms emptied, as if it was timed to happen that way; perfectly. He was swallowed up in the ocean of students. 

“Damn it,” I breathed as my eyes lost sight of him. I came to a halt while staring at the spot where he once stood. Once again I was alone. 

Checking my watch I still had another three classes before my day was over. Each class was filled, but empty all at once. The students coated the chairs, but an empty chair was in front of mine. 

Milo’s chair.  

It would be a lie to say I wasn’t worried, because ofter the first experience I had with them. I realized death was something they faced quite often. 

Maybe he died. 

My mind continued to think of unrealistic, yet easily plausible possibilities, and him dying had quickly become one of them.

The moon was now rising into the light pink sky and I had spent the time after class in the dorm, alone. Everyone seemed to just vanish, and I was left clueless. While turning the page in my chemistry book I heard the rustling of keys come from outside the door of our dorm. 


My mind instantly lost track of what I was studying and I focused on the door like a puppy waiting for his master to open the door after being gone for several hours. “Yeah...I’ll see you later,” his voice said lowly. It was indeed Milo. 

Act like you’re busy! 

I told myself. Instantly, I returned to the book; only now I wasn’t really reading it.


The door closed and foot steps crept slowly to the bedroom. The small lamp lit up a portion of my desk, my book, and shadowed my fake concentrating face. “You’re still awake,” he stated softly. I looked at the small black alarm clock on my nightstand, 1:34 AM it read. 

“I guess I am,” I said a little shocked at how fast time really went.

“Why?” he asked in a hollow tone while changing into a pair of sweatpants and taking off his tattered shirt. Blood decorated part of his face, as did dirt and bruises. The heavy smell of smoke hung over him and he didn’t even bother cleaning himself up. Other than walking to the bathroom to wipe the muck off his face with a wet wash cloth of course.

“Studying,” I said shortly.

He walked out of the bathroom, “Oh...I’m going to bed then,” he said simply then staggered to his small bed and dropped into it lazily. I didn’t say anything to him, I could hear the movement of blankets and pillows, along with his heavy breathing. 

“Are you okay?” I asked lowly knowing for a fact he was awake. 

No reply, just a little more movement. 

“Okay...just making sure you were asleep,” I spoke even slower as the sounds continued.

“I’m fine,” finally about fifteen minutes later he spoke.

“Are you sure?” I asked with truly sympathy.

“No,” his voice was saddened and pained as he replied.

“Want to talk about it?” I asked now looking away from the book and turning to face his bed. 

The small lamp made shadows around the whole room. I could only see the outline of his figure as it was illuminated in the darkness. He rolled to his side and faced me with a soft sigh following.

“Yeah,” he replied. I waited silently not sure if I should tell him to start venting, or just to let it happen on it’s own. He moved a little more and took a few more deep breaths while I took that small time gap to get comfortable in my own bed. The lamp was now off, and nothing but the moon lit up the room.

That was the night I learned the truth about Milo Johnston.

© 2012 Allie-Shea

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Added on August 24, 2012
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