And the Stars Smiled Down

And the Stars Smiled Down

A Poem by Alli

Some moments are short, full of passion, and makes life worth living


And the Stars Smiled Down

The cold crept into my flesh, but my soul was never so warm. The last goodbyes of the sun disappeared over the horizon, and all that was left in the world was you, me, and the stars. And the stars were smiling down on us.

Breathing rough, but heart was calm. Your eyes held the glow of unspoken worlds, and suddenly, I was holding the key. For the stars were smiling down on us that night.

Quietly, quickly, your hand slipped into mine, swinging back and forth. And the stars began to sing. You may expect the world to explode in sudden warmth and color, for the sun to come back up and the birds to sing. But they didn’t. And it was beautiful. For the stars were smiling down on us that night.

A glorious, powerful, calm, joy slowly spread in my soul, starting were our hand latched together, like two old friends that have been separated for much too long. The breeze rustled through the trees along our mountain path, bringing us the news: tonight, the world was ours. Tonight, our souls alone would dance on the stage of the universe, with the stars as our only audience. And they smiled down on us.

With your hand in mine, I felt invincible, my demons drove far away, back to my bed, my room, my fears, my pain, where you couldn’t follow. But in that moment, I wasn’t there. I was with you. And that was enough, for that night, you cradled my pain and my fear, whispering promises that I wouldn’t carry it alone again. Giving me your jacket, saying it would protect me from the world we left below us, and the light of the stars grew even brighter. For they were smiling down on us.

Our mountain trail slowly drew to an end. And with an audible sigh, you looked at me. The glow of the worlds wrapping around me like an old favorite blanket. A little smile, and I smiled back. And the stars, the stars continued to smile down on us.

We drove back, back to reality, back to my demons. But now I know that somewhere in the night, my soul walks, clinging to you along a mountain path. With the stars smiling down on us.

© 2017 Alli

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Always appreciative of any feedback and advice!

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Added on December 15, 2017
Last Updated on December 15, 2017
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Writing is my passion, and a way to get out what I can't say out loud. My head is in the clouds 90% of the time, and I love to write fantasy stories and, more recently, poems! Outside of writing I lov.. more..

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