Birds Eye View

Birds Eye View

A Poem by Sarah Roehrig

A depiction of a bird soaring above the material sphere


Birds Eye View

Breaking through the withered walls of time, beaming streaks of light pollute the darkness peering through the trappings.

No motives arise, no dreams unfold, no relentless longing converts this place.

Alive in body, withered in sense; motion takes frame.

Soaring beyond the mystic dexterity that is concrete; gliding beyond comprehension.

Sacred ruins among brazen Gods refine the shadows of man, relaying patience, and the freedom to pause.  

Once creature, once beast, once human, hovering above provenance.

Sinking slowly into liquidation, tasting freedom, tasting the wind of breath, light and sweet.

Taste the height of arrival; so vast in conquest.

Smell the aroma of home, taken long ago, by the fire of man.

Watch Prometheus as he stands, regretting the simple grace he has given.

Down below, the etchings, the awnings of time are left bare.

Their nakedness unfolding, undressing eternities nest.

A forsaken journey one must take alone.

Reaching the top of the branches, careful not to unveil discourse.

Each burrow composed in primal formation.

The vermin hungry and hollow.

The owl, the hoot, the root, the squirrel, search for its acord.  

The journey continues, ventilation left unstirred.

Fresh drops stumble beneath the ashen clouds.

Hands bare, Feet still - witness the clueless nature of forbearance.

The fowl faced with a zephyr of yen.

Warranting drift below the loam, brick by brick,  the material world aligns.

Each crevice, each gap unfolds in caution.

Casting vagary, approaching the martyr with no tiff.

Ailerons misleading; detracted.

The crowning peeks retire in modesty under the aegis of rubble.

The brook bustles in the margins, granting libation from its full womb.

© 2017 Sarah Roehrig

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Added on January 7, 2017
Last Updated on January 7, 2017
Tags: journey, nest, eternity, burrow, primal, formation, unveil, zephyr, yen, clouds, drift, loam, material, world, caution, vagary, matryr, alieron, modesty, womb


Sarah Roehrig
Sarah Roehrig

Asheville, NC

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